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Slowly, the mysterious individual had walked into the training ground. With a few more steps until he had reached his destination, he had taken out his twin kunai. He then immediately surveyed his surroundings. This was the first time he had walked into the Training Grounds in a long time since he was the Mizukage of Kirigakure, and he was training to get ready for a more serious battle up ahead. He had remembered the last time he had entered this training ground of Konohagakure and had wanted to get stronger then. Now today was a new day in the present and he still he feels inferior to those around so each training was to be taken serious at this moment. It was no holding back now. Stepping foot into the gate of the training grounds, he had thrown his kunai to the two stumps to which three were lined side by side in the centre of the training grounds.

He looked around. Konohagakure had called this place the Third Training Ground, to which those of really old times had brought their students to tie them up if failure was an option to that teacher. Not really much had changed to this training ground since the layout was still similar then how it was nine years ago. The width of the training grounds was a perfect condition for the man to utilize a bit of AOE jutsu to a crowd of people to better his advantage.

The third training ground is a portion of land located inside of Konoha. There is a view of mountains in the landscape and a large and deep river with forests in the both of its sides. There is a glade and in its centre there are three stumps lined side by side where different teachers of different teams used to tie their students, below there is the memorial stone, a polished kunai-shaped structure.The grass was more greener then the most as if the grass was alive and well, looking a mid to bright green color, with crunching sounds created when walking on top of them. He had seen the three stumps in the centre, while looking at the river seeing rocks blocking both ends of the river, varying in size. ~Perfect...~ The mysterious individual had thought to himself while taking a small breather before starting his training. “I can train up my strength here. If I want to be absolute and perfect, I need to train all aspects in order to better myself for the battles to come. Being a missing-nin is not what I wanted, but if it comes to think, i'll have the prowess to defend myself...”

He walked over to the right end of the river and had seen the small rocks crunched up together. Then he had walked over to the massive rock near the trees. Fortunately this was the biggest he could find so far.  The rock was massive, being the whole size of Jurou. Unconfidently, he attempted to pick up the life size rock. The rock would not budge, and after several minutes of trying to hoist the rock, Jurou had given up and had punched the rock with his barehand that was balled into a fist. He had no mark, yet instead felt little pain from the punch. Was he really this weak? Was everyone else really better then him? It was hard to say but from the performance he had did just now, he was sadly disappointed in himself. This was not the Jurou that he was before, to where his speed and strength and balanced each other, although his speed was more efficient then his strength back then. It was now for a time of change, and confidently and fortunately, that time was starting right now.

He looked around again, and found a rock about the quarter of the size of the last one. He walked over to the half size rock and attempted to pick it up. This one was much lighter and easier to pick up compared to the massive one. He slowly picked it up, and held it over his head, his knees were shaking at the weight of the rock. Jurou thought he would drop it, but he didn’t. This was a true test to master his strength. He had to go far and beyond to such lengths in order to get better, even if it did mean starting from the basics.

With a loud grunt, he threw the rock as far as he could, throwing it a fair distance away from him. “I feel stronger already, but for some reason I still feel weak...” he relayed to himself as he stared at the rock he just threw. Jurou promised himself that by the end of the week, he would be able to hoist that bigger rock and throw it just as far as the other one. Maybe then if that feat was completed, he would feel stronger and stronger throughout the day. He had came across a different rock of the same size, two of the same rocks in that manner. He had picked up both of them at the same time. The weight of both of rocks was 3x smaller then the life size rock, but still heavy. He had bended his knees, cocked back his right arm and had thrown the first, to which he repeated with the second rock in his left hand. The weight was surprisingly bearable, but still heavy too him to even withstand. Was this the true extent of his power? Was this really all he could do? …

...No. There has to be another way. He wanted to get stronger so it would put in the work ethic to get there and the necessary training to make sure that he gets stronger. This was not a game to him. It was a matter of life and death when it had come to his abilities. Every situation. Every training. Exploiting such weakness would be a matter of failure. And he knew this all too well: “Failure is not an option.”

Jurou approached the same rock, and proceeded to pick it up and throw it countless times, each time it getting easier and easier to throw. He had also did the same with the other two rocks that were the same size and height. After a few hours of hard training, he was able to throw the three rocks with ease, almost being able to throw the two rocks, or maybe all three, in a single hand. “It’s amazing what a few hours of hard work can do, but I need to do more, for there is still so much to accomplish...” he said out loud, throwing the rock for the last time. Wiping off the sweat from his forehead, he walked out the front of the Training Arena entrance, and walked off back to the abandoned house that he had resided in to sleep and rest up for the next training day. Today was a long day for training, but tomorrow will be even longer, for he had to a goal to complete and enemies to assimilate and assassinate in order for him to get stronger and stronger each day. For now, rest  was on his mind and his body had needed rest as well.

He awoke early in the morning, a problem he usually had from the day he was born until he had become a Special Jōnin in Kirigakure. To which early bird awakening and training was nothing new to him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t sleep in like all the other shinobi could back in his younger days and even now. He didn’t care though, he was eager to get back to the Training Grounds to train up his strength with the rocks and probably kunai training as well with his Taijutsu prowess as well. He had almost forgotten that he was a taijutsu user, since he preferably used Bukijutsu more so, calling himself the master, or God of Bukijutsu. He rushed through the breakfast that he had bought from the merchant and some small fast food place here in the village and threw some of his clothes on, and walked to the training grounds. He was early at this time and most people would be asleep and some still waking up, giving him enough time to finish his strength training and leave the training grounds without a single trace or evidence knowing that he was here.

