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Need some ryo to pay the ridiculous price of those stats you worked so hard to train, want to pay off the debt you owe someone or just want some extra ryo in your frog purse? Well you've come to the right place! (Namely because it's currently the only place). This a guide that will more or less teach you, or rather enlighten you on the many ways you, YES YOU, can earn a significant amount of ryo within a reasonable time frame!

First of all i have to say that i cannot promise that you do not already know these tips/guides, but i can promise you that you will learn at least something new after reading that will positively affect your ryo income.

Also this article is not aimed at members of staff or site members with 'special privileges'. No this article is meant for the everyday shinobi, Genin or Sannin, new and old who simply want to learn or practice new ways of earning more ryo than they already are.

So without further adieu, let us begin! :D

Let's not beat around the bush, at the end of the day the amount of ryo you make and maintain all comes down to your basic understanding of numbers and the amount of work you put in. In other words: in general, the greater your maths skills and the more time and effort you dedicate to your Naruto Saga account/s, the more ryo you will be able to accumulate. That's a no-brainer. But most of you at this point might be going "Ok, i know maths, i spend a lot of time on Saga, so why am i still poor!?" The reason you are still poor is because you still insist on having more money/stuff, greater stats and becoming stronger than you already or than you already have. If you were to suddenly decide you are satisfied with what you have atm, suddenly you wouldn't be poor. From someone else's perspective you might be still poor, but you will look at yourself as not poor or rich or something in between. But if you're reading this you're probably not satisfied with your current financial issue on Saga, so how do you go about improving it?


~ Ways Of Acquiring MORE Ryo ~

Join Staff: Being a staff member on Saga is a real paying job (well except for the fact that it only pays in ryo and at certain ranks Special Moderation powers). Staff to my understanding get paid based on the amount of work they put in (makes sense so far) but on average an active, commited member of staff will earn more money simply by doing their job alone, in a month, than the average active member trying to earn money by roleplaying alone *edit*. Is it fair? Yes, very! They work hard to maintain this ship in the condition it deserves and for that i think they deserve to be rewarded as such. I do not however know their exact salary, but any salary is better than none right?

Do Missions: the highest missions can pay up to a maximum of 5000 ryo, with VERY RARE exceptions (very rare is better than no), and the lowest you can get from a mission is 70 ryo. In any of these cases it's better than getting 20 ryo and worse: no ryo. If you're gonna rp, might as well earn more money from it via missions right?

Become an ANBU Captain:
ANBU Guidelines wrote:Jounin or higher, 10 ANBU-related missions, and 3000 ryo; or Kage approval and 4500 ryo. At this rank an ANBU Captain receives all the bonuses of the lesser rank, as well as a better item granted by the position, in addition to a +30% bonus to Ryo from all mission rewards.
Need i say more? Yes this will set you back financially by 3000-4500 ryo (unless you did the 10 required ANBU missions as A ranks and only paid 3000 ryo to become ANBU, then your wallet won't change much), however if you look at the long term gain from this deal, a 30% ryo bonus for EVERY mission you do there on after is worth the initial price. At this rank all you need to do is frequently spam A rank missions and your wallet will grow in value at a quick rate. Do the maths: An A rank mission can get you a maximum ryo payout of 500-600 ryo depending on which you take, with the 30% bonus, each A rank mission would gurantee you 650-780 ryo each time! After 7 A rank missions you would have earned back the initial 3000 or 4500 ryo it cost you to gain that perk, but so long as you stay in the ANBU you will have that perk forever! (Kinda). Some will disagree with this tip, however to me it sounds like a better deal than buying a single A or S ranked item you might later choose to replace/sell for 50% less ryo (or an SS ranked item you will rarely ever play with), since becoming an ANBU Captain not only gives you that A rank weapon you would have wasted your money on, that A rank armour you can't ever apply for anywhere else and a permanent perk you will most likely never get any other way. Oh, and if that isn't enough, you get an exclusive pack of complimentary jutsu, free of charge and training, and you get the right to invade anyone who tries to start s***t in your home turf without needing to roll a biased die.

