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1 Awaken Onikeigan! (Unmei, Ruvaak) on Sun May 24, 2015 10:00 pm



The door shut behind him leaving Ruvaak in a pitch black room. Ruvaak closed his eyes taking a deep breath, 'relax, you've trained for this moment your ready' Ruvaak thought to himself 'lets go' Opening his eyes he strained to make out any detail from the room that he could, but he couldn't even make out his own hand in front of his face. Taking a slow step forward with his arms outstretched searching for anything that he might walk into. "If you rely on your arms your not going to get very far!" The unknown voice rang through the room, causing Ruvaak to stop in his tracks, 'he's right this is the point' Ruvaak thought to himself. Ruvaak tried his best to focus his eyes, even to the point of channeling chakra to them to try to see if he would get lucky like with his talisman test and it just come naturally to him, but there was no such luck. "damn, so much for that" Ruvaak thought as he kicked himself 'of course its not that easy, if it was I would already have achieved it'.

"If you truly wish to achieve the Onikeigan you have to prove to Keranos that you are worthy of it." Ruvaak heard the voice again but still couldn't figure out where it came from. Ruvaak once again tried to focus his eyes to make out the room, this time when he focused chakra he started to make out shapes in the room, however before he could see anything the room flooded with a bright light. "Damn, its too bright I can't see" Ruvaak said as he shielded his eyes, "What did i say about your arms." came the voice again. Ruvaak stopped, he could of smacked himself 'I am such an Idiot' moving his arms and straining his eyes against the bright light, the pain was almost unbearable, 'there's got to be something out there that I'm suppose to see, but what' as he continued to strain his eyes against the light he begins to see something in the distance, but before he could make it out he was plunged into darkness as the light went out in the room. "Damn It!" Ruvaak shouted losing his temper.

"That's it I can't take it any more" Ruvaak said as he threw his left hand up stopping at what he believed was eye level since he couldn't really see, once he felt his talisman hit the inside of his hand he grasped it tightly in his fist, focusing his chakra towards the talisman he begins to manipulate it into a bow, the glow from the chakra in this dark room almost enough to blind him, but didn't help him see the room any better then before. Without thinking or aiming for that matter, Ruvaak quickly draws the bow and fires off an arrow five times in the direction he thought he saw the object before. "Oh so close!" came the voice again. A smirk forms on Ruvaak's face 'so I was right'. Taking a deep breath Ruvaak strained his eyes against the darkness, drawing his bow again he quickly fires off five more arrows. This time the was no voice that called across the room, instead the light flooded the room again. "Ah!" Ruvaak shouted as he fought himself not to cover his eyes from the blinding light.  'God I hope I don't go blind' Ruvaak prayed as the light began to burn his eyes, channeling a small amount of chakra to his eyes Ruvaak tried once again to activate the Onikeigan, but still nothing as he shot five more arrows into the unknown. Again there was silence, 'whats going on?' Ruvaak questioned himself, when he noticed that the light was getting brighter, 'I didn't think it could get brighter.' The light was so bright Ruvaak had no choice but to cover his eyes, 'Damn it, its worst then before' then suddenly he was thrown into darkness once again, only this time he heard sounds of movement. 'What's that now?' Ruvaak thought to himself as he strained to see what was moving, to no avail, 'whatever it is there is a lot of them'.

Ruvaak's mind began to race as he tried to think of the possibilities of what surrounded him, he still couldn't see but he could hear what he thought was the sound of the floor around him moving. "why would the floor be moving?" Ruvaak asked himself aloud, when suddenly he was hit in the gut with something. As he collapsed on the floor having the wind knocked out of him, Ruvaak couldn't feel anything around him that could of caused it. Once he got his breath back he stood drawing his bow yet again and firing it five more times, only this time he fired them all rapidly in different directions. The sounds stopped as Ruvaak's hand brushed against his stomach, he paused when he felt wetness on his hand. 'Was I hit with an Arrow?' Ruvaak questioned 'well this just makes it more interesting, wouldn't want to disappoint' Ruvaak thought as a smile came across his face.

Ruvaak began to draw his bow when the light in the room began to flash rapidly, "Damn it, this is the worst yet" Ruvaak said to himself as his eyes were already sore from the light and dark that preceded the flashing. Ruvaak closed his eyes and fired off five more random shots off, when he opened his eyes for the first time he saw the room and everything in it, the flashing light had stopped and on the other side of the room stood a man Ruvaak didn't recognize. "So your the Voice I take it?" Ruvaak said to the man, The unknown man looked at Ruvaak in shock, "You can see me? I don't believe it"

"What do you mean, the lights stopped I thought something was wrong, what happened?" Ruvaak asked puzzled, "the lights didn't stop, Ruvaak" the man said "the test is still going on, if you can truly see then you have passed". Ruvaak looked down at himself as he saw the amount of blood around him, his vision began to blur, "What?" was all he could say before he passed out.

