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Easter is a special time for all, many families come together to celebrate and enjoy each others company. Gathering for a multitude of different reasons, and doing another variety of tasks on this day from throwing outdoor parties among friends and family to hunting for eggs as had become tradition for this holiday. Sekuro walked around, children playing all throughout the village currently, he arrived at the Sugar countries administration building, a cool rush of air as he entered the building. He approached their front desk and checked in with the secretary, he needed to check with them before leaving the country, he would hate to be crossing the border unauthorized, this way they would alert neighboring villages that Sekuro might be moving across to their border. She turned to him looking at him out of the corner of her eye. She sheepishly began to ask him, You're a ninja right, from one of the five major villages? Sekuro nodded in acknowledgment. Her voice perked up slightly, she quickly spoke up, Well, if that's the case would you mind doing something for us while we handle your paperwork? You see, it's a holiday time and everyone is having so much fun but for some people that's not so, those who are too sickly to celebrate and join in the events. One of the wings at the hospital has that problem, and we wanted to do something to cheer them up. So we made these baskets up and filled them with some chocolate eggs to give to the children of the sick ward at the hospital of the Silverlight Forest. We're having a problem in that the guards we would normally send are mostly out on leave time and shorthanded elsewhere. So, if you could be so kind as to deliver these eggs for us we would be forever grateful. It was like she was just trying to guilt trip him to do it at this point, he reluctantly accepted to do it. Besides, it wasn't like he was actually celebrating the event, he was just trying to return home and the wait for them to approve his paperwork would be long and arduous enough as it is. This would be a good way to kill some time and to also help give back to those who would be in need.

He prepped himself as they retrieved the basket, double checking all of his stuff, and checking a ,map for his path. Should be relatively simple, it's not very far and the worst thing he would have to face might be some bandits, whioh should have no interest in egg baskets, or some other wild animal. Still not a problem, so he accepted the basket and was off, heading for the edge of the village closest to the Silverlight Forest. It was kind of awkward to hold the basket and walk, he wasn't used to having to carry things that weren't attacked to his body somewhere or that he could hang by his side. It would probably actually be a bit embarassing to see him like this, wandering around a foreign country, doing a mission to help there people, and carrying a small wicker basket covered in a pink cloth. He reached the edge of the village, a path opening up and trees beginning to surround that path, he flickered up to a branch to hopefully stay out of the way of anything's path. He then began to move from branch to branch, wasting quite a bit of energy but giving him a necessary speed boost to quickly finish the mission.

Branch to branch, each step shook some leaves off but not until after he had already left the branch, he had traversed nearly three/fourths of his expected travel when he stopped suddenly. In a small clearing about 30 meters in front of him several wolves had gathered and were feasting upon a bird of some sort. A few circling around and keeping an eye on things while the others were eating their freshly found kills. Sekuro had two ways to approach this problem, he could try to go around them and risk getting caught and chased, he didn't want to break any eggs since they were meant to bring happiness to the children at the hospital, or he could send in a distraction. He set the eggs down next to him. He prepared a fire clone, and sent it ahead to catch the wolves attention, Sekuro staying just out of their line of sight but in range of the clone to control it, he had it run to the far end of the clearing while Sekuro and the eggs stayed on the other. Then he had the clone run orthogonally away from him, creating as much distance as he could between him and the wolves who were now trying to chase off his clone. When the clone had reached the furthest distance possible it burnt up in a ball of flames, severaly alarming the pack of wolves. It was no matter as Sekuro had gotten past the clearing without them knowing and took off running the rest of his path. He didn't seem t have any followers as the wolves were busy investigating over by where the clone poofed at. He was able to finish the rest of his journey relatively easy and arrived at what could be counted as a small village of it's own.

Some shops and houses lining the few streets they had and at the center, a large hospital that also served as the village center. He went straight there to deliver the goods, that he double checked were alright, and presented them to the secretary, explaining who they were from and where they were meant to go. The attendant counted them, there had been enough for each child to have one in the sick ward, she thanked Sekuro profusely and asked if he would like to stay and meet some of the children so they could thank him as well. No, no, no. That won't be necessary, I didn't do this to be thanked, I just did it to kill some time while I was waiting, but I must be off back to the village, I still have lots to do today and I'm running out of time to do it. But I must be off, please enjoy the eggs and my best regards are with you and the patients here. He then turned and left the hospital after being hugged by the secretary, a young girl who still had a lot of respect for the kind actions of this world. A sentiment Sekuro very loosely held, knowing that for every good action there was one with twice the ill intentions out there. He left the small village and headed back into the forest to return to where he started this journey.

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