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Mission Details:
Mission name: Bar fight!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Keep the peace.
Location: The Bazaar
Reward: 200
Mission description: During the night individuals get pretty rowdy with the drinks served around the market. Keep them in line.
Mission details: A few drunks will get into a fight. About three in total. It's your job to end it. However if you cause too much damage to the surrounding market or to the drunks (Put them in the hospital) You fail the mission. The drunks themselves are weak and have no academy training whats over and the booze has made them slow to react.

Fukai felt confident tonight. He had spent a good day training some new jutsu in the canyons that surrounded the village. The wind had whistled around his bare chest, the salty product of exertion had flowed down him. Out there in the stormy atmosphere, his soul felt at ease. He had worked away his troubles and had come out lighter than when he arrived. Revitalised and glowing, Fukai stepped into the market place. He was given the task of quelling the drunken disputes that were sure to arise. For tonight was a special celebration, the main merchant group of Iwa had finally returned from a journey that they had been on for half a year. It had taken them all around the continent selling their wares. They had been very successful, in part due to their shinobi guards which fended off the attacks that were drawn to a target like a wealthy merchant caravan. Those ninja had already reported in to the Iwakage and had warned him of the planned partying that the merchantmen had been talking about on their return. Apparently this night had been looked forward to greatly. Fukai just had to make sure that they didn't have too much of a good time. The sky was still light pink, the red of the sunset would soon come into its own. Fukai walked across the cobble stoned bazaar square to the ale stands that had been set up in anticipation of the party. The keen market managers were more than prepared to take full advantage of their rich, soon to be customers.

Fukai approached the manager introducing himself. I am here to make sure that no disturbances are caused by the oncoming party Fukai said confidently. As long as you don't stop interrupt them needlessly, they deserve this, you know. The manager responded. Fukai had doubted that the manager actually cared about what the merchants deserved, what she really didn't want was him to interrupt was the flow of gold into her pockets. Fukai thought this may cause to be a problem. The manager was the one who was to sign off on his mission scroll so he had to keep her on his good side. I will try my best Fukai made a joke out of her blunt statement. But if I don't keep the peace then they are likely to damage the market property, don't you agree that me staying on top of things is best? Usually he wouldn't be able to talk to people like this but tonight was different. He had an air of confidence which seemed to resonate with the manager. She grumbled under her breath in agreement. Fukai was impressed by the result himself and made a mental note to break out the mojo in the future.

He walked around the market square where the event would take place. Inspected from every angle, he moved some of the tables and ornaments so that clear pathways could be made. Behind one of the stalls he found a wooden bat. This gave Fukai a slight smile. The manager definitely knew what was coming. The merchant group came down the street with a rumble of festivity. Like a sailor heading into a storm, Fukai readied himself.

Loud cheering. Roars of laughter. Guzzling of alcohol. Outbreaks of song and dance. The party had taken no time at all to get under way. Soon two alpha males had started a dispute. Arguing over who had pulled the greatest load. Their massive bellies already filled with the intoxicating liquid that multiplied their already brimming egos. Their dispute soon erupted into angry shouting, breaking through the other sounds. Fukai was quick to the scene, and watched the body language cautiously. He could see it was going to get violent. Fukai jumped onto the table in between the two men, avoiding glasses with agility. The men, who were readying their fists, spun their heads up and looked at Fukai in shock. Settle down Fukai commanded in an authoritative bellowing voice. Or wha- one of the men started but Fukai didn't let him finish. Or I will throw you out. He stared straight into the man's eyes, daring him to budge. The men averted their eyes and walked away. The ambient party noises started back up.

It wasn't long until an absolutely wasted woman came up to the bar and started to make a scene. The woman was shouting and arguing with the barman about how he was refusing to sell her any more. I'fe traveled all around to ged this money she said with lazy speech. Fukai came to assist the barman. Excuse me, if you don't settle down I will need to get you to leave. Whoze this? She said in a bewildered tone. How dare you boy. I-I just.. She could barely put a sentence together. Fukai tried to lead the woman back to a seat. But she resisted. Get your hands off me! she shrieked. That was enough for Fukai. He stepped around her and grabbed her by the collar and started dragging her out of the square. Oi! What are you doing to my mother? A voice called from behind. Fukai sensed an attack and dropped the woman, swinging under the punch that was aimed at the back of his head. In one fluid motion, Fukai grabbed the bat that he had noticed earlier that was behind the stall and stepped to the side of the young man, hitting him lightly in the back of the knee with it, making him crumble to the ground. The young man looked up at Fukai to see the end of the bat in his face. Don't cause any trouble, alright? Fukai asserted. He left the young man on the floor and went back to his mother, helping her up. She had calmed down, but was still too drunk to join back with the party. The manager appeared and he left her in her care.

Fukai went back to his post just to see the two alpha males back at it again. It looked like one had bumped into another and due to their barely conscious state, maximum offence had been taken. Violence was imminent. As one was about to smack the other, Fukai appeared beneath him, jabbed him in the throat and grabbed him by the hair, pushing his forehead to the table. Fukai grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. He gave the other man a death stare, commanding not to move. Everyone in the bazaar was watching at this point. I have told you, DO NOT cause trouble Fukai shouted at him. A loud snore came from the man Fukai was holding. He had fallen asleep. Fukai couldn't help laughing, everyone watching soon joined in. There was no trouble for the rest of the night. The genin was satisfied with a job well done and a new, confident persona gained.



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