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1 Keep Your Head Up [Kazuma/No Kill] on Wed May 27, 2015 11:50 pm



Sujin walked through the crowd one bleak morning in Konoha. It was surprising to him how, even now, he could find areas that weren't completely familiar to him. The village was vast indeed. But it wasn't the vastness that intrigued him. What intrigued him was how he felt like he had been to this part of the village before, but never noticed what was here. Not that it should have  surprised him by any means. He was quite aloof, usually paying attention to the crazy machinations of his brain whenever he strolled around. The thing about him was that he never really had many places to go, he would just walk about.

This time, however, he was paying even less attention to his walking. Having gathered some new coins, he had been distracting himself easily with a coin that he flipped. His thumb flicking the coin up into the air and then his hand catching it. Such an activity Sujin would later call 'training' to his parents when they would ask where he had been all day. In fact, he had been getting better at flipping the coin. His hand-eye coordination must have been improving because of this little act, or at least, enough for him to honestly defend his measly attempt at skimping on training.

A little snickering escaped his lips as he flipped his coin. It wasn't like he really yearned for training, and his parents knew it. But he didn't want to be so far behind others that he couldn't compete. He had to prove to himself that he could do the bare minimum, at the least, yet he was more about proving to himself what he could do than meeting anyone else's expectations. So no matter the pace of his training, the only judge was going to be him, and with someone as laid back as him being the judge, he was doing just fine himself.

Another flip of his coin, this time it went higher than his head. Sujin followed the coin, keeping his eyes trained on it as it turned almost endlessly in the air. Heads, tails, heads, tails, heads, tails, -- a rough smack to his shoulder threw his gaze off to an odd looking gutter. Before he could register the rest of the roof the gutter was attached to, his feet stumbled back and the sound of the coin dropping hit the ground. He looked around and soon found the culprit behind the sudden jar.

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2 Re: Keep Your Head Up [Kazuma/No Kill] on Thu May 28, 2015 1:48 pm

Kazuma Yagami


Today was a rather pleasant day for Kazuma has he had just woken up in early morning hours only to look out the window shortly after opening the curtains. He had felt restless from the time he awoke and felt the need to get out and stretch his legs. It was a necessity for him as he had completed a mission the day before which took a total of two-and-a-half days to complete. From this he felt that restlessness and got himself dressed to take a lovely morning stroll around the village. As he did so he suddenly reminded himself to draw a sort of mind-map of the village. Kazuma felt that this was necessary for him as he wasn't fully accommodated to the village yet due to joining it after yearning to become a shinobi.

Before long Kazuma had just gone out his front door and into the village he strolled, only to notice all the other villages, be it comrade shinobi, shop owners and their various work colleague's or just resident civilians. Kazuma took a stroll through the main village street where most of the common shops where located and also took notice of how some villagers were crowding together for social activity. As he was passing through that street, he began to feel a gentle but warm breeze of wind brush against his entire being. Kazuma be naturally open and accustomed to the wind, due to it being his chakra nature affinity and his move favourite, he took a few moments to take that in and gave of a genuine smile as he was happy the village he resided in possessed a gentle and warm wind.

Continuing his stroll around the village he couldn't help but notice the amount of friendliness from the villagers, something he himself was not used to. Kazuma decided to take a right turn to explore more of the village, but as he went around a blind spotted corner, he had accidentally bumped into an unknown person. Before Kazuma stopped to apologise he immediately recognised the person as a shinobi not by his appearance but simply by the presence he gave off. This was more so apparent to Kazuma who was a sensor-type ninja who used his sense to feel out his chakra. As he made this sudden bump-in encounter he had noticed a jar located in front of him and on the very corner of the blind spotted turn.

"Oh hey, sorry there man. I guess I wasn't being more aware of my surroundings." Kazuma said immediately after recognising his demeanor as a shinobi, and there he awaited the young man's response.

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3 Re: Keep Your Head Up [Kazuma/No Kill] on Fri May 29, 2015 8:49 pm



"Aw, come on!" Sujin complained at the culprit standing before him. "Made me lose my coin!"

The jolt had disrupted his train of thought. Derailed and burning in fiery inferno. All passengers aboard killed or soon to be dead from injuries accrued. Such a catastrophe this was made Sujin switch from his pleasant demeanor. He had been having such a nice day, too. The thoughts on that train were happy and peaceful. When he thought back to it, that was one of the best trains of thoughts he had had in a while, and all while flipping his coin.

He reached out with his right hand and would grab at the guy's collar, pulling him close to his face. "What's the big idea, huh? Who do you think you are?" he asked loudly. "You ruined my groove I had going."

He would then let go of the guy, looking him over thoroughly. Something he probably should have done before going for the collar and acting all bossy. Nevertheless, it was then that he would see the guy was a bit older than himself. The short haired man was nearly the same height, maybe a bit taller than himself. He was also impeccably dressed, something like a casual businessman's outfit. Sujin actually felt a little bad for going and ruffling up the collar.

