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Symbol: Zenei (Nemmeteru Ryu Revampt) Waq8nl

Clan: Zenei

Kekkei Genkai: Vanguard of Nurarihyon

Elements: NA

Specialization: Summoning/Senjutsu(Must still be learned as a tertiary spec and follows all the normal rules for training/wordcounts)

Location: Scattered

Clan History: 

To the most esteemed dignitaries of the Human lands 

Mizukage, Hokage , Tsuchikage , Kazekage , Raikage

I write to you from Takaikan – that is the world of manifested thought. Parallel yet separated from your own dimension it coils from your psyche when you dream. It is both tied to and separate from the material world and and no doubt at one point in your lives you have had contact with it. This may be a simple as seeing something moving out of the corner of your eye which vanishes when focused on or it could be a full blown manifestation of tengu or other such entities.

 In ancient times my people were content to simply exist as bogey men and spectres lurking in the dark corners of the earth. However the zeitgeist has changed from that age and now men are not content to simply cower around fires in terror of the unknown. Civilisation has become empire and as a mirror my people come to reflect this. Trade is king with gold and coin holding more weight than the sword. Though make no mistake I understand the sword is certainly present in your dealings and thus subsequently mine. 

So it is that I propose an exercise in the name of mutual cooperation and understanding. Some would feel that such a venture is doomed. However a bridge between us is not impossible – due to the laws which govern over our existence bringing one of your kind into the fold can be facilitated though a human imbibing our drink or consuming our food. 

Of course there is also the matter of couplings between more anthropomorphic members of the Yokai courts and sexually mature humans. These pairings are far more unreliable and can offer anything from a hybrid that displays the best traits of both pairings to pitiful abominations that exist in perpetual torment.

Thus I have decided upon the first action when it comes to emissaries those born of man but metamorphosed into denizens of the other-world.  I have propagated several generations of these stock nourishing them with my own blood – that of the commander of pandemonium. 

I ask you to treat these individuals in exactly the same manner you would your other ninja subjects. Do not even acknowledge them as outsiders publicly as such actions would defeat the purpose of the integration exercise.

Note that in the coming weeks , months and possibly years I shall be making frequent journeys to your homes where I expect to be presented with both your finest tea and refreshments. As a venerable gentleman of some eighty thousand summers I feel that my august personage deserves no less as your elder than to receive the place of honor among all households.

Yours sincerely 

General Nurarihyon

Kekkei Genkai Description: 
The Zenei clan have a unique ability learned from the Honourable General of the Yokai; combining their affinity with Senjutsu with their own natural summoning talent, they call forth the ambient, living nature chakra in an area and give it corporeal form in the form of a summon. These summons are not like the usual contracts which ninja create, as the contract lies with Nurarihyon himself, giving them the authority to command the creatures, and the knowledge on how to use the skill. 

  • Noble Lt. Of Nurarihyon: Members of this clan, are known to summon some of the most bizarre creatures in the ninja world, using Senjutsu, they call upon the chakra living within all things to give it natural form, in that of Yokai. The Yokai they summon are sentient nature chakra given form from the clan's kekkei genkai , rather than living creatures which already exist in the world (Or at the very least the physical one - when not manifested the thought forms of these beings reside in the dreams of mankind), meaning they can take on almost any appearance. 

  • Unnatural Form: Members of the Zenei clan are unnaturally endurant, and are able to take an exceedingly large amount of punishment compared to that of other clans, they cannot expire from blood loss, (though it will tire them/ lead to knock out) and their organs do not function in the same manner as other humans, ie a stab to the stomach or heart does not constitute a lethal strike giving them +2 to their endurance stat.


    • Weight of Leadership: Leadership is a tiring thing, members of this clan must take the fatigue special characteristic, which cannot be balanced by an additional positive special characteristic.

    • Split Focus: For every 2 summons the clan member has out (due to splitting their focus. Per summon, not jutsu, Ie a single jutsu which summons 3 creatures will reduce the summoners perception by -1), their perception towards stimuli which would effect themselves, is reduced by one. (this increases to -1 for every 3 summons if the ninja has the 'multitasker' positive special characteristic.)

    • Unnatural Form Redux: While the form of the Zenei has its advantages, it also has its weaknesses, not calibrated to the living world, the clan receive -2 to their speed stat. Additionally, non-Senjutsu 'healing' medical techniques receive a -1 against Zenei clan members, due to subtle differences in their anatomy.


    Members: (Members of the clan can be updated here)

    Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: 

    As the nature of the spirit world is highly chaotic each Zenei may have vastly different abilities and servants. This is reflected mechanically by allowing the Zenei to apply for three free summons that apply by the kekkai genkai Jutsu rules.

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Okay just a few things that I need you to clear up in this clan.

kekkei genkai

-Just so I understand this correctly; you are using nature chakra from senjutsu to take a yokai and manifest them in to a physical body as a summon? If so that's fine.

-As it normally stands, senjutsu is usually a tertiary spec only, with the exception of the jugo who has it instantly. So I would like you to state whether it's a primary or secondary and at what rank do you get it. Also does it train up like a normal spec? Or does it use the normal senjutsu training word counts.

-Reduce the +3 tiers to endurance to a +2.


- These look fine now as we had discussed.

And because there is no jutsu, all you need to do is edit and bump

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1- That is correct and sums it up quite nicely. 

2 - Added some clarification so that it shows that the senjutsu must be trained as per normal. Life might be a bit hard for the gennin of this clan but the ninja world isn't meant to be a picnic.

3 - Reduced endurance to +2.

And bump.


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