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1 Better Safe Than Sorry Part 2(A Rank) on Wed May 27, 2015 5:34 am



Mission name: Better Safe Than Sorry Part 2
Mission rank: A
Objective: Deliver the letter to the hidden stone village.
Location: tsuchi no kuni border
Reward: 450 ryo
Mission description: A letter has been entrusted to you by the Hokage. It is with great importance that the letter reaches the Hidden Stone Village, where it can be safely handed to the Tsuchikage
Mission details: The information within the letter is sealed and can only be opened by a Kage. Two Rogue A-rank ANBU shinobi will be on the lookout for any information they have not yet been aware of. Further investigations may result in combat against them. Both wield A-rank katana and possess all the library jutsu of fire and water.
Their stats each consist of:
Strength: B-1
Speed: B-1
Endurance: B-1
Perception: B-1
Reaction Time: C


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