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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

Returning at the Naka Shrine

Two Days Before...

This was the second time that the raven-haired man had the chance of visiting the Naka Shrine, and this visit was supposed to enlighten the man about the Uchiha clan secrets that were being kept carefully hidden against prying eyes. In his last visit, Tenzō did not had the chance of finding out what he came from, since the man had the opportunity of encountering another Uchiha clan member in that place, and the time spent there was mostly spent to talking about the things which the young child wished to find out and what the man was interested in when it came towards his clan. Finding out more information regarding his own clan from other members which possessed the same bloodline as him, was something which he did not encountered that often and this whole occurrence was grasped tightly by the man. With that being said, an occasions such as that had a much higher value for him than learning about some abilities which he could perhaps access in a much later future.

As such, Tenzō was forced to visit up this depraved shrine which once belonged to the Uchiha in order seek out the answers which the man was looking for in the first place. Because the clan was torn apart before the destruction of Konohagakure by Pain, the village did not take any actions to rebuild the Naka Shrine for the fallen Uchiha, and the only thing which remained intact was the room which was secretly hidden beneath that once majestic building. Inside that room, there was that well-known tablet which contained the information regarding the legendary abilities which belonged towards the Uchiha. Therefore, the raven-haired man could only be capable of reading only a portion of it, only the part which he could with his own pair of three tomoe sharingan; the next part would become available for reading once the man was capable of ascending that pair of eyes even further.

With those crimson eyes which hosted his own par of tomoes, the young ANBU member scoured the whole tablet in order to read and absorb every piece of knowledge that he could perceive in the state in which those eyes were now. “Hmm... I see, so that is the next thing which comes after the Sharingan; however, some the means to achieve it are quite inhumane.” the man spoke on a disappointing tone, since the man would actually not be capable of achieving those tasks just so that he may unlock a new sets of powers. Forcing the death of one of his own family members or friends, stood quite firmly against the state in which he was now. Especially, when you consider that his dream was to unite those who shared his own blood in order to reform the Uchiha clan, and not only that, restoring it to its rightful place was also one of the many things which the man had in mind.

Once the context from that tablet was seen, Tenzō also scoured the rest of the room to find out if there was anything hidden that the Sharingan might unveil when a normal pair of eyes was not capable of doing so. After a couple of good minutes spent searching within the whole room, the next conclusion that was drawn made the man realized that there were no more writing or further hints that could be discovered within this room, at least not at the time being. Therefore, another visit might be needed in the future in order to learn the whole capabilities and extents of his own bloodline; who knows what kind of hidden potential the man might have and what could actually be unlocked once those were within his own pair of hands. Whatever the case might be, let us hope that if that day comes, the man wouldn’t stray too much from the path which he now walks upon, and the goals which push him forward remain the same.

“I was hoping to find more than just this...” the raven-haired man uttered while gazing at the tablet once more, brushing the dust particles off it with a few sways that were performed by his own hands. The room might have not been in its best conditions, but it did not hinder the man at all with his search; that thirst for knowledge was forcing the man to push away any kind of debris that were around him, just so see if he may or may have not missed anything. A strong determination that dwelt within the man further just so that he may attempt to elucidate the state in which his own mind was now, and slowly, the man was making progress. Finding out what were the capabilities and extends of his own body were not the only things which  drove him, since the man was now asking questions such as from where his own bloodline descended from. Perhaps, these unanswered questions might unravel themselves within time.

After a couple of good minutes that were spent within this room, the young Uchiha learned everything that was accessible for him, and there was no more reason for him to remain lingering in such a place. Without wasting any more time, the man began making his way back home in order to rest and think about all of the information which was presented towards him. This was a somehow disturbing part of the Uchiha clan, and with this information  that was now known, the reason which stood behind the fights between the clan members were now understood. Actually, every clan was known to have their own fair share of dark secrets, some which were probably even more cruel than the ones which were possessed by this particular clan. Life was already known for its cruelty, and during the Great Shinobi Wars, the amount of tragedy was always amplified to a an unbearable degree of pain.

