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Mission name: Assassinate The Traitor
Mission rank: S
Objective: "Kill the Spy"
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 800
Mission description: "News of a spy has reached my ears. You must find and eliminate this person quietly. Do not cause an uproar of panic or allow the man to escape. Doing so will result in failure..."
Mission details: You have to search Kirigakure for the traitor and attempt to kill him on spot. You are free to use surprise attacks, deceit, or whatever means you like. He will attempt to run if he is losing. You may capture him if you can, which result in another 100 ryo. 

Name: Spy
Age: 20-35
General Appearance: He is a built man with incredible strength. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wares loose clothing and has his Kirigakure band on his waist. 
Personality: He is a very proud person, holding himself in high regards in battle. Though isn't the smartest person in the world, but makes up for it in sheer power and durability.
Motivations: A promise for more power from an unknown source (Assumed to be the Shichiouza)
Fears: Being executed in public and dishonouring his family.
Other: He is an A Rank shinobi with S Rank Genjutsu and S Rank Bukijutsu (Swordsmanship). He weilds an A Rank sword with the ability to use Raiton to give him +1 damage. He uses S Rank Raiton and A Rank Doton

Tasked once again with a murder, the centipede crawls towards his prey, a man of twenty five years old, the name's Akihiko hayabusa, Tsuneo cracked his index finger as he moved swiftly around the bastard, the spy's dastardly ways, and acting was completely wonderful to others, but not Tsuneo, with his accursed eye, Tsuneo would see through the man as if a transparent glass is all that man is. Tsuneo tailed the man secretly moving like a shadow, from corner to corner, from place to place, waiting for the right moment to strike, Tsuneo would watch the man carefully with his piercing eyes, not blinking for even a second, he had a mission, and completing it he planned, Tsuneo would wear normal clothes not wanting to expose his identity to the man, he merely wanted to appear as a normal fellow bookworm, Tsuneo would approach the man as he stood infront of a book store, and it appears they had similar tastes when it came to books, Tsuneo found that amusing.

The two conversed over a cup of coffee as they sat facing one another on a round table, they spoke with such gentleness, but the spy's tone suddenly shifted to a darker one, speaking of his desire to gain power, and naturally Tsuneo didn't waste that opportunity, the man was interested in books, and a lover for power, he was obsessed with his quest for power, Tsuneo smiled as he sipped on his hot drink looking straight into the man's eyes, he remained engaged in the part he assigned himself, which was a friendly bookworm, Tsuneo smiled as he prepared for the next phase of his plan, and that would be to draw him towards a library, holding the forms, techniques, and discoveries of the greatest shinobi that ever existed, such knowledge was fitting for a power hungry man, seducing him with such a place that never existed was the ideal way to steal the man away from the crowd, Tsuneo would fulfill his mission in utmost secrecy, and so as they stood they headed towards the place that Tsuneo existed, a secret place that doesn't even exist, the perfect excuse to lure a power hungry man to an empty place, where no one would interfere.

