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Sunagakure. It looked so peaceful from atop its walls. Suzume held back her hair as the wind blew against her. The villagers were still there, and it seemed the secrecy of the village had kept it safe enough for now. The Kazekage knew it wasn't a fear of military might that kept potential threats at bay, but only the heavens knew why they had managed to stay safe for so long. In fact, it was the lack of reports of potential threats that worried her most. Without men to lurk outside their village, there was no intel coming in as to what was happening. The village had gone too long living in the dark and she planned to end it herself.

First, she'd go to Konoha. Although everywhere was technically at peace with the Hidden Sand and the Land of Wind, she needed to know how well such a peace was being kept. Then she'd make her way back and report her findings to the rest of the village. If there was some condemning news from Konoha about any of the villages, she'd most likely have to set out and discover the truth. She just hoped she wasn't too late.

Dedicated to her village and her cause, she flipped her cloak around as she turned to face the open desert. She ran along the wallface, gathering speed as she came to the ground, quickly transferring her momentum to the horizontal as she headed out to the Hidden Leaf village. Her journey was one not so different than genins from ages ago, when once a Chuunin Exam had a journey from the Hidden Leaf to the Hidden Sand as a part of the examination process. Now as a Kage, she knew she'd be able to make it in three days time with no sweat, unlike the genin who had to skip sleep to make the same time. No, she'd get there in two days, arriving at the village gates by her second night.

With her she carried every bit of weaponry she could muster. With her combat gear on, it would be fairly obvious that she was packing heat. That wouldn't be a problem to any village officials. As long as she didn't find trouble or trouble found her while in the village, things would be okay. Simply put, she'd need to go straight to the Hokage and have a discussion with him. Maybe do a bit of scouting of their village while she was at it. Always a good idea to check in on the strength of other villages. Something told her that the other villages were not in as bad a shape as the Hidden Sand was.

Still, she had to get there. As the desert dunes spread out about her, she hurried on with great purpose. She wasn't as fast as most Kages are, nor as fast as most Kages should be, but she wasn't trying to break any landspeed records, she was trying to get a job done. Soon the desert dunes would turn into sandstone cliffs and hills, eventually growing patches of dead grass which would slowly change to healthy, living grass. The plains would change into woods, growing thicker into a dense forest where she'd soon find her path that led straight to the Hidden Leaf.

Coming up to the gates, she'd have to talk with the guards and whatever patrolling ninja would be there. Nothing too major, she didn't see how any of that could cause trouble. She just hoped she would be able to get a nice hotel to stay in, and then be able to get her business done with the Hokage before long. She couldn't just leave her village for too long... could she?

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