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Mission Details:

Mission name: National Security.
Mission rank: A-Rank.
Objective: Kill criminals in the wilderness.
Location: Hi no Kuni Wilderness.
Reward: 600 Ryo.
Mission description: The military needs to free up patrols for extra training time with their new schedules so they're asking Jounin and Special Jounin to help them out and ease the workload.
Mission Details: You'll encounter no less than six B-ranked soldiers, they have C-rank swords which can cut three inches into flesh and will be lead by a squad leader with a B-rank spear which can cut down to the bone and stab six inches into flesh.

{ Priorities }

The trees whispered a sad tune, a haunting tune. Their monotonous whooshes rang insistingly loud, washing away his doubts of the past and raising his attention towards the present, or something close to it. His weight was balanced by the strength of the hanging branch he stood on. Its thick wood was wide enough for him to evenly spread his weight across, which made it easier for him to balance along its length. The leaves above him sheltered his glare from the harsh rays of sunlight that fought their way through the random gaps in the canopies. The sky above the forest was naked of any clouds; it was nothing more than its unique shade of blue, its blank texture of nothingness complimenting the weather it stood for. Below him was a walking track paved by generations of striding travellers; their heavy steps had forced the grass to grow away from the track and more so towards the forest trees.

Binsu had thoroughly read over the details of the mission he had accepted to take alone. All the mission required of him was to eliminate any threats to the village that existed, though he wasn't completely sure as to what counted as a threat. With his modified ANBU armour worn underneath his black cloak, his two swords Daken and Hada no Ken slung firmly in their sheaths against his left side of his waist and his modified ANBU mask worn over his face he'd stalk the scenery below him with a careful eye. 'This village has grown weaker than what it used to be. There was a time when it was quite honourable to bare the symbol of this nation's political faction, but now it almost seems unfavourable. If their officials have resulted to hiring the help of outsiders to complete low profile missions such as this one, what does that say about the village's strength as a unit?' Binsu mused to himself whilst crouched on top of an elevated tree branch. Above him was the forest's canopy, as green and plain as ever and not too far below him was the plain sight of the ground, both without a single breath of intelligent life. It was a disappointing sight, but one that was to be expected.

A mass of figures brushed by the scene with an unsettling aura; a wave of mischief following closely behind them, infesting the raw innocence of the forests with their unforgiving touch. Their masculine body figures and ratchet attires were enough to intimidate even the simplest of minds, but Binsu’s intelligence lay on the other end of the knowledge spectrum. He knew too much to think like a simple person would and he had studied the behaviour of too many civilians to know that those figures below were far from innocent. The way they walked; their long and heavy strides looked far too rehearsed far too polished. Those men were the very definition of organised crime. With their blunt broadswords and their sharpened katana they marched across the soft forest earth, weaving past the numerous protrusions of bark and leaves as they made their way slowly towards the village hidden in the leaves. At plain sight they appeared as a battalion of nine; a couple of men each leading his own squad of three with their alpha marching just ahead of the frontline of the march. Their apparent leader was tall standing, broad-shouldered and with an abnormally large build. Slung across his back was an iron greatsword, flat edged and rusty as ever. The rest of his men each wielded a katana or bustard sword of some sorts, and if one had another he’d be seen lacking the other. Dark face masks were worn all around, though the leader appeared to walk without a cover over his mouth; confident in his insignificance perhaps.

Binsu eyed the band’s advance through the eyeholes of his mask, patiently tracing their movements through the woodland park as he crept from tree branch to tree branch in pursuit. He’d withdraw a small bunch of kunai, no more than four as to say, from their strapped holster and slowly thread a string of wire through the ring of one’s pommel before tying it on with a quick double knot. Still shadowing the mercenaries’ march he’d leap a few trees ahead of the figures’ path. ‘Left...right..left.’ Binsu would mentally analyse the leader’s walking pace and stride. Eight feet, six feet...two. ‘A few more steps’ the masked man thought as he watched the man walk beneath the shade of a few connecting branches. He held the bouquet of kunai firmly by their bandaged shafts in his right hand, the rigged kunai lying somewhere within the mix of metal. He’d stretch his right arm across his chest, almost reaching over his back, before quickly kicking off of the bark of the tree he once stood on and swiftly soaring towards the overhanging branches above the marching men. Before landing on the bed of moss he had sprayed the small bladed tools towards the pack alpha’s direction. A slow-marching member of his squad had spotted the swordsman’s flight prior to the kunais’ launch and had called out to his leader to respond. The man shot a quick look towards the corner of his eyes, but had moved away from the attack at even faster speeds. The kunai stabbed the soft mass of the earth with little to no audio protest.

