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1 Silly Rabbit! [D Rank Mission] on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:48 pm



Mission Details:
Mission Name: Chase the White Rabbit Part 1: Through the Trees
Mission rank: D rank
Objective: Find, chase and catch the white rabbit.
Location: Silverlight Forest.
Reward: 2 Easter Eggs
Mission description: There is a legend in Japan that speaks of the Moon Rabbit. A rare breed that comes out at night during this time of the year to stare at the moon. Some say to catch one would be a sign of new beginnings and good fortune. And some say that they have come to the forest? Would you believe these tall tales? Are you game enough to sneak out to the forest after dark and try your luck?

Mission details: The creature you are looking for is a medium sized rabbit with large ears and a sneaky temper. He can usually be found in the deepest parts of Silver forest in patches where the moon can be seen. Youre task is to find it, catch it alive and bring it back to the town. Be warned, it is fast and clever and it will only reveal itself to you after you have reached the 600 words required of this mission.

It was night time and Gin was annoyed. She read the mission description over and over again. This was... lame? Yes, lame. And yet she found herself not being able to reject the request to go through with it. Her stomach growled loudly. She needed the quick cash. Little did she know that he was going to be paid in some sort of weird ass set of Easter eggs. Scanning through the letters on the page and scowling as if the expression was permanently etched onto her skin, she once again read the description of the little rabbit that she was supposed to find. It sounded like the average white fuzzball, if you asked Gin. She would have to use the prosthetic eye of hers to focus on specifics. She had been thinking of updating it so that it had the capacity to detail information about living creatures as well as distances and weight by scanning what was in sight for a short moment. If she couldn't figure out the mechanics in detail in a way that she could fit into her existing eye, she would have to build a new one from scratch. In any case, that would also require money to get the materials she needed.

Gin sighed. She really needed to stop gambling. Not that she had a problem. She could stop if she wanted to. She just didn't want to yet. Yeah, that was it. Yeah. She nodded to herself a few times. She now needed to set off. The mission request didn't really explain where she could find the damn animal - it only said something about the deep corners of the Silverlight Forest. This might take a while. She began wandering around the forest, taking slow steps and making sure that she was as quiet as she could be. These kinds of animals scared easily, in her experience. They jumped at anything and ran away just as quickly. Of course, Gin could catch up to a simple rabbit. She came prepared with several kunai that held a net together. For a moment, she considered laying traps. However, seeing as she had no idea where the animal's territory was, that would be useless. She would be blindly dropping her equipment around and it would most likely not yield any results at all.

The former Kazekage decided that she needed to find the white rabbit's tracks. She activated her eye, feeling her chakra bring the item to life. Her vision became clearer and she now felt that she could see as well as if it were daytime. This would make things easier for her. The idea suddenly came to mind that she could also use the sensory jutsu that she had developed years ago. It had been a while since she had last had to activate it. She concentrated for a moment before she extended her chakra beyond her body and into the wind around her. This way, if there was something moving, she would be able to feel it and pinpoint where the source was. She hoped that this would make things quicker for her. She was getting hungry. Her stomach growled once again, this time more loudly than the last. At that, she both heard and felt something rustling in the bushes around her. It was really a long shot that this would be the one rabbit that she was looking for, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Gin dashed towards the source of the noise without thinking twice. She was a creature of instinct, after all. She reacted before she even knew what she was headed towards. She only hoped that it would pay off. The reports, after all, said something about this little shit being clever. For all she knew - if it even was the rabbit - it had been watching her all this time and was just taunting her now. Fired up and enraged at the thought, Gin increased her speed.

And there it was! Ha!

Gin could see it clearly now, zigzagging about. She dove and tackled the thing. She felt it's fur between her fingers as the held it tightly to prevent its escape. She smiled widely at herself. This thing was her ticket to a full meal! She clutched the small animal as it fidgeted and moved desperately to try and get away. She turned the small animal in at the administration building. What she got in return were... eggs? Were they fucking kidding her? Was this all some sick joke? She thought she even heard the rabbit snicker at her expression as it was being taken away. Gin's eye twitched in anger as she held the supposed reward in the palm of her hand. Now all she had to do was try to get any of the restaurants - or hell, even a convenience store - in the area to take this as currency. Great. Another day without a proper meal. This was getting ridiculous.




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