The man followed Tsuneo irresponsibly, forgetting his job as a spy and focusing on his lust for more power, the power greedy man would walk to his death, Tsuneo led the man to an empty place, only a well existed amidst the emptiness surrounding the two, the man questioned Tsuneo of the place he spoke of so highly, Tsuneo would merely wear his mask and turn to the man ripping off his clothes for his battle suit to appear, the uzumaki would merely glare at the man with his cursed eye, the spy's aura raged with anger as he slipped into a fighting stance prepared to annihilate Tsuneo, but the centipede had something entirely else in mind, and that was the man's doom, Tsuneo armed himself in a fighting stance as he gazed fiercely into the eyes of a rotting soon-to-be-corpse, Tsuneo glared down at the man whom began yelling at the cold cruel exterior-ed Tsuneo whom remained silent. Letting his chakra rage throughout the field, Tsuneo knew this fight would be a tough one, but Tsuneo was more than ready for it.
The two burst towards one another with an insane speed, the young Uzumaki would perceive an incoming punch, titling his head to the right he evaded a punch that was headed to his head, he immediately took hold of it from the outer section of the elbow grabbed his fist pushed it to the left and pushed in the bone of his opponent's elbow in, in an instant, moving on to his opponent's next attack a kick aimed at Tsuneo's knees, Tsuneo reacted by jumping the man threw a punch to Tsuneo's gut, still Tsuneo reacted quickly placing his two palms to intercept the strike that pushed him four meters that were closed instantly by the man's speed, the centipede would move left and right dodging the man's rapid fists, and finally, Tsuneo dropped down and aimed a sweep at the man's legs,  succeeding in sweeping the man off of his feet, but he reacted by pushing the ground with his hand and aiming a kick to Tsuneo's chin that successfully  sent Tsuneo flying three meters, still Tsuneo intercepted his target as he came rushing towards him, Tsuneo shot his arm towards the man's head just at the right moment grabbing hold of it and pulling the man's head to his own leg as he bent it, planting his own knee in the man's face, flipping backwards and striking the man's head from behind to the ground, as they both landed Tsuneo would rush towards the man receiving his punches accurately with his own palms, dodging swiftly, he then sent a kick to the man's waist the man would grab hold of Tsuneo's leg but Tsuneo rotated before the man tightened his grip and struck his head sending him flying for two meters, but before he flies away further Tsuneo ran towards him and sent as much punches as he could to the man's chest and stomach before grabbing hold of his neck and  striking him to the ground, the man kicked Tsuneo angrily sending Tsuneo flying away and to the ground four meters away.  As Tsuneo arose to his feet he would find the man rushing towards him, Tsuneo  rotated midair and struck the thing he thought to be a man but turned out to be a lightning clone that gave Tsuneo major second degree burns all over his body, the man then struck Tsuneo with a lightning spear through the stomach, but before that was done, Tsuneo made sure to burn the man a great deal, Tsuneo launched an A-rank fire dragon towards the trash,  burning away the arm he held the sword with only as the man  sadly dodged it after so, he struck Tsuneo with a spear of lightning, Tsuneo's eyes widened but as the spear disappeared the man would walk till he was beside Tsuneo and speak, few words telling Tsuneo he was too weak, but Tsuneo's body would suddenly dissipate into smoke as Tsuneo arose from it unharmed without a single scratch on him, taunting the man with few words: “Oh really?” Tsuneo's chains raged out of him, but those were no chains of his clan.

What had happened it was Tsuneo's favorite technique, Matoryoshika, a technique were Tsuneo seals himself in a durable clone, and remains protected, he sealed himself in the clone before he even approached the man.

The man picked up his sword with his other arm, and the two clashed, Tsuneo unleashed his chains and rioted against the man's swords, his attacks could not let up, not even for a second he attacked, dodged and moved swiftly, searching for an opening, his opponent would do the same, slowly but steadily each of one of the two deal scratches to one another, no wound was below two inches and no wound was above three inches , both could deal far more, but they moved and acted, and blocked as fast and as strong as they can, they both raged with incredible power towards one another.

The fight drew on, Tsuneo would be deal a three inches deep inches long wound on his chest, luckily no organs were harmed but Tsuneo was bleeding heavily, Tsuneo  jumped ten meters away from the man ripping his shirt off and closing the wound with it, Tsuneo still bled through it, but not as heavily, or so he thought, Tsuneo would remain away from the man, and shoot his chains towards the man, each chain blocking the man's attack and aiming to strike him.