The man came to an immediate stop seven meters away from the fallen kunai, his men all scattered around the site like a pack of hungry wolves. Their leader had been tempted, a clear sign of disrespect from the masked swordsman and an unforgivable act by their standards. They’d punish the lone offender in the most horrific of ways given the chance, but they’d need the blessing of God himself to even hope of touching a single strand of hair on the swordsman’s neck without his permission. Their hands were readied above the pommels of their weapons and their stances had been shifted. A few seconds later a chorus of sounds of metal sliding against metal filled the silent capacity of the forest; the sight of the bandits drawing their pathetic-excuses-for-swords was almost revolting, if not disturbing to the noble swordsman. Their swords were blunt, unevenly cut and some without a proper wooden hilt. The best of them were covered in various sized chips along their blades and the worst could pass as gardening tools. The masked swordsman starred in disgust, his right arm still loosely attached onto the near-invisible thread of wire he had threaded onto one of the fallen kunai. The bandits were oblivious of the rig. “You have big balls for pulling a stunt like that, scumbags like you ought to be taught a lesson or two,” their leader declared, before urging a small number of his men to charge after the hooded figure. ‘Idiots,’ Binsu thought to himself, as he watched four men break into a chase towards him, all within a 10m radius from the point at which his rigged kunai had pierced the ground. Moments before they left the radius of the rig Binsu conjured up a large wave of raiton chakra and concentrated it through the sting of wire. The raiton would instantaneous travel the entire length of the wire before escaping out of the wedged kunai and into the mass of earth within a ten meter radius from it’s location. The bandits took their last step towards the swordsman before freezing on the spot in their last poses. None received nothing short of an electric shock throughout their body and all had received minor second degree burns across the soles of their feet and up along their legs. His jutsu had worked.

The rest of the men leapt into the cover of the trees above, frightened they’d suffer the same fate as their comrades had they remained on the ground below. Their leader followed closely behind. At first it appeared as though the men had fled the battlefield, but a quick gaze around with his newly activated Byakugan would confirm their presence around the site. Most waited on top of tree branches only a few meters in front of the masked swordsman, but at least three of them had managed to position themselves behind the man. Their leader had somehow acquired a long wooden spear which surpassed his height in length. A small number of seals were burned into the texture of the hardened wood. The man corked the spear back, holding it loosely from its center of mass and pointing it towards the direction of the swordsman. Binsu had spotted a bandit hiding not too far behind him, and as it turned out he was also positioned along the trajectory of the soon-to-be projectile. The spear was launched at a notable speed and soared towards the Jounin. Binsu pushed his weight against the branch he had once stood on, only moments before the spear came within an arm’s reach, and sent his body flying towards a larger branch four meters below him. The spear continued along its flight path and only stopped once it had pierced the unguarded head of the unfortunate bandit who had once stood behind the swordsman. The bandits’ leader watched as he saw one of his men fall twenty feet onto the ground below, enraged by his own mistake, but even more furious at the fact that their stalker was still alive. “After him you assholes!” he demanded, and his men all made their way towards the swordsman’s tree. ‘One...three, five,’ Binsu counted, as he saw the bodies of the desperate men fall through the weaves of branches above him before landing a few meters away from him on the same branch. After one fell he’d break into a sprint towards the jounin with his sword held down towards his far right or left. Another would kick the bark of the branch behind him and follow after the masked man. After quickly adopting his Daken blade out of its sheath and into his right hand, Binsu would begin cutting away each sword swing that was sent towards him before dealing with the next. His reflexes surpassed those of his attackers and so did his speed, perception and strength. He was able to cut through their pathetic blades, cutting their swords smaller and smaller with each swing until there were too short to be of any use to the untrained men. His superiority in the traditional practice of Bukijutsu had proved more than a match for any of the bandits’ feeble outbreaks.

“I’m gonna kill yah!” one of the men cried out as he made a lunge towards the swordsman. Binsu knocked the man’s sword to the side with a simple sideways punt, before leaning into the man’s incoming body and stopping his journey with a jab towards the man’s chest, using the pommel of his sword. He’d quickly hold the man’s right hand, the hand occupying his useless sword, whilst simultaneously pushing away from him to meet with an incoming attack from his right. Another man had sent a pathetic horizontal sword swing against the stem of his neck. Binsu would quickly spin his sword once in his hand before pointing it down, holding it with a reverse hand grip and swinging it around in front of the attack to intercept the incoming sword. The two blades would clash, sending sparks flying away from the collision, the bandit’s sword absorbing the most damage before it’d crack and shatter into smaller pieces. After the brief collision he’d spin his sword back into an inverse hand grip before cutting through the man’s unguarded neck. The blade would seamlessly cleave through the neck’s structure and mass, slicing through the spine as though it were butter before pushing out through the other side. A stroke of blood would trace the sword’s movements, albeit slower than the Crescent Cut swordsman’s swing. Within a blink of an eye he’d change the direction of his swing and send the tip of his blade back through the man’s mindless head to pierce the head of the other man, the one he was still latching onto with his left hand. A scream or two would echo out into the forest trees and escape out through the canopies above. The leaves would rustle and sway against the direction of the wind for a split second, before giving way to a flock of crows taking flight, away from the woodlands. Binsu would let the bodies of the dead men fall to the branches below him, before dashing towards their leader.

The man looked enraged, more so than before. He tightened his grip on his spear, before corking it back and then launching it towards the masked swordsman. Binsu would simply twist his step and dash slightly forwards to the left of the incoming spear, before dashing past it and reaching it’s thrower before he had lowered his arm from the throw. “How can you…” were the only words that escaped the man’s mouth before he took a fatal cut across his waist. Binsu slid to a stop 3 meters behind the man’s body, which he had just now cut in half. The last remaining men would watch as their leader’s body fall, in halves, towards the forest floor below them, before taking off into the distance running away from the hidden leaf village. The masked swordsman would dust his coat off and stabilize his stance, before sheathing his blade and leaping towards the hidden leaf village to report the completion of his mission.

Mission WC: 2326/2000 (20% off mission wc's from efficient perk)

Mission Complete.



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