The Scourging Winds

Present Day

There was a voracious and rather hungry wind that was blowing the leaves ceaselessly at this ungodly hour of the morning, nonetheless, it was predictable considering that the blazing sun had practically scourged the earth in these passing days. Both light and grey clouds were present upon the blue and ocean-like sky, and that chilling current of air could almost instantly freeze up your spine before it shattered due to the uncontrollable quivering. A weather such as this was not common within Konohagakure, and most of the villagers had been taken by surprise, even the Uchiha which that was sleeping like a log inside that warm and comfortable bed of his. Red sheets made out of fine silk were covering up only the lower half of his body, since the man was not bothered at all by the draft which could be heard whispering throughout the room. As time passed on, a rattling noise began resonating from those windows and within a few moments they were forced widen open.

Like a scared animal of the forest, the Uchiha raised both of those curtains that were covering up that pair of ebony and dull eyes, just so that he may witness how the leaves along with those particles of dust were breaching inside his own room. Without further ado, Tenzō wrapped one of the red sheets around his waist since the man only had a pair of white underwear on, before storming against those creaking windows so that he may close them completely. The cold managed to forcefully bring up goose bumps which invaded that pale skin of his, covering the whole body from head to toes. “I have never seen such a dreadful weather, what is going on?” he muttered to himself while gazing with those eyes outside, acknowledging the terrifying and unpredictable power of nature. On a first impression, one may think that the village could be under attack due to the devastating wind that was scarring the pavement; however, it was nothing along those lines.

He had no time to ponder on this situation, since three knocks immediately echoed from the door before it was opened by a young and alluring woman. “How can you sleep with all of that ruckus that is happening outside, Tenzō?” the young lady asked on curious and naive tone. That garment of hers was rather casual due to it being consisted from a pair of pink shorts that were covering up the lower half of her body and a grey tank top; complimentary colors for that black hair and pair of eyes. “If you can’t wait until I answer, then what is the whole purpose of knocking, Shiro?” the Uchiha asked, even though he used to do the same thing a while ago. “To announce my arrival, you silly brother.” she stated on a cheerful tone before letting out a heartily chuckle which lightened up those puffy and soft cheeks of hers.

Tenzō own pair of lips curled up within a broad smile at that cheeky response that she gave him; words are just simply not enough and too few to actually describe what kind of relationship was between these two, since on their free time they were both inseparable. Ever since they were little children, they have spent time with each other and most of what the young man had learned was because of her and of course, the Orochi Lady which the man was currently serving had a play in this as well. Training wasn’t the only time when they were spending time together, since even on holidays they were either at home with the rest of the family or on a trip somewhere outside the country. It was funny that the raven-haired man was capable of growing this strong in spite of those low grades which he had at the Academy, since most of the classes were skipped due to the fact the he wished to play outside in the courtyard or playground with his own beloved sister.

“Now... now... let us head downstairs and I am going to make you something to eat, since mother is gone with father to purchase something for the house.” were the words which came out between Shiro’s luscious lips, once the young woman began pulling her brother by the sheets; however, the man’s grip was tight enough to not let it slide away from his waist. “Just wait for me downstairs, Shiro. I’ll pick up some clothes and I will be right there.” Tenzō answered with a smile on his face, using one of his arms to hold the grip on the sheet while pushing his own sister outside the room with the other. With a gentle and playful push, the young Uchiha managed to relocate his own sister on the hallway before closing up the door behind. With the room now sealed shut, that red sheet which covered up his lower half of the body was tossed upon the bade while the man made his way towards the drawer, picking up a pair of plain looking clothes.

After covering up that well-toned body of his, the Uchiha left behind his own room before making his way down the hallway, taking the stairs down which would eventually lead him towards the living room and pass that was finally the kitchen. “Are you free for today, Tenzō?” Shiro inquired once the man took his first step inside the kitchen, whilst doing so the young woman was preparing a couple of pieces of cooked beef, along with rice that was now boiling for a couple of minutes already; it was a meal for two. “Hmm... sure. I always have time for you, Shiro. Where do you need to go?” the raven-haired man answered with a few nods at the beginning before agreeing with the proposal posed by his sister, leaving a curious question behind to clench that thirst of his.