Tsuneo's chains raged, four chains battled the man as he held his lightning charged sword, Tsuneo could end this easily, but it would've been boring then Tsuneo would drag on the fight, and launch his chains towards the man aiming to dance with him a little more, Tsuneo was never this weak, but he merely wanted to see what trash had up their sleeves, and so the fight would continue, Tsuneo still never gave in to the assault but nor did the man, Tsuneo messed with the man with three more chains, the man was struggling and receiving scratches all over, his body, Tsuneo's power far since passed this man's, and finally Tsuneo was ready to finish the fight, Tsuneo threw one of his chains towards the well warping around it, only to pull Tsuneo away from this close ranged hubris, and as Tsuneo landed six meters away from the man, his fingers began falling off as did his nails and teeth, his eyes exploded in their sockets and his brain began boiling, he smiled through the bludgeoned mess he became remembering the torture he had suffered.

Tortured till insanity took over the fragile child, he was shown no mercy, what he now sees is nothing compared to that, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't faze him anymore, Tsuneo was used to the horrors of this world, Tsuneo cared not for any horror out there, nothing fazes the child anymore, torture, the uzumaki was tortured so much he got used to the feeling of pain, the first week after his torture he calmed himself by eating bit of his own flesh, he was obsessed with pain, he wanted to feel more pain, pain had become pleasure, weeks passed and he regained his sanity slowly, but brutally, slowly he became the murderous centipede, Tsuneo was no longer a weakling, he had suffered and trained he was more dangerous than ever, Tsuneo would laugh of the suffering hysterically, with a deadly gaze, insanity from pain was no longer something that fazes the stone cold hear of Tsuneo's, Tsuneo would have enough of reminiscing over the past, he placed his hands together as he spoke calmly: Kai, releasing himself from a devious genjutsu, only to open his eyes to a man rushing toward's him with a sword, Tsuneo spoke ridiculing the man: “It is still impossible for you to defeat me.”  Tsuneo waved his chains towards the man's sword strike deflected it and him away four meters retracted his other chains and released a chain of darkness from beside the man from the ground striking the man's hand and piercing through it, the man would drop his sword, but as he did he launched a dragon of lightning rushing towards Tsuneo, Tsuneo reacted accordingly.

Tsuneo decided to end this futile battle, Tsuneo used his swallowing seal in order to absorb the strike of lightning launched at him, and reacted even more efficiently this time, bursting towards the man at full speed, rotated till he was behind him, but as the man turned around shocked from the brutal speed, Tsuneo launched three more chains to pierce through the man's body parts. Blown away the man was left lying on the ground, Tsuneo walked till he was standing in front of the man. The man had not sent any information apparently, nor harmed anyone, the Mizukage supposedly wants this trash back to give him another chance, she's far too merciful Tsuneo thought, how did he obtain this info? A lady in dark, appeared to him speaking of the spy, Tsuneo would not care for an extra sum of cash as he was about to murder the trashy spy, but if it was for the Mizukage's wish, then so be it, Tsuneo would carry the man on his shoulder and deliver him to the door of the police station and leave like a phantom without being seen by anyone, the lady in dark would be the one to hand him his reward. Tsuneo wonder, what had the man turn into such a slave to his greed, if anything, it was rather funny, putting someone down, someone so similar to Tsuneo, whether it was greed for power, or their tastes when it came to books, or their love for coffee. The man was a fool, but he wasn't a bad man, normally no one thirsts for power reason-less, what was it that drove this man to the brink, what was it that forced a man that supposedly loved his village wholeheartedly to betray it in such an absurd manner, at least he didn't, but he was about to, Tsuneo wore the title of a traitor proudly, even though he sacrificed himself for the sake of his village, he lied to the whole village and escaped, left, leaving his dreams hopes, and the graves of his beloved family.

While fighting the man Tsuneo sensed slight things off about him, he held sadness in his eyes, rage, and... Tears, Tsuneo never was interested in his target, he was however int his one, Tsuneo snuck into the library in the administration building reading the profiles of criminals, he would open a large file, and read the man's history learning more about him. Aside from that Tsuneo felt something off, what was this feeling, he bit his finger but no blood fell away from him, Tsuneo pulled out a kunai and aimed to scratch his own finger but still no blood came out of the accursed finger, Tsuneo smirked as he spoke in his head “That bastard.”The mizukage had nothing to do with it, she was far too busy to be concerned with halfassed trash like this one, the daimyo's not letting up, and she had his men to deal with, Tsuneo would get pissed as he, this time for real, placed his palms together, and yelled:“Kai!”

