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Basuke Clan - The Basketball Clan [WiP] CQeffST

Clan: Basuke Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Full Court Pressure

Elements: Katon - Fire

Specialization: -

Location: Konohagakure - Leaf Village

Clan History: The Basuke Clan was initially a sports oriented clan that developed in the Hidden Leaf Village. They did not necessarily partake in combat but rather utilized their abilities and chakra techniques to partake in high stakes games of basketball. They would play against each other and practice and hone their physical abilities constantly. This remained the case for several decades before the clan began to become increasingly involved in village affairs.

It was not long until they were integrated into the shinobi system and each became members, mainly leaders, of teams in the Hidden Leaf. However, a large portion of the clan left the village in defiance, leaving very few who remained in the leaf. The majority of the clan that left was killed off by rogues and other villages but those who remained prospered as capable shinobi in the leaf. Using their physical prowess and team capabilities, they were favorable for use in squads.

Kekkei Genkai Description: Full Court Pressure is a team-oriented ability that members of the Basuke Clan are all born with. Unlike most clans, the Basuke clan puts overwhelming emphasis on teamwork and collaboration with other shinobi. In fact, without a team members of the Basuke can become borderline useless in combat. A team, as defined by the Kekkei Genkai's abilities, would be any number of shinobi from 2 to 5 shinobi, including the clan member. Full Court Pressure's greatest aspect is that it not only applies to the clan member but everyone branded as part of the team. Who is and is not considered part of the team is determined prior to the first battle with the technique "Season Draft". The Kekkei Genkai extends only to those marked with this technique, including the clan member.

Those affected by Full Court Pressure all share their chakra pool. This means that while each individual member can draw upon that chakra pool, all members are affected by the diminishing of that pool. The point of exhaustion is multiplied by the number of members on the team. Meaning if there are five members on the team, they will all face exhaustion if the chakra pool reaches 50. Anything below 50 and they will all lose consciousness. Should a member leave the team prematurely, they will take only 10 chakra from the pool and face their own exhaustion. If a member is killed off, their chakra will remain in the pool until the end of the battle.

Another ability granted by Full Court Pressure is called Assist. Assist is not a technique or a jutsu but a part of the Kekkei Genkai. Assist allows a member of the team to draw upon a single stat of another member of the team for one post, facing a two post cooldown for that stat afterward. What this means is that a team member with a low strength stat may utilize the strength stat of a stronger teammate for a single post. For the two posts following that post they are unable to use that particular stat again, from any teammate. Only one stat may be Assisted per post. All members of the team are able to make use of Assist.

Assist can be modified, or made more potent, by the accompaniment of clan techniques such as Fast Break.

Team Connect is an ability granted to the 'Point Guard', ie the clan member leading the team, and gives him a mental connection to the other team members. All members of the team can communicate with one another through their point guard mentally. This allows them to instantly communicate ideas, plans and strategies without so much as having to use full verbal sentences depicting the plan. This can also be useful if the team is unable to speak or communicate in other ways.

Drawbacks: Teammates must have been marked by "Season Draft" in the past in order to be used as part of the team. "Season Draft" can not be used during a fight, or even in a combat topic, therefore must be used in a social topic prior to combat. Once performed, those marked by the technique can be made a part of the team in any future combat topics so long as they are within 100 meters of the clan member leading the team.

If a teammate is drawn 100 meters or further away from the clan member leading the team, he will lose his uniform and any perks granted by the team. Due to the chakra pool, if this occurs that teammate will be left with only 10 chakra left in their pool upon being forcefully removed from the team. If the team is disbanded willingly by the clan member leading it, however, the chakra pool is split evenly among the team members for the remainder of the topic.

If the clan member leading the team is severely injured, unconscious, killed, or in any way unable to continue battle then Full Court Pressure will subside and diminish. If the leader of the team is unable to maintain Full Court Pressure, all members of the team will receive an even share of the chakra pool the moment Full Court Pressure ends in this case.

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