Participate in Site Events: A large number of the richest people on Saga obtained a great amount of their wealth by participating in site events such as the Easter egg hunt or all other events before it. And although most of them did not suddenly become rich because of these events, they certainly can agree that it did help. Look at a person who has never participated in a site event and then compare him to some one who has participated in every site event. Specifically look at their locker value and accumulated ryo amount before and after the events. To help you out a little: someone who has chosen to skip an event will most likely either not earn that much ryo during the event or none at all, whereas the person who has participated in an event is guaranteed to get something in return on top of the ryo they were already making. This is a no brainer, but many people forget that sometimes events offer big rewards for minimal effort, if you play your cards right and if you actually participate in them.

I'm a prime example of this: i got a FREE S rank Combat Pet, Armor and Weapon in one event on one of my accounts (Shibirin) and although many of you will protest that "it's because back in your time..." that doesn't change the fact that i still got 3 S rank things for doing virtually nothing other than clicking a button and writing a few odd thousand words. A more recent example i can use is the Hidden Waterfall village Site-wide event, where just by RPing SPECIFICALLY in the location of that event i was able to not only earn the same amount of ryo i would have elsewhere, but also managed to acquire a total of 20 odd event points, which i then cashed in for a notable amount of ryo, most of which i haven't even touched till this day. It's not rocket science, Site events are meant to give active members a boost over non-active members, because their aim is to boost the site's activity. Rather than complaining about being poorer than the person who attended the event you didn't, attend the next event, and the one after that.

Be Very Active: Fortune favours the active on Saga. You get rewarded in ryo for actually Role Playing (sounds crazy right?!!). Each post in a Role Play forum gets you 20 ryo automatically. Being active doesn't mean camping in the chatbox 24/7, and it doesn't mean just logging on. Staying active means you are role playing either by yourself or with others. It means you are active in the IC world almost as much as you are in the OOC part of Saga, and no matter what Mathematical equation you use, there will always be a direct correlation between your activity and your worth. Look at the richest people on Saga and look at how many posts they have made on the site, how long they have been on the site and how much time they dedicate to the site. The rule of thumb here is that on Saga specifically, the richest people are those that actually do shit. :D

Ask for money: I personally don't endorse this method, but hey it has worked for many and in one odd case a single account (*cough*Toshiko*cough*) managed to get a near-total of 9.8k ryo from simply asking for it. Do i approve of it? No. Does it work? Depends on who you are, the person you're asking from and your basic people skills (*cough*anddumbluck*cough*).

Offer Special OOC services: Some people here on Saga have many talents outside the RP environment, such as an advanced understanding of image manipulation tools for example, and no rule on Saga prohibits the OOC exchange of ryo from member to member for whatever the reason (this is also the reason why begging here technically isn't illegal). Do things for people and in return ask for ryo: this is a good way of earning ryo as there is an overwhelming amount of uneducated/lazy people on this site who'd rather pay other people to do things for them instead of learning how to for themselves :D (just teasing). But seriously though, it's a good way of earning ryo, as you are in control of how much money you can demand for whatever service you offer.

Offer Special IC Services: Become a doctor (funny how even in make-belief worlds medics are still paid the most): at high ranks, medical shinobi can offer to perform transplants for those who need/want them and trust me, this is a promising way to make ryo. Robert's S ranked medic 'Akira' has made thousands of ryo by performing transplants for others. You can...ahh you can get creative with this one T_______T

Recycle (A.K.A Kishimoto-no-jutsu): Sell what you don't need and get ryo instead of dust bunnies in your locker. Have a sword you regret ever buying? Have an item you can no longer find a use for? Well don't keep it in your locker, all it's doing is wasting space and tempting your nerves. Sell the damned thing and get what you can always find a use for: RYO!!


~ Ryo Making/Saving Tips ~

Prioritize: Make earning more ryo your number one priority. Do you usually post for fun? Don't, post for the sake of earning more ryo. Do you usually do mission for the sheer thrill of testing your skills in various conditions? Do you usually do missions for plot reasons? Well don't. Do missions for the ryo payout only. Do you usually go above and beyond with mission wordcount/details so you can use the extra words for training and feel good about doing more than the required? Well don't, ryo is on your mind, not training, not being better than the next guy or sounding flash. Do that s***t when you are satisfied with the amount of ryo you have. Do the bare minimum wordcount, get your ryo and start a new topic. You need to do things that will solely benefit your ryo wallet, not things that might or could.

