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Mission Details:
Mission name: Delivering Food
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver a box of donated food to a family in need.
Location: Iwa hospital
Reward: 75 ryo
Mission description:  There are families going hungry. It's our initiative to help them. Get this food to the families in need.
Mission details: Families have been spending time in the hospital and it has been draining from their wallets and purses. Now they can no longer afford both food and the treatment. This is due to the years of Iwa being poor and riddled with crime. Get the food to the families intact and show the people Iwa cares.

Fukai looked at the scroll that contained his mission. Delivering food to those in need. Honsetly, he was happy to do these sort of missions, even if he didn't get much chance to improve himself. He was itching to get some practice in, but that would have to wait until after this. Fukai started walking towards the granary. He was genuinely happy that he lived in a village that looked after its people like Iwa did. He passed people in the street. academy students helping old women with their bags. A man calling out for help with moving heavy furniture and random people off the street came to assist. Fukai offered his help but he was not needed. He smiled. Any stranger could approach another and strike up a conversation. A great place to be, Fukai found it contrasted greatly with the mountain village he had grown up in.

Fukai neared the granary. It was a large building used to store the food for the village. No guard was outside, there was no need for one due to the absence of famine in Iwa. The people trusted their Kage greatly and knew they would receive aid if they needed it. Fukai entered and called out a greeting to the manager who was busy with a rather intense whispered conversation. The manager quickly nodded to him in acknowledgement and returned to what must be his priority. Fukai sighed inwardly. People, especially in times of plenty, seemed to value the spreading gossip greatly. Fukai went through to the back room of the granary and looked for the crates that were set aside for him. Two large crates with various fruits, vegetables, breads and a chocolate bar were packed and ready for him to deliver. Fukai stacked one on top of the other and picked up the bottom one, the crates coming up to his nose. It would be a stretch, but Fukai thought he could make it. He hated wasting time where it was avoidable. Fukai huffed as he waddled out of the granary with his load. The granary manage watched him go, rolling his eyes at another hard working genin. They just didn't understand the finer things in life He thought. Now where were we..

Fukai continued his waddling, full focus on his load not spilling. The people he passed either sighed and shook their heads or giggled at him. Waddle waddle, slowly down the street. Who said that this cant be training? Fukai thought, straining himself. Almost at the hospital, He had a wobble. He then over corrected for that wobble, spilling some of the produce. Using is heightened reflexes characteristic, Fukai was able to quickly switch the weight of the load onto one arm, hugging the crates tight to his chest and grabbing the falling produce. This was all done in slow motion while Fukai was yelling Nuuuuu in a low pitched baritone. He quickly put the caught items and put them back into the crate and stared back at the onlookers with pride and satisfaction. He had proven himself as a ninja this day, when the Iwakage hears about this he is sure to immediately resign and let Fukai take over.

He entered the hospital, giving mission details to the reception. This is where the people in need of the food were. He heaved the crates onto the counter before his arms fell off. It wouldn't have been the end of the world mind you, as he was in a hospital. Fukai looked around the hospital at all the glum family members. Their loved ones were getting treated for their ailments, some cases were life threatening. At least now they don't have to worry about food thought Fukai. The receptionist signed off the mission scroll after inspecting the goods. Thanks a lot this will be a big help the receptionist smiled. No problem. I am happy to help. Fukai returned.

Completing his mission, Fukai wandered to the door. On his way out, he spotted a small boy crying into his mothers skirt. He walked back to the stall and nicked the chocolate bar while the receptionist was gone. He walked over to the boy and knelt down. His mother was worried and upset herself as she patted his head. Hey buddy. Fukai interrupted his crying. I've got something for you. The boy turned from his mothers skirt to face Fukai. Who are you visiting today? Fukai asked. His mother answered for him. Big brother. she smiled weakly as she tried to show her appreciation. The boys big eyes looked up at the large man. Well, I can't say what will happen to your brother, but you have to be strong for him okay? Fukai unknowingly passed his good mood onto the little boy through his dojutsu. The boy squeaked and nodded his head in agreement. Fukai handed him the chocolate and left with a smile. The atmosphere changed in the room, from glum to bright. The whole room watching was warmed by the exchange. Smiles appeared on the faces of the onlookers and even the receptionist didn't mind that Fukai's busy hands had been a-thiefin'.

Mission End [901]

~~Hi I hope you liked my first mission, hopefully it's up to spec, I experimenting with colour text and had a little bit fo fun w/ it~~

strength E rank to E-2 rank 225/225
76 left over


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