Judging by the look of the man, Sujin couldn't really say for sure whether he was a ninja or not. All of his clothes seemed to say 'business'. Either way, the guy had apologized for the bump. However there was still the matter of finding his coin again, and being jostled back a bit meant that it hadn't gotten too far from where they were. He just needed to take a look around them on the ground. Yet there were other people walking up and down the street, too, so with all the feet moving about his coin could have been kicked about and lost forever. Such a thought started a little worry in the back of Sujin's mind while he focused on the man in front of him.

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4 Re: Keep Your Head Up [Kazuma/No Kill] on Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:22 am

Kazuma Yagami


Kazuma is suddenly grabbed by the collar by this unknown guy who seems to have anger issues which is then followed by a question "What's the big idea, huh? Who do you think you are?" the young man asked angrily who proceeded to mention that I somehow ruined his 'groove'. Kazuma being the type of guy he is responds by giving the young man a scary death glare and proceeds to say "Is that how you wanna play it little man?!" Only for him to let go and rethink his actions to which Kazuma then calms his face down back to normal and proceeds to give a smile with a "Just kidding." reply as he means the man no harm.

"Oh, by the way. I believe that this is yours." Kazuma says in a normal manner as he shows a coin which was the same coin the young one dropped during the time we bumped each other. Kazuma then proceeds to flick the coin to him and continues to talk "I noticed that this coin seems precious to you. Not that I couldn't care less, but its bad business if I ruin any reputation." he says calmly. "So why is that coin seemingly so precious to you?" Kazuma asks in curiosity in hopes of hitting up a conversation with the young man. Kazuma does this so he can try to expand his number of allies as they will be helpful and fun at the same time, as he begins to ponder for a moment. While he ponders he notices that the man seems rather puzzled and seemingly aware that it is about Kazuma, which is why his thoughts wander.

Kazuma then begins to assume that the likely scenario of his thoughts would be that he's trying to make out whether or not Kazuma is a ninja or possibly a threat. Kazuma points towards the former in terms of decision as he then thinks it may be because of the way he is dressed, but that only leads to him saying to himself in his mind that not every shinobi wears the common gear. This common gear would consist of the respected villages' flak jacket, the ninja headband and ninja tools bag you would find located strapped to one's leg. Since Kazuma doesn't wear and use those, he leaves most strangers puzzled as to whether he is ninja or not. Before long his train of thought was broken as he suddenly listens to the young mans response.

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5 Re: Keep Your Head Up [Kazuma/No Kill] on Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:47 pm



Sujin let go of the man as the coin flipped towards him. He caught it with his now free hand. His hand squeezed once more, instead of a collar, the hard metal of the coin was felt in the palm of his hand. A restoration flooded his soul. There was peace and tranquility living and residing in his body again. If there was anything to say about this moment, it was that the whole issue was a happy accident.

"Thanks," said Sujin, clearing his throat as he adjusted, calming himself down from his previous rage. "Didn't mean to get so aggressive there... Sometimes I just go off."

But that seemed to be the whole deal with Sujin these days. He was really quite the hair trigger. However this guy here was much more lighthearted, completely obvious just by how he had initially reacted to Sujin's rage:

"Is that how you wanna play it little man?!" the kid had said before dropping the act. "Just kidding."

Sujin was surprised by how the kid couldn't even keep a straight face with the smallest act of aggression. Someone so lighthearted was quite the strange sight for him. No one he'd really met so far within the shinobi community had been so kind. More cutthroat was the sentiment Sujin usually found. Which would explain why he adapted to such a personality, only to keep things in the norm. Yet this guy was bringing balance, or revealing an unbalance, with his contrasting character trait.

"I noticed that this coin seems precious to you. Not that I couldn't care less, but it's bad business if I ruin any reputation. So why is that coin seemingly so precious to you?"

Whatever 'bad business' this kid was talking about, Sujin had no clue. Nor did he want to have a clue. He was more pleased with having the coin back, but the words coming from this guy were starting to puzzle him. Why had he been so caught up about that coin? Sure he was having a good time just flipping the coin and minding his own business, but it wasn't like that was a huge deal to create a huge fuss about things.

This guy just bumped into Sujin's life and now he was making him question everything he'd been doing with his life up to this point. The whole feeling of being unfamiliar with himself made his skin crawl. Having an outside look on how he was behaving didn't settle right with him at all. This was one feeling he expected to only get from a scathing reprimand by his parents, not some random vagabond off the streets.

Instead of replying or any sort of response. Sujin brushed past the kid with a huff. He wouldn't stand there and let this guy plant deep philosophical seeds into his mind without his having anything to do about it. So with that, Sujin left. His new goal was to get home and find something else to do instead of contemplate his life's choices.


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