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Otter Aiden

Otter Aiden

The Village Hidden in the Sands, also known as Sunagakure, would be quiet today. Scarce a sound would be created outside save for the wind blowing ever so harshly and the occasional coughing of passerby. Whatever scents existed have been whisked away by the blowing dust and the aggressive gusts. One's ability to see would be reduced if they hadn't worn any protect gear for the eyes, and one's skin would very, very slightly sting from the grains crashing into it. It was early morning, and thus few villagers would be out at this time, which would be perfect for Aiden, whom of which would be taking advantage of this setting in order to escape the village itself and move onto another, protesting his freedom by leaving what he had become familiar with behind.

From what the boy, whom of which would have his blue hair covered in brown wraps and his body shrouded in an old, tan cloak. Intense blue eyes would be squinting in order to try and reduce the amount of dust and sand attempting to invade them and his sandals masked by the blowing sand. Overall he appeared to be nothing more than just a regular commoner as even his four foot long tail was kept hidden underneath the cloak, which is exactly what he needed. Thankfully due to the lack of Shinobi patrolling about Aiden continued his walk while keeping to himself, aiming to leave Sunagakure and go somewhere else. Where exactly he didn't know, though perhaps he'll head north and see where that takes him.

Although it would be quite a pain in the arse for him to explain to Zaiaku about his choice to illegally leave the village like this, it was also painful to leave him without even letting him know where he would be going. Heck, he didn't even know where he would be going anyways, so how would he even explain it? Leaving everything and everyone behind so he can adventure felt like the right choice overall though, as while he had people he did care about within the village, Sunagakure will also be the place where he would be constantly reminded that he was once in a cage, and it will remain the place where he had gained his first romantic partner as well. There was more than enough emotional attachment to hold him back, and right now, while the Otter boy wishes to become stronger in order to protect those he cares about and keep his freedom true, feelings like these would be a hindrance if anything else.

He would be approaching the large, wide walls of Sunagakure by now. Walking through them, he tried his best to remain like a normal traveler and nothing more. Thankfully he had no official village headband or anything of the sort, and he most certainly wasn't a familiar face, which would make things vastly easier for him to just simply slip by without seeming suspicious in the least. He didn't understand the point in having a Kage keep tabs on him, especially since he could never truly be a member of the village itself. He wasn't officially a Shinobi or anything of the sort, so the simply idea of having some leader keep tabs on him as if he would betray any special secrets he knew nothing about seemed ridiculous, and holding true to his opinion here he was, already passing through the gates and entering the vast and expansive desert.

Outside was even worse than inside. Truly this must be the work of a mild sandstorm of some sort, but no matter. This is the point of no return and as such, with head held high and determination directed towards improving himself, Aiden would head north and see what fate holds in store for him.

[Illegally leaving Sunagakure and heading towards Iwagakure]

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