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1 Neci at the Bath (Private) on Sat May 23, 2015 12:37 am



Neci walked down the road, looking at the many faces that walked past him, most of them looked at him quite curiously and others with overt distrust, but that made sense afterall, since Neci was not from this village and his garb overtly gave off that, he was wearing a red and tan gi, with his head band around his neck , his red sunglasses shining bright with the red tint that he loved, as he walked he relised taht he was quite cold, since he had not yet gotten used to the differant weather, the breezes here were alot colder. Neci then decided to warm his bones, so he started walking towards where he was told the hot baths were, as he walked he finally saw the sign on the wall of a two doored building, one for men and the other for women, he walked happily into the men section and entered what appeared to be a set of lockers for clothes, he stripped off and threw his clothes into one of the lockers, throwing his weapon in their as well, kissing the handle as he threw it in, he then grabbed a towel and started walking into the baths, the steam hit him as he walked in, it was like home, just a bit more moist, the deserts were much dryer but it would work jsut fine, he grabbed a cloth ad walked over to the bathes, dipping himself in and letting out a pent up groan, dipping the cloth in ht water and putting it on his forehead and sitting back, quickly scanning the pool for any weird looking guys he saw a few normal looking guys doing the same thing that he was, but there was an idiot who was peaking through a hold in the fence that seprated the barrier between the girls and guys, Neci giggled at him, he turned and gave him a sneer, Neci didnt like that, he stood up wrapping his towel around him and walking slowly over to the pervert, and placing his hand on his shoulder telling him in a quiet voice,
''If you dont leave this instant im going to throw you over this fence, believe me they wont be happy''
The man turned with a sneer and went to swing at neci, he dodged back easily and twisted his arm around the mans back, hearing his wince, Neci then walked out of the pools and threw him into the middle of the road, naked, sicne his towel flew off, the man ran off embarrassed, Neci groaned internally, as he rentered the pool the men nodded at him and he smiled back at them he lowered himself back into the pool, he sat there for an hour or more, it was so comfy, he started to drift off into sleep when he felt a sharp pang on the back of his head and then black...

Waking up

Neci was sitting in a building, the room was badly lit and there was rope tied around his hands and they were behind his back, he groaned as he noticed that he was wearing his pants at least, thankfullt his captor didnt want to see him stark nude, on the other end of the room in the corner was his sword and clothes in a locker, as he was scanning the room he heard the door click, he dropped his head and feinted being knocked out still, he heard 3 mens footsteps enter the room and they were talking to eachother, he heard them mention the boss was mad, he was at the bathouse checking out chicks and some red haired bastard had embarassed him and that they mentioned how they were surprised that neci was still knocked out, Neci then heard them walk closer to him,
Neci lifted his head and looked the nearest one in the eyes eyes flaring with hate and anger, the blood red pupils and iris staring right into the soul of the middle captor
When you took my stuff did you see a headband, that headband represents who i am, im not some mere young man that you can tie up, i am A CHUUNIN OF THE SAND VILLAGE! He then swung the chair that he was tied to forwards , smashing it on the guys head, freeing him of his chair though not his bonds, he then spun around and launched a forwards kick to the nearest guys chest, knocking him into the far wall, the nearest guy swung his large fists at neci but stopped dead when Neci turned and looked at him, the angere stopping the man in his tracks, Neci jumped over and sliced off his bonds and grabbed his sword and head band, throwing the band over his shoulder and not bothering with his gi, he hefted the heavy sword with ease and started spinning it around his body in a hypnotic manner, closing the distance between Neci and the goon quickly , the goon brought out a kunai to block but knew not where to put it, the curved arakh was flying around too fast for the eye to see, catching the man in the face with the long handle of the weapon, smashing his teeth and leaving heavy bruising, knocking him to the ground and leaving him less then awake, the other two were getting to their feet and drawing kunai as they got closer to him, Neci kept his spinning as he got close and left a hearty slice in the left ones chest, and smashing wrist of the others with the butt of the handle, moving and kicking him in the jaw, sending him to the ground as well, neci sighed as the spinning blade stopped, no one fucked with him he was in a terrible mood now, the uchiha symbol on his back showed when he walked past a mirror, he reminded himself to calm down, he breathed in and out deeply, relaxing himself, he walked down the staircase, not caring about any sort of revenge he was just in the mood to leave, on his way to what appeared to be the main door, he saw to men holding long odachis, apparently he managed to piss off someone who thought he was important Neci didnt care, he kept walking, even when the large men turned to him and barked, he ignored them and activated his sharningan, seeing their attacks coming at him and bringing up his blade and blocking the attacks with the inward curve of the blade, then swiveling his hand and pulling the blades out of the hands of the big men, flourishing with a spin and slice at their exposed midsections, slicing a deep cut in each of their chests, spinning to their backs and then cutting their hamstrings, walking past them waving goodbye as they groaned in pain on the ground, he snapped his neck hearing it crack, apparently they had dragged him there, because his neck popped loudly and released alot of tension in his neck and back, he hooked his blade onto the clip on his belt loop, and yawned, Neci had honestly expected more of a challenge from someone like that, in his old days he may just drag that guy out and bring him to the police or just beat him up himself, but this wasnt his village and he wasnt about to encroach on another villages things and law enforcment, so he continued on and smiled to himself, that was much easier then he was willing to think it was, he even had time to grab some ramen at the local Ichirakus noodle shop, he didnt even care that he was missing a shirt.
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