The man might have been a fool, but he was definitely clever with genjutsu, Tsuneo was just about to be executed as he was on his knees, the man launched his blade down at the nape of Tsuneo's  neck with unbelievable force, but Tsuneo would halt the bastard in his place, Tsuneo would use a technique he hadn't in a long time, his Uzumaki chakra chains, chaining the victim down, S-rank semi-unbreakable chains, Tsuneo arose to his feet as he glared at the man an inch away, chained. Tsuneo would glare into the eyes of his victim, and without a word he would take the man's life. Tricky the man proved himself to be, Tsuneo found no trouble with the man in normal circumstances, but genjutsu was no simple task, the man had probably given up on facing Tsuneo head on and thus, he resorted to illusions, hoping to put Tsuneo down once and for all, sadly for him, he failed, he underestimated Tsuneo and got too close, the spy would meet his end, hadn't done anything wrong? He wasn't a spy for no reason, if he had done something wrong, no one would know about it, Tsuneo's eye returned to its former normal red state with white sclera, as Tsuneo began choking the life out of the man, choking him to his death.

The centipede was nothing one should underestimate, in fact would send a fool to his graveyard, and that's what happened to the man as he drew his last breath, Tsuneo dealt him a slow crippling death, that would hold the worthless trash aghast even in the afterlife, Tsuneo was merciless to traitors, and to those that dare harm his loved ones, Tsuneo still had people he cared about, the uzumaki is not so friendly to those in the wrong, he was already known nation wide for his deeds in kusagakure, and now for Kirigakure, he is the centipede.

In truth Tsuneo showed him slight mercy, the man was a prideful maggot, he feared humiliation, and feared a public execution, Tsuneo executed him in silence and in complete solitude. Tsuneo would burnt he body to ash, and leave the area. Tsuneo would commend the man for his tricky genjutsu, he made Tsuneo think that he actually did cast kai, and got rid of the illusion, he even manipulated what happened later on, but Tsuneo never did care for a kindred spirit, Tsuneo merely cared for his task in a mission, and carrying out that mission becomes his top priority, to kill is to be ready to be killed, Tsuneo questioned the man's background no further than his fears, likes, and dislikes, and fighting habits, that was all he needed to do... Some information may sting his heart, and force him to hesitate, ina fight to the death, hesitation is the greatest enemy to all shinobi.

Tsuneo walked outside the area and spoke to the woman that awaited him, the woman in dark, or more accurately the woman bathing in her dark aura, dressed in pitch black. She spoke to him of how he figured it out, Tsuneo spoke saying in a teasing cold tone: “secret” Smiling slightly he walked past her he could see a slight smile on her face with her eyes closed, Tsuneo was quite the rebel to the Dark society, but he was very much an innocent good child in their eyes. Tsuneo knew that and disliked it as a fact. Tsuneo would gather what he could of the man's ashes before throwing them out to the sea, a watcher contacted Tsuneo and spoke to him assuring him his reward will be awaiting in his mail, he asked, but Tsuneo informed the man, telling him he has no home, his reward should be directly delivered to him. Tsuneo spoke the truth, he had no home, he was mere wandering hunter, hunting Nukenin, hunting spies, hunting trash, remnants of seven bells, and hunting the daimyo, but as he is now, he was more like haunting the daimyo, he spread terror in the great castle of the daimyo, everyone sent after him or anyone sent from the castle to preform illegal activities would be hunted by uzumaki Tsuneo the deadly centipede that crawled the earth searching for its next prey.

