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the place wasn't the biggest. but Yunah didn't need a big place for just her. sadly it was more in the downtown area of kirigakure. just a stones throw away from the siren's den, which sometimes got so loud it kept her up at night. But, it didn't bug her all that much, on those nights she would simply go out and train until the early morning when the club activity died down a little bit and then she would head back in and get some rest. it worked out pretty good that way. plus her rent wasn't all that high. especially compared to what she would have been expecting to pay for rent in the Shikyo's Fuuton village. back home. she probably would have lived with her parents for a little bit until she found a boy friend that could afford a house and moved in with him, or something like that. But, here she made decent pay as a village shinobi, and her house wasn't all that bad aside from the noise every friday and saturday night. she liked it. she was kinda glad to have joined the kirigakure shinobis. she was their comrade now. even if she had to create a little destruction from time to time, at least it was... mostly... lawful. But, she had to focus on her bigger mission here. which was finding her sister and bringing her home. but first she had to meet dameon, the ninja whom her sister had been following. luckily, she had been assigned to his squad, which is just what she had wanted. however, she wouldn't be seeing him for their first training session so she decided she would take today to explore and get to see the village sights. and even hopefully find the prettiest view in all of kirigakure. she doubted that she would find it today, and even if she did she would want to mare sure the there wasn't anything else prettier to be found. so she would dedicate the day to searching the sights. however, she wasn't solely closed off to that. she at least wanted to have a social life while she was here. she if might hold a conversation or two with someone today and see if she could make some friends.

Yunah yawns as she rolled out of her bed unto her hands. then she pushed up on her hands and landed on her feet. it was never to earlier to express her fun side, that happened to show of how agile she was. she also liked to run most places too, but figured that it might possibible a little bit too early to do that, and it was also her own house. she really didn't need to run to get very far. the kitchen was on the other side of the house from her room with the living room in the middle. the one bathroom in the house was conenccted to her bedroom on the opposite wall from her walk-in closest. most of the house was painted in a dark blue-ish color with white carpet. it was nice. and it felt like home to yunah. Yunah quickly went into her bathroom and took a shower. then she went and put on her usual outfit, along with her headband around her neck, and kunai pouch on her left thigh. sadly her sword and breastplate were being polished today and so she didn't have them on her. it made her feel bare. but luckily she was in the safety of the walls of kirigakure. even then thought, she still had her kunai and shuriken. she might be able to hold someone off long enough until a fellow ninja arrived to her aid. finally she tied her red headband around her forehead, before she looked in the mirror and smiled. then she bolted out of the house. at least making sure to lock it on her way out. but where would she go first? she didn't care. she had so much pent up energy she felt like she could fly.

Yunah immediately made her way on top of the roofs and sprint along the top of them. the wind felt great in her hair. and as always she had the biggest smile on her and her face. occasionally when hopping between buildings, she would do a flip or something else flashy. all the while she was running she was scanning left and right for pretty sights. as she figured she probably wouldn't find any of this roof, which is why she was planning on going to the top of the administration building. because hopefully she could find something there that was of interest to her particular quest. so that is where she was heading.

It didn't take long for yunah to reach the administration only a few minutes or so of running. one she was there she simply used her super natural walking practice to get all of the way to the top, and she scanned the village from their. as she guess, she was right. the view was amazing, but sadly short lived as she heard a cough from behind her. she turned around to see a ninja from the messenger corps standing there with his hand on his hip. "enjoying the view newbie?" newbie? oh right. she was one of the few, if not the only ninja around whom wasn't trained through the academy. he must think she has no talent at all. she let out a sigh. "yup my favorite thing to do after i had a hardcore work out back in my old village, was to good and look over the highest view i could find. so i'm trying to find a good view here" the not-so casually dropped hardcore training should shut him up. "hmm. well after this mission you should check out The shore side over on the other end of the island. there is a small cliff that overlooks the entire port, and it is absolutely beautiful." he said with a smile on his face. Mission? Yunah had a mission?!? she let out a sigh, but was kind of happy at the same time. this was going to cut into he site seeing time. but the messenger corps ninja seemed to enjoy sight seeing as well, and had given her a spot to check out. this could very well turn out to be a good day. she gave the man a smile as she took the mission, and with that, he dissipated into a cloud of smoke. apparently he was in a rush to get wherever he was going. Yunah openned up the letter and read her mission "beat up some bullies huh?... I can do that" she said to no one in particular. And, with that she took off.

