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Nick Saturn

Nick Saturn


At a Sunday morning, Nick set up his outfit. He wore the accessories he might have needed for this adventure. The items that he needed were basic combat stuff, and the items he had gathered over the years of him being a nin. Being shinobi was difficult business for some, Nick did not see it as a difficult objective. He had a natural heritage that would financially support his lazy motivation so he would nothave to perform a lot of work. The heat of the Sunagakure desert was monotone, the landscapes and its people were boring. There was no more interest for Nickolas to remain in Sunagakure. Nick was a man to get bored, rather quickly. Well- much more quicker than the usual persona. Because of this, his actions were more sporadic- spontaneous and straight out strange. Which was seen as something positive from the man himself. He made sure to wore an attire that would support his travel through the desert unscathed. Many people would die in the desert by simply being unprepared to meet its dangers. Nick had some objectives- goals, and other means to settle in Sunagakure. They had failed, not everything worked in his way- there was nothing for him to succeed this considering the way it failed. It was out of his power, he could not do anything about it. How unfortunate, it was- the time that he had wasted was near nihil, but it was precious time. Time which Nick considers to be rare, but that time was not completely wasted. He had- at least, learned something from his adventures. Even if it was something someone could disregard- it was still important that he knew of this. Because of this, he would prepare himself much more than he used to. During his adventures in Suna he also had trained his physical being, to become stronger than he used to be. He -currently- would match the strength of someone who was not considered weak, but by no means a taijutsu martial artist. Those were way stronger, given appropriate rank obviously. But hand- to- hand combat was a fear he no longer held because of his new found strength.

"J'ai oubli, ..."

Nick said to himself- in a calm breath, leaving his apartment as he realized that he forgot to burn some archives that he had collected. Which he immediately did after realizing, it was important that no- one would break into his appartment while looking for information that would concern him on a later date- information such as his powers. Not that it was ever written down somewhere- there still could be things laying around that would give a possible enemy a tactical advantage. He burned all of those records, that could give the enemy this unspoken advantage. When he got done packing up, the guy left. He was walking towards the outer-side of his village. Which did not take him long, the travel that would take him the longest would be leaving the desert and going onto the destination where he wanted to go. Truly a troubadour at loss. Though, he had in mind that he would pay Kirigakure a visit again- the last time he visited was a bit ago, he visited a club and met the townsfolk. Somewhat an interesting experience, he recalls leaving the club in a weird fashion. On a cow, while drunk. It was pretty fun.

While crossing the desert, Nick would occasionally look behind. Making sure that nobody was trailing the path he was using. The desert wind erased his footsteps two minutes after they were placed. Following someone through the desert is a very difficult task. This reassured Nick slightly- he resented whenever he was followed by the unknown. He was cautious, and smart- being well prepared prior to entering the desert made the travel easy. It took him several hours to cross the desert in its complete form. He took a total of two breaks during this crossing- to make sure he would not wound up somewhere exhausted, alone without supplies. As he met the edges of the desert, he began seeing green flora. Beautifully, slightly- ... not really. It more so was empty, barren- lacking life and coated with sand, blowing from the desert.

Nature was no joke- mother nature was harsh. Sand blows from point to point, the directions of the wind shaping the lands around it. Nick walked through multiple forests before arriving into another desert. He remembered the path he took a while ago, to get to this village- he had to pass through a rocky area. Then an area which land shape was strange, mountains and mountains- flat lands and more. The landscape of the village he currently was traveling through was a boring one- nothing exciting or something he could look forward to. The area was rocky, easy for passage- one would think. But it is rather annoying for the ankles. Because of constant changes in pathing- because of the rocks the ankles and knees carry more weight sporadically. Typically civilians would wear themselves much more than men trained to run in these parts. Shinobi - like himself - who travel constantly know how to deal with these areas. It was not very difficult to get a pass through this village, it certainly was not the biggest village around.

"Cela ne devrait pas prendre"

He said to himself, this landscape he resented. After a full more hour, he would leave this land. He had read about it in books- but never bothered to visit. It was called Iwagakure, that's all he knew. He would enter Kumogakure after leaving Iwa. Luckily, he knew about a short passage that would let him move quickly through it. Which otherwise would take much longer. His traveling supplies was slowly being used, he decided to stay in Kirigakure as he intended. Traveling through the save- passage without being followed. He wasn't as cautious as he was at the start of his journey. The journey wouldn't take a long while- it wasn't going to take much more longer to arrive in Kirigakure. He had began wondering what activity he would do there. He set up a tent, before continuing. After staying the night it was time for him to move. At early in the morning, - 5AM to be exact. Nicholas had no issue getting up early, his mind was trained well- and prepared to stay up for long times whilst remaining concentration and upholding a high level of perception. He had slept well and was fed well. He was hydrated for tens of hours, being a nin raised up in Sunagakure he knew how to hold out long times in unknown territory because of his training in the desert.

After a long journey, he had - if uninterrupted - arrived in Kirigakure. It was early in the morning, he took a dive in a fresh lake, bathing was important. He didn't want to remain sweaty. After he was done bathing in this lake, he got out and geared up again. What he was wearing previously- he was wearing again. The man was in a gambling mood, perhaps even a fighting one. Those two feelings sometimes mildly interlace each other, - but for time being he felt mostly neutral and concentrated. He wouldn't let himself get distracted by unnatural means.

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