Ruvaak awoke in the hospital room with his uncle sitting next to him, "Uncle, what's going on?" he asked as he tried to sit up, but his uncle put his hand on Ruvaak's shoulder. "No Ruvaak, don't get up" Andreios said gently pushing him back down on the bed "You were seriously injured during your test." Ruvaak didn't resist his Uncle however a sad look came over his face. "I failed didn't I Uncle?" Ruvaak looked at Andreios as he asked and was shocked to see a smile on his uncles face. "No Ruvaak you didn't fail, You were able to achieve the Onikeigan before you passed out, you still need to continue training it, but you did exceptionally" A wave of relief came over Ruvaak at his uncles words.

"Now that you have Awoken your Onikeigan you will be able to activate it on your choosing, however your control over it is very limited you will need to continue to train in order to master it." it was that strange voice again, Ruvaak scanned the room seeing the mans face that he had seen in the room. "its you?" Ruvaak asked Puzzled. "I am Zaheer, the Test giver, and you Ruvaak have passed and have been granted the Onikeigan by Keranos. It is now your choice what you do from this point on."

WC: 1298/1000

Jutsu's Used:

Name: Hakai (破壊 - Destruction)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-A
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: dependent on weapon created
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: maintainable - 5 chakra per turn
Cool-down:  Duration +5 turns
Description: By concentrating their Chakra into the hand holding Unmei's talisman using it as a focus point the user can form a weapon purely from their chakra, this weapon is of the Unmei's choosing depending on their individual talent, although most commonly a Bow used in conjunction with the Onikeigan, however some users have been known to make a sword, axe, knife, etc. If used to create a Bow the user may also manifest arrows when they pull the string of the bow. user must pay an additional 5 chakra per turn to shoot up to 5 arrows for that turn.

Weapon rank list:

  • C-Rank: Bladed Weapons, the user focuses more chakra refining the edge even more allowing a 1/2 inch deeper cut compared to the D-Rank. The Arrows from a C-Rank bow travel at 20m/s and can penetrate the skin up to a 1.5-inch before dissipating.

Name: Onikeigan - (鬼圭系 - The Demon Eye)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Genin - 25m, Chuunin - 75m, Jounin - 150m, S-Rank - 300m
Specialty: Doujutsu
Duration: Maintainable - 5 chakra per turn (G-2post, C-4post, J-7post, S-10post)
Cool-down: (can only be used once per battle)
Description: the Blood Inheritance Limit of the Unmei Clan, giving them extrasensory sight. This Doujutsu is not granted at birth and must be trained in order to achieve this ability. When activated the iris of the Unmei turn from their normal eye color to an emerald green color, the pupil turns into a slant kinda of like a cats eye, and 4 black slits are formed diagonally around the pupil. It gives one telescopic vision allowing them to see far distances as if they were standing right next to it, In addition they are able to see unhindered no matter how much or how little light is around or the direct the light is coming from, making them expert marksmen. however their vision enhancement is not just distance, they are able to see things most people would miss as they are exceptional aware of their surroundings making it harder for them to fall for visual genjutsu that is lower than the eye's rank, (as they can see the flaws that most would overlook, or the changes in the area around them that would be caused by a genjutsu. Note: only works on genjutsu that is lower than the eye's rank, then if they realize they are in a genjutsu or about to fall under one then they still have to use kai or other method to escape). even while their vision is scoped they remain aware of their surroundings their other senses are heightened and will instantly draw the Unmei's vision back to their surroundings,as a defensive mechanism of the Onikeigan to prevent the Unmei from being caught off guard while they were scoped.

Note: The Unmei must train, under the study of a master in order to awaken the Onikeigan. Under the supervision of the master the Unmei will learn to be able to utilize the eyes to be able to see farther then they would normally be able to, the young genin are pushed to their limits with test of their sight.

Onikeigan's Scale:

  • Genin up to 25 Meters, Character Must be at least 13, Awakening WC 1000

Hakai activation C-Rank -15 maintained for 5 additional turns -25, 6 turns of arrows -30

Onikeigan Awakening C-Rank -15

Ending Chakra 65/150


Valar Moghulis
Ninjutsu (S-Rank)
Bukijutsu {Kyojutsu, Kenjutsu, Onojutsu} (S-Rank)

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