Diversity is Key: Don’t expect to get rich solely by doing missions, do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING than can earn you ryo. Take a mission whilst completing a dare for money, make someone a signature and put it in the delivery box of that old sword you have just sold as a special bonus IC (you can tell i suck at giving examples) but hopefully my point has been clarified: put your eggs in more than one basket, submit more lottery tickets etc. Try to find a way to make money from everything you do...or try to come close.

Act don’t think: Stop pondering your options and do what you already know works. Don’t go around asking people “Hey, pst,how do you earn more ryo faster?”. Obviously that question has an answer, but are you willing to waste the time you could be spending doing missions for GUARANTEED ryo payouts to wait for a quicker way that might or might not even exist/work? The answer to that is an obvious one, but let’s how many people get it wrong and continue sulking.

Abuse Special Discounts: This applies to any offer either sponsored by the site, the site rules or another member of the site. These can include, but are not limited to; purchases that offer more for less (i.e buying a pack of [x] number of kunai for an amount less than the cost of buying [x] kunai seperately, event prizes that offer [x]% discounts for items/pets/jutsus, other people offering an item/weapon/armor they own for a price cheaper than the stock/staff-allocated price and a whole range of other things. Instead of paying for a jutsu, try to find someone else who has it (do this without metagaming of course) and see if they can teach it to your character, because jutsu learnt from other Player Characters are free of ryo charge!

Think about what you buy: Let me be blunt. Any item, armor or weapon you purchase is worth 50% less than what it cost you to buy and enchant it, if you plan on selling it back to the site that is. Although selling old/unuseful items is encouraged in this guide, practice buying things you actually really plan on using in the first place. Do not buy 10 S ranked Katana if you can only ever use 2-3 at a time in combat. Sure you have a lot of replacements for that one odd katana that might break and sure you'll have a variety of katana to choose from, but this is an expensive way to learn the truth about materialistic obsessions. Spend your ryo wisely and only pay for what you truly need.

Make more than you spend: This is more or less a tip for maintaining the wealth that you have already accumulated, which in the big scheme of things will help you to further grow this wealth. If you earn 20K ryo and spend it all on a new pair of Nike’s brand new Kakashi line up of shinobi sandals, how much ryo do you have? Lord help me if you get that wrong. If you earn 20k ryo per month and spend 5k of that ryo a month for a pair of the Shinobi-mart’s fake version of the same sandals you will keep 15k ryo each time you buy something, which is better than keeping 0k ryo right? No matter how much ryo you acquire, make sure you spend only a fraction of that at most so that you won’t go back to square one the following day. If you have 10k ryo in your account and you want to buy an S rank sword for 4k ryo, earn an additional 4k ryo to make up for the loss, so you still have 10k ryo and a new toy.

Don’t compare yourself to others: So what if the ninja next door seems to have more money than you? Chances are it’s not the moderators who have given him the wrong ryo amount value, moderators are far more careful than that. Yes they will be other people who just seem to have a bit more ryo than you, but complaining about how “it isn’t fair” will get you nowhere. Embrace the fact that they are awesome and you’re not and move on. Life isn’t fair and the sooner you realise this the more you can focus on earning more ryo so you can become the new envy of your enemy.

Be very Stingy: This is not a guide on how to be a nice friend, or how to be a very charitable person. Do that when you are tired of making ryo. This is a guide on improving your wealth, specifically the wealth determined by how much ryo you across all your accounts and the cold hard truth is you don't get money by giving it away. If you're going to give someone ryo, do this knowing you are reversing the ryo-generating process, for whatever reason you provide.