Tsuneo, would return from a hospital he attended to, more like he stayed until his wounds were attended to, and left in a flash, and in secret.

Tsuneo would look around and luckily find an old rotting cottage in the middle of a forest in kirigakure, Tsuneo would knock on the door, but no reply he received. Tsuneo sighed, troubled, but broke the door down and put it up again, he would find a single room that had everything cramped in it, he would lie on the bed, wary of his surroundings the flaps of a fly would wake him up, it is how he learned to sleep, being surrounded by danger most of the time has done that much to him. Tsuneo was tired it has been a long day, the fight while he could've completely annihilated his opponent in one second, he chose to drag it out, and make the fight a little bit longer, Tsuneo closed his eyes sinking into the world of emptiness and silence.

Another day passed, and another victim, became. Tsuneo was used to the daily life of killing, he would kill criminals on a daily basis, and on a second thought, his killing rate has decreased incredibly, that merely meant that they were decreasing in number, the criminals that wreck havoc that is. Tsuneo no longer sees nightmares whenever he closes his eyes, he long since triumphed, slowly, but steadily, the young Uzumaki is getting stronger and stronger, and deadlier, he wondered how his beloved 'friend' was, he worried for her, she was  after all being hunted by the daimyo, or so the daimyo thinks of his little game, was it he that's truly being hunted, Tsuneo worried for her, very much so.




Name: Forbidden Techniques: Artistic creation of the Ultimate Reality~禁術:実究极の芸術の創造
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive||Defensive||Supplementary 
Element: N/A
Range: 80 Meters
Specialty: Fuuinjutsu
Duration: 5 Posts(-10 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 5+Maintained posts
Description: The ultimate reality, otherwise known as: Death. The user does the multitude of hand signs activating the jutsu that creates chains made of sealing symbols, ten chains hail from wherever the user wants, from his body or from a close by object can be the ground, these chains are jet black in color, and move at the speed of 50m/s, a slight black glow gives them an enchanting feeling, and an intimidating one. Each chain is capable of piercing through flesh, grabbing and pulling objects/people, the chains may only pierce through flesh and bone, aside from that for each chain brought out, their range is decreased by five meters(Bringing out ten chains will limit the range of the chains' reach to thirty meters, speed is decreased by one meter for each chain, meaning if all ten chains are out speed is limited to 40m/s).

 The user may bring the chains out of his own body, or out of non-living objects, however, the user can't bring the chains out of anywhere he wants, to successfully bring out a chain from another non-living object, the non-living object must be within fifteen meters of the user, the chain can be increased in length but the object must remain within fifteen meters radius otherwise the chain fades, and can't be brought back, the user can also attack with the chains in a different manner, by bringing out merely one chain(meaning other chains can't be brought out until second use after cooldown) bringing out one chain the user can attack the victim and once the chain makes contact it explodes into thousands of chains that rips anyone within ten meters radius apart.

 The way these chains are brought out, is by having the user transform an enormous amount of chakra into another location in a distance that maintains the connection between the user and the chakra(15 meters radius) the moved chakra is reshaped and strengthened by the user which gives it the appearance of a chain(must have his hand on the ground). These chains can be broken by a jutsu of equal rank, or by strength of SS-Rank

Name: Lightning Release: Divine Lance (雷遁・神ランス ~ Raiton: Kami ransu)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 20m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: The user creates a large (10ft long) ornately shaped spear from highly concentrated pure raiton chakra above their head before launching it at their target. The lance is capable of piercing straight through B rank defenses (A rank Doton) or lower as well as flesh, bone, and even steel. Once launched, the spear cannot be manipulated, but upon piercing its target will release the concentrated raiton chakra inflicting electrical shocks and 3rd degree burns to everyone/thing within a 5m radius.

Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Range: N/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu+Fuuinjutsu
Duration: maintainable
Cooldown: 5 posts(if usage of jutsu is past 5 posts its added to the cool down)
Description: By creating a clone and sealing himself In It, Tsuneo Is capable of  avoiding any damage from physical or chakra based blows that are B-rank or lower, only an  two A-rank techniques can release him and still doesn't deal damage but an S-rank can release him and deal damage but its power Is reduced by 1 rank. Only A-rank and higher techniques can release him from the clone. three b-ranks can release him with no damage dealt. The clone can deal damage and has half the chakra and uses jutsus. The clone can move and act as if they're the user, only difference is it is a defensive technique. The clone moves and acts normally, it can use techniques normally, it has 50 chakra, once it runs out of chakra it disperses, Items can be placed in the clone, as well as people, but for people their discretion is required, or they're incapable of moving or are passed out, that being said, they receive the same protection 

Name: Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb (火遁・火龍炎弾 ~ Katon: Karyū Endan)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: 30 metres
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: The user inhales, filling their throat with chakra which they then hold for a few moments. They then exhale it in a continuous stream of flames that takes on the form of a snaking Chinese dragon. The Shinobi must maintain this dragon by continuing to breathe out constantly. They can manipulate it's movement to a degree with their will, causing it to snake around and chase a target. There is a delay of a few seconds between the user willing a movement change and it occurring, however. On impact, the dragon will go straight through the intended target, causing third and fourth degree burns on whoever it devours. If contact occurs with the dragon that lasts more than an instant, it will begin to turn the outer layers of flesh into ash, gradually rendering the victim nothing but a pile of ash.

Name: チャクラ連鎖 (Chakra Rensa ~ Chakra Chains)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Detailed in description.
Specialty: Fuuinjutsu (requires Fuuinjutsu as a primary specialization, or as a secondary at S rank)
Duration: B Rank: 5 posts, A-S Rank: 10 posts; -5/10 per post.
Cooldown: B-Rank: 5 posts, A-Rank: 6 posts, S-Rank: 8 posts. Cooldown starts once chains are cancelled/Broken.
Description: This jutsu is the only exception to the +1 usage rule. Members can only use this technique at one rank above their current standing. Members of the Uzumaki clan are able to condense their chakra into a series of chains and expel them from certain points in their body, namely the palms of their hands and their navel. They can control these chains with their will, allowing them to aim them towards an intended target and wrap them around their intended victim, binding them in place. While this technique is being used, the user cannot perform any other techniques, and only techniques that do not require a maintenance cost can be continued from a previous post. When bound by these chains, the victim has their chakra suppressed.

The length of the chains is proportional to the amount made. 
One chain can travel up to forty meters. 
Two chains can span a maximum of thirty meters. 
Three-four chains can span a maximum of twenty five meters.
Five chains can span a maximum of twenty meters.
Six chains can span a maximum of fifteen meters

The chakra cost of the chains is defined by the strength of the chains:

B-Rank Chains: This chain is as strong as a solid iron chain and can be broken by a sufficiently powerful blow, such as S-rank strength, an equal-rank technique, or two jutsu of one rank below. Anyone with strength stat of A-rank or higher (up to A-3), can break through the chains within three posts of struggling. The chains move at 25 m/s. The victim(s) are limited to using jutsu of up to B-rank, or those of 1 rank lower than they are (whichever is higher). Using these chains costs 20 chakra.
A-Rank Chains: This chain is as strong as titanium alloy, and can only be broken by SS-rank strength, an equal-rank technique, or two jutsu of one rank below. Anyone with strength stat of S-rank or higher (up to S-3), can break through the chains within three posts of struggling. The chains move at 35 m/s. The victims are limited to using up to jutsu of two ranks lower, or up to C-rank (whichever is higher). Using these chains costs 25 chakra.
S-Rank Chains: This chain is as strong as interwoven carbon nanotubes, and cannot be destroyed unless hit with an equal-rank technique or two jutsu of one rank below. The chains move at 45 m/s. The victim cannot use any chakra. Using these chains costs 30 chakra.






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