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Ame opened her eyes and looked up at her ceiling, awash with the glow from the early morning sunlight. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see her mission missive, lying on her desk. She didn’t have any particular time constraint on said mission, and could decide to just turn around and go back to sleep, complete it later in the day, but knowing exactly what the mission specifications were she felt that it would simply be better to get up and take care of the problem as soon as possible. After all, this wasn’t some ‘buy an old lady groceries’ or ‘tail a random civilian’ mission. This time she had to actually interact with a group of potentially dangerous people. It wasn’t likely she’d die (unless she really screwed up) but it was still a possibility.

She got up to get ready, in and out of the shower in five minutes and geared up in two. Her katana felt heavy in its sheath across her back. She mused that for the first time since its last owner it would be tasting fading life. That was of course if she survived long enough to wield it to that point. She had faith in her abilities though and decided that whatever happened, she had to try. No point in putting off the inevitable.

The Thunder Grounds were dark as she arrived, constant cloud cover blocking out most light and swirling ominously. The hair on the back of her neck prickled at the presence of so much electricity and her passive perception was going crazy. It was making her hyper aware, akin to being trapped in some huge Raiton jutsu. She looked ahead of her, searching for a sign of the group of nin she was supposed to get rid of and spotted someone standing in the middle of the training grounds, staring straight at her. He had neglected to wear any sort of jacket, seemingly unperturbed by the rain. Ame walked forward, bringing her katana out in front of her. She arched an eyebrow and gestured to the man. “You’re one of the ‘Quad Crew’, correct?”

The man smirked, reaching for a kunai himself. “Yes, you’re the brat they sent to get rid of us?” He twirled the kunai in his fingers as if trying to intimidate her. Ame scoffed and raised her katana. “Very well. Let’s not waste anymore time then.” Ame darted forward, ready to fight the man sword to kunai. He indeed brought up the kunai to block her strike and his superior strength was shown as he managed it. Ame realised that if this fight was to be won she would have to rely on something other than her strength.

She jumped back from her opponent, gathering Raiton chakra in her right hand and leaving herself open to attack. The man rushed forward, seizing the opportunity to attack her. The kunai slash was easily dodged, thanks to her speed eclipsing his. His new position made it easier for her to utilize her jutsu and she slammed her palm into him, watching as the chakra burnt through his shirt and subsequently burnt his chest, throwing him back a meter. He gritted his teeth in pain and got up, now properly angry and ready to stop underestimating her. He began with a series of punches that she carefully dodged, missing all but one as it struck her arm. Ame grimaced as she felt the area throb. She retaliated, rushing forward with her katana raised. The Nin stared at her wide-eyed, not having good enough reflexes to dodge her next attack. Her katana pierced his skin, sinking easily into his jugular vein as blood coated her hands. He gasped as the blood ran down his neck and he collapsed, leaving Ame standing there staring.

She heard twin shouts of rage and spun, as two others came out of the bushes, murderous intent glinting in their eyes. She ducked and rolled as one swung a fist over her head and the other aimed a punch for her stomach. Her katana was not helping her move as she tried to get up and they stomped towards her hands. One kicked her side, not doing anymore than bruise the muscles, but she felt the pain regardless and hissed, ramming the blade of her katana into his ankle. He toppled over in pain, leaving his friend to fight her. This one seemed more collected and less rage driven. He glared at Ame as she got up, watching as she pressed a hand to her bruised side and aiming for that spot again. Ame moved forward to intercept the strike, lifting her katana and blocking it as she was pushed backwards just under a foot. The air seemed to sizzle for a moment and Ame threw herself backwards to avoid the lightening strike that she had luckily sensed in time.

The man rushed for her again, this time using his kunai and launching it at her. She dodged it, spinning away from it and slamming the butt of her blade into his stomach. It didn’t do much more than surprise him for a moment, allowing her to catch his ankle with her foot and get him on the ground. He fell with an audible thud and she turned, slashing at his neck and severing his jugular as she had done with his friend who was surely dead by now. The one she had earlier immobilized (or so she had thought) had gotten up, still leaning heavily on his uninjured leg. He looked enraged and leapt for her unsteadily, the roundhouse kick aimed for her head. She jerked her head backwards and the kick just missed her face as he crumpled into the mud once again. Ame sliced his throat open and all that came from him were a few gurgles before unconsciousness.

She took a deep breath, the pain from the earlier bruises aching to be dealt with, but her mission specifications stopped her short. There were supposed to be four enemies, not three. She looked out across the Thunder Grounds but didn’t see anyone as she walked forward, hand pressed to her left arm where the enemy had struck her at the beginning of the battle. She decided she’d had enough of playing hide and seek and activated her Tracking Range immediately feeling the presence of the last nin. He came out of the bushes, seemingly terrified of her.

“Please! I didn’t mean to cause any trouble! Spare me, I beg of you!” He threw himself down at her knees and Ame blinked, her eyes softening slightly. “I am sorry, but I have orders to complete.” She made it quick, not wanting there to be any more suffering than needed. He collapsed at her feet, bleeding out like his friends before him. Ame sighed and tilted her head up to meet the rain, wondering if all her missions were going to be like this from here on out.
~Exit Thread~

Words: 1178/1000

Training: 150 words used
Perception: E ~> E-1
Endurance: E~> E-1

28 words unused

Chakra: 125/150
Jutsu Used:
Name: Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration (雷遁・感激波 ~ Raiton: Kangekiha)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 10m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user generates a large amount of lightning from their hands to attack foes. This small (1m wide)wave of lightning can only travel in a straight line and can only be fired from the user's hand, but can cover that 10m gap in one second. Anyone caught in the wave of lightning will receive minor first degree electrical burns at the point of contact as well as be knocked back 1m. This jutsu can also be applied through direct contact with the users hands rather than fired.

Name:  ~ Current Perception: Tracking Range
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: n/a
Type: Supplementary
Element: Lightning
Range: 20m (D), 30m (C), 70m (B), 300m (A), 600m (S) 
Specialty: N/A
Duration: Maintainable (-10 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 1 post
Description: Developed for locating and tracking enemies over long distances, chakra is used to drastically increase the range of the user's sensory field. The main purpose of this range however is pursuit. Made to hunt down hiding or fleeing targets, if this range is activated within one post of an enemy attempting to leave the thread they will be unable to leave as long as the user can still sense their electrical signature (even through an escape jutsu like body flicker). If the target can conceal themselves from the user's sensory ability however, this jutsu has no effect. As long as this jutsu is active, targets can not flee threads without hiding their electrical signature.


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