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1 K.M.P.F Mission Directory! on Thu May 28, 2015 10:27 am

Sousetsu Senju

Sousetsu Senju


Mission name: Career Day [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Inform a class within the academy your job duties
Location: Konohagakure no Sato
Reward: 100
Mission description: Attend a show and tell to describe life as a Konaha Military Police Officer and explain your duties.
Mission details: K.M.P.F has been asked by a sensei at the academy to partake in careers day. You have been selected as a representative for the Konaha Military Police Force.

Mission name: Drunk and Disorderly [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Arrest or Escort the two patrons home.
Location: Shushaya pub
Reward: 100 ryo
Mission description:  A call of dispute between two patrons at a local bar has the customers feeling uneasy. Settle the matter between the two patrons as a fight may erupt at any time.
Mission details: A fight has erupted between two locals who possess a feud with one another have added alcohol to the  concoction, the two eventually decide to settle this with brawn over brains.

Mission name: The Vandals [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Apprehend the vandals.
Location: Honored Shinobi Monument
Reward: 100
Mission description: Vandals have been reportedly leaving their trademark logo, and anything from paint - to damage to public property around the Shinobi monument.
Mission details: You will soon find that this is their way to protest against the Konaha Military Police Force, opposing their organisation and what they stand for.


Mission name: Evacuate The Area [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: C
Objective: Assist the construction workers in evacuating the area.
Location: Construction site
Reward: 220
Mission description: In the line of construction work, accidents do happen. Debris has fallen and trapped five construction workers within its midst. Your mission is to relieve them of the debris and into a safe distance.
Mission details: It is to be noted that there is still objects that can fall; such as steel beams and metal girders. Whether you decide on assisting the men or stopping the debris from falling first, may reflect on the outcome.

Mission name: Training Day [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: C
Objective: Train the new Officers.
Location: Konahagakure no Sato
Reward: 220
Mission description:  New Officers must undergo training within their line of work. Teach them the basics of what it is to be an Officer while on duty.
Mission details: Do your round for the day; listen to the community and solve their problems, include making arrests and how to deal with certain situations.


Mission name: A Wounded Deer Leaps Highest [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Guard the wounded Chuunin who possesses intelligence from his latest mission.
Location: Konoha Hospital
Reward: 310
Mission description: A Chuunin belonging to the Nara clan has been injured in his active duty. Obtaining evidence on a hideout not far from the skirts of Konahagakure he needs protection until he is in better health. Detain and interrogate any suspect that you may find.
Mission details: It is unlikely that he was pursued within the village and so this is just a precaution. If the pursuer has indeed tracked him back to the hospital, you must deal with the matter swiftly. Detain the man responsible for further questioning.
The pursuers stats (Chuunin):
Strength: C-1
Speed: C-3
Endurance: C-Rank
Perception: C-Rank
Reaction Time: C-1

Mission name: In Hot Water [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Apprehend the Spec. Jounin.
Location: Hot Springs
Reward: 310
Mission description: The K.M.P.F have received word that a Spec. Jounin has been selling illegal pharmaceuticals on the streets of Konaha. With the compelling evidence of statements and paraphernalia found in his living quarters, complete the arrest.
Mission details: Collect statements and inspect the suspects apartment for evidence required to make the arrest. A spec. Jounin will not come willingly. He will retaliate using his surroundings as he is a proficient water manipulator. Primarily a Ninjutsu user he adapted to the use of a katana making him a formidable kenjutsu user also.
His stats consist of:
Strength: B-2
Speed: B-2
Endurance: B-Rank
Perception: B-Rank
Reaction Time: B-1

Mission name: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Apprehend the two Chuunin.
Location: Cemetery
Reward: 310
Mission description: Word has arrived that two Chuunin have been spotted in a confrontation within the cemetery. Their weapons are withdrawn and are ready to do battle. You must detain them as they are a threat to themselves and everyone around them.
Mission details: A crowd will be covering the entrance as each passer-by had took interest in the feud. Upon the arrest you will find that their reasoning behind this was because of recent history. Their interests and ideals for their families were different and resulted in the death of a loved one they both shared. They both hail from the same family: Hyuga, but on each branch, and so they are well experienced in Taijutsu (B rank) and Ninjutsu (B rank) with one majoring in the earth element while the other possesses the fire element. They have been known to use all library jutsu associated.
Stats of each Chuunin:
Strength: C-3
Speed: C-2
Endurance: C-2
Perception: C-3
Reaction Time: C-2


Mission name: Riot! [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Restore order among the civilians.
Location: Daimyo's Palace
Reward: 500
Mission description: Displeased with the state of current affairs within the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a once peaceful protest has turned violent in a twisted turn of events. The group is lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority, property and people alike. The riot quickly adapted to vandalism and the destruction of property, public and private. It is your mission to protect any political figures around the Daimyo's Palace and silence the civilians actions.
Mission details: A political figure has been lost among the crowd who seems to be the reason for this protest. Nevertheless, it is still an Officer's job to secure the peace among the community. Aid the political figure, escorting him to safety, and aid the Police Force in suppressing the riot.