While letting the water cascade down from the boiled rice inside the sink, the young woman replied “You remember those people at the Chantry that I work for, the ones who paid well enough to cover our family debts? Well, their goals are starting to bug me and I don’t want to get myself involved with them anymore, also I need to pick up a few things that I left there.” on her melodic tone. Right after all the water was drained, Shiro went for the two large bowls that she had prepared earlier in order to fill them up, three quarters each; however, the young woman did not stop there and immediately added the cooked beef inside those two bowls, finishing up with a hot sauce that she made from different kind of spices. With the food now prepared, Shiro placed one of the bowls beneath her own brother’s nose before placing the remaining one on the other side of the table; without a doubt, she young hadn’t eaten and she was just as hungry as him.

“Yes, I will assist you there, Shiro. Right after we finish up eating, I’ll take a quick shower and I’ll be free for the rest of the day.” Tenzō replied on a cheerful tone while knowing that he was going to once more spend time with his own sister; their own private life were keeping them a bit distant, and the desire to see each other was burning deeply in both of the two siblings. It was like a flame which grew larger with each passing day, instead of slowly fading away like every other would do under normal circumstances. As of now, both of the two Uchiha siblings would begin eating as soon as the food had a chance of cooling down, it was still a bit hot due to the fact that it was just prepared a few minutes ago. Unlike her brother, Shiro was good at cooking, and the last time the man ever tried making something it ended up burning the whole food and almost the house as well, luckily their mother was there to actually prevent that from happening.

The Bond

The relationship between Tenzō and Shiro cannot be placed within simple nor fancy words, these two siblings were more than just brother a sister; an unbreakable bond kept these two together, one which could only cease to exist when one of them were about to pass away. Only death was strong enough to perform such a feat, once which required an immense amount of strength in order to severe it, since blood was not the only thing which kept them united. Even though both of them were capable of befriending a large number of people, they’ve still spent most of their time together, since they were either training, going out or just simply playing. Some may consider their relation a bit too close, since most of their vacations were also spent by just the two of them, at least when they grew older; as children, they were most likely taken out by their own parents.

Because of their lack of wealth and that poor state which haunted them till they’ve reached adulthood, they had a rough childhood that only placed milestone after milestone beneath their eyes. Therefore, both of them were forced by the circumstances to become hardworking in order to raise up an enormous amount of money that would suffice the debts left behind by their ancestors, and so called grandparents which were no longer alive. Not really that surprising, considering that shinobi did not had a long life span to begin with; their missions were always full of peril and unpredictable events which could always take them by surprise. Some of them don’t even have the chance of leaving any kind of heirs behind, and their family name usually dies with them, it sounds a bit sad if you were to take a few moments and think about it.

The Uchiha siblings had both of their parents alive and well, and the two of them were hardworking jōnin within the Village Hidden by the Leaves; they weren’t considered as one of the most stronger ones around their rank, although, they weren’t the most weak ones either. Both of them were in the same squad when it came towards missions, and they were quite capable of looking after each other. With their debts now finally paid, both of their parents are taking more time off and enjoying their life, passing on their teachings towards the newer generations at the Academy. They’ve both started working there recently, and only from time to time, the father is being sent to do border patrols around the country; after all, a hidden village was considered to be the military power of an entire nation, and the Land of Fire was one of the five largest and strongest nations.

As a young child, Tenzō dedicated most of his time wondering off in the playgrounds and only on rare occasions would the young child head over towards those damn boring classes.  He was not stupid per se, but the youngling did not care that much for his own grades, nor there was an interest that he wished to pursue, besides the one which implied him hearing stories and reading books or scrolls which contained information about the Uchiha clan. Yes, even at the age of six, the raven-haired lad was amazed by the history of his own clan and the stories which his mother told him before bedtime, were always something that was cherished by him. That mother of his would only teach him the bright parts of his own clan, telling stories which had a happy ending just so that she would make sure not to force some awful nightmares on the young lad.

The Road

Both of them had finished up with their own menial tasks, and now they were ready for departure, to leave the house behind and head towards the Chantry located in the dense forest that surrounded Konohagakure. As always, it will take time quite a while to reach the that temple which acted like a base for that bunch of people which Shiro worked with, one that was heavily guarded by the decent number of people which they had and ruined walls which surrounded the ancient building. The Chantry had an interesting set of rules and their main goal was to help people who couldn’t afford a place to live, nor something to place in their mouths; however, the leader of the group began developing other kind of beliefs along the way. It no longer was the innocent group of people which Shiro agreed to work for and help due to their beliefs, and it was a bit suspicious on how they got they got their hands on a certain amount of wealth which they used to hire up henchmen and afford to pay the young woman.