Level up your elixir storages (Clash of Clan reference): Higher ranked people earn more money than lower ranked people. Fact. Higher ranked characters attract more RP partners and thus can participate in more threads and create more posts and thus earn more ryo. Higher ranked characters can take on higher ranked missions with higher payouts: fact. Any way you look at it, in terms of ryo farming, it’s better to do with with a higher ranked ninja than a lower ranked ninja. The irony in this truth is that on Saga you need a lot of money to rank up...soooo...i can’t really help you much here. My only advice is rank up to earn more money, and earn more money to rank up. As to which you do first, Loading...HTTP 404 - File Not Found!

Know what YOUR rich is!!: Of all the things i have said in this topic, this is certainly the most important one to understand. Before you can even try to become rich, know what rich means to you. Does it mean having more ryo than you already have now? Then simply make one post and earn 20 ryo. By that definition of rich, you should have just become rich in doing that and should no longer need this guide. But that is a difficult definition of rich, as it doesn't give an exact value of rich, but rather gives an unreachable destination. If your definition of being rich is being richer than what you are, then you'll never become rich. My personal definition of rich is "having all that you need and without debt". By that definition of rich, i am already rich. Therefore this guide is pretty much useless to me. But you are not me, nor are you the person in front of you or behind you. You are YOU, and your rich will be different to the next guy passing by. KNOW what you'll accept as being rich, and make sure it's something you can logically and realistically achieve. I'm not saying lower your standards or settle for the next best thing. I'm saying don't set yourself up for disappointment, but don't be afraid to aim high.

To sum up everything in this guide, remember that you yourself are in control of how much ryo you make, how much ryo you spend and how much ryo you hold onto. The amount of ryo you have not only reflects the amount of work you have put into this ‘game’, but at times it can represent the status you hold on the site, the mount of luck you have or even reflect your ways of persuasion (in Toshiko’s case). Do not be quick to judge other people who are richer than you: they used a method of getting that ryo that you either don’t know or haven’t tried. It’s not because the game favours them or the admins got trigger-happy when paying them for simple missions, it is because they used a legal way to obtain more ryo during their time on the site. Take this guide as a primer on what you already know about earning ryo and not as a “You’re stupid, i’m smart” type of article. If you do not agree with anything in this article, simply look at the top 5 ryo-richest Account Holders on Saga and ask any of them how they got rich.


Brett Zonke ~

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- Become ANBU Captain
- Participate in site events
- Be very Active

Under the ways of acquiring ryo section, and:

- Be very stingy
- Know what your rich is

Under the ryo making/saving tips section.

This document will forever be an unofficial WIP ~





Actually. At my level of moderator I make maybe two C rank missions worth a month. Not really that much. Being staff is less about being paid and more about wanting to see the sight run smoother.

As for IC services. Med nin at high ranks can offer transplants which is where thousands of my money came from. The other great way is to be a sensei. Instructing others increases your post count and with it increases your ryo.

Saving ryo is also possible. For instance. Learning a jutsu. Find someone else that already has it and if they teach it to you and you have the word count for it. It's free of ryo cost.


How to get rich on Saga!! [read with an open mind] Pbucket
Missions:| D: 4 | C: 2 | B: 3 | A: 1 | S: 0 | SS: 0
Medical Ninjutsu S - Ninjutsu S
Elements: Blood/ Raiton



Nicey. Ty


How to get rich on Saga!! [read with an open mind] BIgWlMn:32

Are You Confident Enough, Guest?



Thanks Rippa, for clarifying and essentially disproving the myth that being Staff alone makes you rich on Saga. I am with you on that 100%.

As for the IC services; thanks for suggesting another great way to make lots of ryo through IC means. The more ideas the merrier, as it means less thinking for those hoping to follow anything in this guide. :D

As for the learning a jutsu via a sensei tip, i never thought of that, will find a spot for it in the guidelines, if you don't mind. Credit will be given were due ~





I personally use this for myself, if you aren't all that worried about stats or weaponry/items/armor and care only for the jutsu itself you can simply do plenty of missions for the jutsu you want and get it for free without training wc or anything else.

Ex: Most rank ups requirement a few D-rank jutsu to be mastered. The ryo payout is minimal so try the free jutsu equivalent. You save the time and money it costs to train and learn the jutsu.

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