Yunah was running along the rooftops searching down each alley ways and each corner, sometimes even looking in houses for the people that matched the description she was given of each of the three bullies she needed to take down. after about an hour, she turned onto the main street and finally as she was running something caught her eye that caused her to come to a skidding stop on a roof. she looked down in between two buildings in an alleyway to see 3 people standing in a semi-circle doing what looked like kicking. although she couldn't see whom was being kicked. she could almost instantly tell that what she was doing wasn't right. nor did it seem like the person had the ground had gotten a fair trial if they had done something so wrong to deserve this. being in favor of the law, and seeing as how she was a shinobi of  kirigakure. Yunah would take it upon herself to intervene. then a thought occurred to yunah. these were the bullies she needed to take down for her mission. she was suppose to intervene in this anyways. she hopped down from the building, and walked up behind the group of three men. then she cleared her throat loudly, and said "excuse me. do any of you want to explain to me what is going on here? or should i rip out each one of your tongues." she said with an overconfident smile. the thought never even crossed her mind that she wouldn't be able to take on these three chumps all by herself. of course not. she was a shikyo from the fuuton village. even without her sword she was far superior to three bullies. at least that is what she thought. time would soon tell. as she finished speaking she placed her hand on her hips and the three of them turned around. she was ready for a fight. she had spent the past three years training for this exact thing, and her target was of a much much higher threat level then these fools could even hope to be. if she couldn't manage them then there was no way she couldn't even think about trying to take on her sister. she knew she had a bit of catching up to do anyways, but that was besides the point. if she couldn't beat these fools than there was no way in hell that she would even have a chance at catching up to her sister at all, but she wasn't concerned at all. there was nothing that could stop her from taking on these wannabes. from the looks of it, they weren't even shinobi. so she should have no problem with them.

the one in the middle looked bigger than the other two. in fact, the other two seemed like shimps. taking the chance of the distraction the little boy on the ground got up and hid behind a trash can further down the alleyway. "Good at least he got out of the way" Yunah thought to herself, and with him out of the way, yunah could focus on the bullies in front of her. the two on either side of the one in the middle were about her height, and looked pretty skinny. however the one in the middle was a bit heavier set, and about 5 inches taller than her. she could clearly see the anger in there face, and so she drew a kunai and jumped backwards while simultaneously tapping a box next to her and infusing chakra into it for substitution. she landed and slide backwards and as she did so she looked up to see the two smaller ones preparing jutsu. Yunah immediately channeled chakra into her kunai and did a horizontal slash. with how long it took her to prepare the jutsu slash it was perfectly timed to where, she cut through both the water and wave of lightning, both cut being nullified there and then. Then with that she created 4 clones. 3 in a row in front of her and 1 right behind her, then she traded places with the box which was now behind the three bullies as they had moved forwards in an advance. the one clone that was in the middle sprung off of the box, as the three in a row charged forwards to confront the three bullies, whom were oblivious to the fact that Yunah had traded places. she flipped her kunai around to where she had a reverse grip on it, then she walked up behind the the one in the middle and hit him with the round right in a pressure point to where he passed out immediately. at the same time the two smaller one managed to dissipate the last of the clones and turned around to see their leader lying on floor. to Yunah's surprise they both collapse to there knees. then they surrendered. however Yunah wasn't exactly pleased with their actions and kicked both of them in the face. both falling back and hitting their heads, and knocking them out as well. [color=blue"Dicks"[/color] was the only word that yunah could mutter. however again to herr surprise she felt arms wrap around her from behind. "thank you for saving me miss" she heard the little boy say "haha not a problem she responded" she then sent the little boy home, and dragged the three bullies whom were knocked out cold to the administration building. she had finally completed her mission, and collected her reward. now maybe she could go check up on that spot that the messenger ninja had told her to go check up on. she was excited, and if it turned out to be good, she would definitely need to thank him for it later, and so she set out to go see it herself.

Mission completion! 600/600
words left over: 1547
Perception Training:
79/79 E -> E-1
156/156 E-1 -> E-2
236/236 E-2 -> E-3
315/315 E-3 -> D
341/341 D -> D-1
420/420 D-1 -> D-2
Words left over: 62


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