Nonetheless, the Uchiha took on his trusty dagger Incision with him and a simple and plain cloak over his own body to cover himself due to the chilly weather that was going on right now, and Shiro followed in as well with a cloak of her own; however, she did exchanged her clothes since the earlier ones were a bit inappropriate for outside. In just a couple of minutes, the group found themselves beneath the towering gates of Konohagakure, with the wind still blowing as fierce as before; tussling both of their long and jet-black hair since the hoods had no chance of remaining on that head of theirs. “You sure did pick up the most unpleasant day to be outside, Shiro. Have you waited for this particular one just so that you can torment me?” the raven-haired man asked on a tone which was not serious at all, ending up those words with a small chuckle at the end.

“Of course not, brother. I couldn’t predict such a dreadful weather, and waiting a few more days is not really something that I want. I just want this over as soon as possible, and now, the leader is most likely at the Chantry.” Shiro spoke on a displeased tone, not because of her brother way of asking, but more of the weather which was currently making this whole trip something close towards the word unbearable. Especially with those signs which were indicating that a rain might bestow upon this land; catching a cold was the last thing they could have wished for. Spending time within bed because of a dreadful cold is nothing more than hassle, considering that both of them could lose the opportunity of taking on some missions, since money was always needed.

There was no going back now, and both of the siblings continued on with their journey and scattered themselves and further inside the forest, leaving Konohagakure within a couple of seconds; as you could probably guess, they were running in a more restrict manner that would not allow themselves to get tired easily. Eventually, they would need to stop somewhere halfway to not get themselves easily worn out by the trip, since even if you ran at a much lower speed, fatigue was bound to catch up with you. “It’s been a while since I’ve been to that place to look for you, how are things going there?” the man asked on a curious tone while keeping up the pace with his own sister. This question wasn’t that unexpected considering that she didn’t talked that much about the place anymore; however, Shiro would have hopped that her brother would not pose it at all.

In that moment, the young woman frowned since she wasn’t pleased about the direction in which the Chantry began working on, with a little hesitation in those words she began answering “Well, people change and you know that. Basically, they’ve started doing a couple of mischievous things, and I want no part in it.” on a hollow tone, trying to hide the fact that she disliked the last things which happened; however, that did not go as intended, since Shiro couldn’t hide anything from her brother. Ever since they were little, they have shared a lot of their secrets between them; however, Tenzō refrained himself lately to tell her every detail that could describe what he was doing now, since he did not wished for his beloved sister to worry about him at all. Yes, he did told her and only her that he worked for the Orochi clan head; however, the man did not stated in what kind of way was he serving the woman, leaving details such as this behind and with good reason.

The small chitchat continued between them, as both of them were bringing up different subjects to discuss while making their way towards the Chantry, since the road was indeed lengthy and there was not really that much to do, but talk. With almost an hour wasted, the two Uchiha siblings found themselves standing in front of the gate which united the wall which surrounded the temple; nothing really changed in terms of looks since the last time the raven-haired man has been here. “Can you open the gates? It’s Shiro here.” the young woman shouted at one of the guards which was watching from the top of the wall, as such, the doors began to open slowly once those words of hers were finished spoken.

The Arrival

The temple which was transformed within the Chantry hadn’t changed much since the last time the raven-haired man had visited this place, since the walls that were surrounding the building itself were still ruined and missing a few bricks. However, a few things were indeed different from last time, and the first thing which you could notice was the fact that the personnel within this place had increased gradually, and there were far more weapons, armors and supplies since the last time. There was no doubt, that this place was growing rapidly and their goals seemed to have shifted a bit due to the amount of stuff that they were gathering, it was almost as if they were getting ready for a war. A few of those were standing within the courtyard were heavily bandaged and looked as if they had just returned from a battle.