Mission name: Revolt! [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Investigate the murder before a revolt ensues.
Location: Konahagakure no Sato
Reward: 500
Mission description: A high political figure known for his sense of peace among the people has been found in his home. The crime scene has left evidence to the whereabouts of the killers location. You must address the matter with haste before the public become aware of the situation and a new peaceful figure is announced to replace them.
Mission details: At first, the crime scene will be staged as a suicide but upon further inspection, you will find it to be a murder. Find clues around the home to help assist you in your investigation, such as; notes, jutsu that may have been used, tracks.

Mission name: Form Rank! [K.M.P.F Mission/Repeatable]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Assist the Konaha Military Police Force in a practice drill for a state of evacuation.
Location: Small South Forest
Reward: 500
Mission description: A group of twenty Officers within the K.M.P.F have to undergo the necessary procedures in a state of alarm. Two hundred civilians have volunteered to assist with the training provided. Ensure each officer does not break rank and remains calm and collected.
Mission details: The Senju have volunteered to create the training grounds simulation, utilizing their wood technique to imitate buildings. Earth users have also volunteered to create debris for effect. As moments will begin to become tense, Officers will begin to panic and some will abandon their post which is vital to maintain. A few civilians may be trapped within a few structures as debris may have been misdirected.


Mission name: Transporting Intelligence [K.M.P.F Mission]
Mission rank: S
Objective: Deliver highly classified documents from the Hokage to the Suna ANBU operatives.
Location: Hi no Kuni Border
Reward: 1000
Mission description: The Hokage has entrusted these documents to the ANBU and has requested that the K.M.P.F assist them. The documents contain intelligence regarding current affairs between the two villages and ensuring a friendly alliance. Ensure they safely arrive in the hands of the Suna ANBU who have come to collect them.
Mission details: Rogue ninja still linger within the ranks of the ANBU using this opportunity to edit the documents in hopes of a strife to be the outcome. It is your job to ensure the genuine documents reach the Suna nin and apprehend any who feel otherwise. In total, there are four Leaf ANBU, two of which have gone rogue and will inevitably assassinate their brothers in arms while you will lead a small team of five K.M.P.F (including yourself)
The two ANBU are Jounin level. One of which will be from the Inuzuka Clan who will be accompanied by their pet, specializing in Seijutsu and ninjutsu with the elemental affinities of wind and earth. The other hails from the Kurama clan, who is significantly proficient in Genjutsu alone. They each know the full library of their respective jutsu.

Name: Inuzuka, Shisui
Age: 25
General Appearance: Standard ANBU attire with ruffled, brown, short hair. His mask resembles that of a dog.
Personality: Shisui is known to have a cold heart as he is the model shinobi that the world intended to create. The mission is absolute to him, disregarding his comrades or any obstructions that may hinder his missions progress.
Motivations: To report positively back to his commanding officer, ensuring that his abilities can be trusted and utilized for every operation he is involved in. he wishes to hear his name in fear by the many shinobi that wander the earth.
Fears: His only fear is failure, willing to expend his own life in any case he is assigned to.
Abilities: All clan seijutsu and library jutsu with wind and earth.
Strength: A-3
Speed: A-3
Endurance: A-1
Perception: A-Rank
Reaction Time: A-Rank

Name: Kurama, Rin
Age: 24
General Appearance: Standard ANBU attire with long, blonde, straight hair. Her mask resembles that of a cat.
Personality: A twisted sense of kindness of best used to describe her personality. She compliments those who she kills whether on their looks or abilities. She would rarely express hatred towards anyone she has known or will to know.
Motivations: To further her abilities as a genjutsu user, being the very best the land has to offer. She will not stop for anything in order for her dream to become a reality.
Fears: Her main cause of concern is those who can dispel her genjutsu, feeling as if her abilities are unrivaled. Because of this, her fear will disorient her in the field of battle as she has no other specialty.
Abilities: All clan Genjutsu and library Genjutsu.
Strength: A-Rank
Speed: A-1
Endurance: A-Rank
Perception: A-3
Reaction Time: A-3



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