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Kikisu rubbed his eyes and sat up in his bed, his alarm was ringing in his ears with the force of a thousand suns, he smacked the button to shut it off and ended up rolling off of his bedside, smacking the wooden floor with a definite 'SMACK' his groan of pain was more annoyance then anything else, and as he lay there and groan half awake and half asleep he heard a knock on his window, he looked up and saw his cousin Daka, he waved to him and stood up, throwing a ratty vest on and walking over to the window, opening it and answering the knocking with,
There is a door know that right, like there a door in the front of my house, eh whatever what is that you need Slightly abashed his cousin quietly mummered,
there is an express order on a set of puppets for a jounin ninja, it is due in a day and Sasioka is still bed ridden with his injuries and...umm absence of left arm, they need you to come in and do the order Kikisu groaned, it was somewhere near 645 in the morning and he hadn't planned on going out until tonight to one of the bars, he hadn't even meant to have his alarm on, though the jounin of this village were the most impatient of the people who bought from the chikamatsu puppet company, so the order had to be done tonight and he honestly didn't trust this meek kid with the carving of a puppet, so it is wasn't his choice really, the only one who would be able to properly make the puppet in the time they had, so he waved his cousin off and smiled, he nodded and left knowing that he had cornered kikisu, he decided to dress grubby due to being locked in a puppet basement while he worked, so he threw on leather vest and loose fitting tan pants, he then threw his hair in a loose ponytail, brushing it roughly before putting it up, he then decided against putting his earrings in and shrugged and walked to the door and yawned deep, it was too early for this shit.

Kikisu walked across the street and saw the sign to the shop, the windows held multiple general grade puppets, cheap in honesty, they were simple ones like the crow and ant , which only a few modifications, a new puppet master was encouraged to make there own edits to their first puppets, so that they knew it inside and out, the simple puppets were left to the general workers of the shop, but any special orders were generally taken care of by the head of the shop, but he was currently injured in a mission, his injury was more so a crippling one since it nearly took his life, Sas was attacked by a large wolverine pack and had his arm ripped off by one of their claws so lately Kikisu was the new stand in owner, even if before he was doing the same thing just without the title of owner.

Kikisu walked into the shop and nodded to the cute receptionist who was just setting up shop, she smiled and nodded at him, he kept walking as he knew he had lots to do, he desended the stairs into the basement of the building, walking into a room with numerous wooden bodies hanging, dripping with different oils and paint, the smell was nice, a smell that a person could grow fond of, the smell of stained wood, and the smell of wood shavings, it was the smell or work.

Kikisu grabbed a jet black torso as he walked by the dry rack and brought it into the room with him, then he got right into it as he sat down, he reached out for his wood carving and started doing the appearance first, he carved the chest into a thinner model first, then carving many dragons on the front and back in  fine carving, then he took a pain brush from the pain toolbox and filled it in bone white, though he didn't use paint, he was using a heated rubber, so when he waited a few minutes and let it dry, it would set in, and it wouldn't come off as easily as normal paint, he then went into the other room and grabbed four arms, and a set of legs, he brought them back and started the work, first he set a spring loaded laucher inside one of the arms, then drew a seal for general sealing, sealing roughly 100 senbon into the shooter, he then marked the amount down on the order form, since he was going to charged for them on the whole puppet, he then glued the cap on the arm and sqrewed it in , he took the other arm and took it to the weapons bin, one of the bins being filled with jets, he grabbed one of the small jets and took it to the work bench, he put inside the hand of another arm and sealed a bunch of sand in a normal seal behind it, so that when the proper trigger was pulled the snad would be lauched out of the nozzle with enough force to blow of muscle and grind bones, it would prove a decent enough weapon. He then walked over to the A grade blades and took out a long 3 foot long double side blade and placed it on his table, then walking over to the sets of heads and took out a lizard like one, placing the blade inside a painted seal that made it shoot out when activated though it was still attached, as well he sealed the vial of poison inside as well, so it would cause the blade to come out covered in the thick purple liquid, he smiled as he tested it out, he then put two small nozzles pointing slightly inwards, he attached two canisters of testing smoke and pulled the nozzles trigger, the smoke shot out in a spiral due to the angles, launching many meters forwards, he smiled to himself and swapped the gas for poison gas consisting of a mixture of scorpion poison and pufferfish poison, making it hard to cure due to the multiple poisons.

Time flew by and he finished the puppet, it was a pretty puppet, he carved the small red scorpion on the back of the puppets head and smiled, it was nearly mid day now, he had been sitting in his chair for almost 6 hours, but the pay for the puppet would be worth it.
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