As he was walking towards the Training Ground, he saw a rock on the outskirts of the grassy area. It looked about double the size of the rock he was throwing around with ease yesterday. He picked it up, struggling at first and dropping it, dusting of his hands and tending the scabs on them. The rock had grazed his hand, to which the sharp object  had made his hand bleed a little. That didn’t faze him though, as he went to pick it up for the second time.A little cuts and scratches did not stop him from reaching perfection. This time, he made sure he didn’t drop it. With all his might, he threw it over the river and onto the other side of the river, where more of the grassy terrain was followed by mountains and trees. A loud THUD proceeded, and the ground shook a little. Excitingly, he walked to the other side of the river, his feet walking while in the water, and into the grassy terrain, where the ball of rock was lying there, flat on the ground. He smirked in joy and in confidence, surprised that he could throw the ball of rock on his first try.It was now time for more pressing matters to intend to in his strength training.

He spent the rest of the day working on throwing the bigger ball  of rock as far as he could and worked also on throwing it with one hand. By the end of the day, he could throw it with one hand, just like his last ball. He went back to the ball he used yesterday, and threw it. He threw it almost the length of the whole area, but was still not enough to get to where he had needed to be. He had done the same procedure he had did many times, trying to perfect it in a sense. He had felt inferior to everyone else, probably even to Gin in that matter. What of his daughters? Have they gotten stronger then he has? If those two were to go against him in a two-on-one battle, would he win or lose? Depending on where he lacked and where his strengths were, he needed to balance the two out perfectly. With that mindset, he focused his strength primarily on his legs, seeing as though one must lift while bending at the knees. Chie and Reiko were probably with their mother as usual. He had wondered how they both would feel if they have found out that their father was actually alive and well. Would they both sense that he was weak and needed more training? Would they still look up to him instead of looking down at him? These questions had hurted the former Mizukage of past times, but they also had made him stronger. His determination was to protect his daughters from harm, even if it had means to kill those close to him, or even their mother at that.

The old ball felt so light to him, it felt like he was throwing around a ball of string. He was seeing that the progress was moving further and further into place. He could slowly feel his strength regenerating to what it was before. He still needed more work to accomplish. Grabbing a much bigger rock with both hands, with a little elbow grease and hoist, he had thrown the big rock over the river. Seeing that it had touched the other side of the river, he had taken off his hooded cloak and had threw it on the ground. Taking a glance at his arms, the wind was blowing west, his long, vibrant , black hair had followed. That was right. His appearance did overcome a transformation by the former doctor of Iwagakure. He would have to thank him later. As the wind blown, a small glance of his odd eyes were laid upon to his arms. His arms – both arms – had feel quite heavy and cramped from the rocks. It was as if the strength in him was increasing, yet decreasing with fatigue at the same time. More so because he was tired and needed rest still. Calmly, he had picked up his cloak from the grassy ground and had put it on as he walked back to the village during the night time. Positioning the hood to cover his entire face, Jurou's hood hid no facial features - instead only a gaping black hole looks back at those that look at him as he wears the hood. He was primarily a bandit, assassin as some called it. Now it was time for a good night's sleep back at the abandoned building once more. He promised himself that the next day he would tackle the large stone.If he tackled the stone and was successful with the pick up and throw tactic, then he truly believed that he was becoming stronger and stronger throughout the day.

Repeating the same morning routine as yesterday, Jurou had walked back to the training arena to finally tackle the big ball of rock. He calmly, yet with determination, walked towards the big rock next to the trees as he crossed the other side of the river to do so, and stared it down with his exotic yet odd eyes. This was the stepping stone that had separated Jurou from his perfection. This would determined if he himself would be even strong enough to swing a sword and cause immense damage with strength alone. This would be the turning point of his training. Time was of the essence and it was too late to turn back and walk away.

He planted his hands firmly on the sides of it, and used his arms to slowly lift the ball up into the air. Very carefully, he lifted it up into the air and raised it above his head. He let out a small grunt that was in between breaths and throw it across the training area with all of his might. The ball went flying, and it landed a few meters away from him. It had amazed him to know that he mustered the strength to even do so. Not only did he feel stronger in his abilities, but somewhat confident in them also. Alas there was still more training to be done in the meantime.

“Not too bad, I can work on it. Still, more training needs to be done to reach greatness...” The black hooded individual murmured to himself as he went towards the ball to throw it again. “If I can keep finding heavier objects to throw around, I can get stronger in no time... And to think that I was this weak... only those who belittle shall fall by my hand alone. They shall know true fear...” Strong words of a dark dedication and determination had filled within the inside of the mysterious man as he had proceeded to throw the rocks once more, each feeling slightly lighter then the last.

He didn’t care the slightest though, as he walked around throwing the large ball from end to end of the training area, mastering it just like all the other balls before it. Before he knew it, he was throwing it with one hand like the rest of the balls.He had known that this was going to be easy to handle. That was enough training for the day. It was now time for rest.

The sun started setting and Jurou heaved the last ball. He laid on the grassy terrain and wiped the sweat off his body, relaxing for a few good minutes before he got up and begun to walk home. This was the first time he wanted to train something, and it heaved excellent results.He had told himself that there will be more days like this, and that he needed to prepare for them. This was just the one of many, and those in the future would have come very soon. He had hoped for sooner than later...

...but in due time, the world will know that Jurou Osada is alive and stronger then ever. “This world holds no peace to the living of the weak...”

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