Most of them nodded and greeted Shiro each time she came towards this place, since most of them had been likely trained by her, actually more than half of the people who were located here; witnessing that they were injured was a bit heartbreaking for the young woman. On the other hand, Tenzō shared no feelings for them, due to the fact that the man had not even spent more than a day or two each time that he visited here. Each and every time the young man came to this place, was to seek out his own sister, but beyond that, the Uchiha did not came to visit anyone within this temple, and with that in mind, not a single friend was made here by the young man. The raven-haired man was a friendly person, but there was no reason for him to befriend anyone within this location, also considering that fact that he was not able to spend a lot of time outside his own village. The man was always needed on duty, and only a few days could be spared for him to fulfill his own personal needs or training.

This particular location was known to him as a shelter for those who did not had a roof above their head, at least that was the reason with which was told to Shiro by the leader of this particular group. A man capable that was experienced within the art of words, and there was no way to actually tell if he was saying the truth or not; Shiro was not given any reasons to suspect that things might go differently than what the leader said, at least not until she had a chance of seeing the recent events that began unfolding. The events included things such as robberies, pillages and other illegal events that were not viewed highly beneath the eyes which belonged to Shiro, as such, this was the reason why the woman did not wished to linger within this place anymore.

The fact that Shiro was selling training for people outside the village was already a thing which made that conscious of hers feel a bit guilty, but the money to get rid of the family debts was needed desperately. However, stealing and pillaging were things which she would not succumb to, as they’ve stood against that calm and gentle personality which she developed over the passing years. Unlike her brother, Shiro was way more calmer than him, and showed a lot of more compassion when it came towards her own foes, killing them only if she was forced within a satiation which did not allowed her to resolve the matters otherwise. Even when she was given missions to complete, if those did not request specific assassinations, the young woman would let them slide away if she was not hindered in any kind of way by them.

As such, the people within the Chantry respected the young woman, and they all acted decently when she was around, and it wasn’t that surprising considering that she always treated them kindly. Giving them breaks whenever they wished, just so that they may not get tired or end up injuring themselves too much within combat training. Of course, there were always one or two rascals which did not wish to follow up the training that she was teaching, but, the woman knew how to make them behave easily. Either they were sent away to deal with their leader, or Shiro might have been force to give them a quick demonstration which actually made them realize that she was much more stronger than them. After all, she was a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village, a wise and strong one from which Tenzō learned most of the things that he is using up now.

“Alright, Tenzō. Let us head inside and talk to the leader, just... let me do all the talking for now, please.” Shiro requested from her brother on a gentle and sincere tone, displaying a face which did hint that the young woman was a bit worried about how the leader might consider her own and definitive departure from the Chantry. “Don’t worry, Shiro. Everything will turn out quite well, and I do promise you that I will keep my mouth shut.” the man replied while letting those lips slowly turn within a smile, patting his own sister on the back to reinsure her that everything was going to be alright. With the gates now opened, both of them proceeded inside the courtyard while greeting everyone which seemed familiar towards them as they made their way inside the temple. Before entering in, both of the Uchiha siblings stopped against one of the two guards which were guarding its entrance, just so that Shiro may ask where she could locate the leader at an hour such as this.

After finding out about the man’s whereabouts, both of them began descending further down the hallway which belong towards the Chantry; an almost black corridor which had the same eerie lights that flickered faintly just like the last time the young man was here. Tenzō wasn’t feeling a uneasy by this location like the first time he was here, because after a couple of visits the eerie vibe around this place began to lessen. Within a short span of time, the two siblings managed to finally arrive against a large and majestic wooden door which belonged towards the briefing room. Shiro knocked a few times against it, until a strong and manly voice answered, inviting both of them inside the large room that was filled with torches. “Welcome back, Shiro, and I believe this is your brother?” the voice once more echoed throughout the room; at first, the man was nowhere to be seen, but after he took a couple of steps, that face of his was revealed by the light which shone within the chamber.

“Yes, Nobou. This is Tenzō, my brother.” Shiro answered on a gentle tone while pointing at him with an opened hand; both of the two males exchanged a quick handshake afterwards, while looking each other in the eyes. “Well then, with what can I help you, Shiro?” Nobou asked while shifting those velvet eyes from the young man back towards the woman. “Well, Nobou. I came here to pick up most of my belongings, and to inform you that I cannot work here anymore. And, I have told you before why.” Shiro added on a serious tone which had quite a large amount of authority within. “Sure, that won’t be a problem. But, I want you both to assist us on a dining, since we’re about to have it quite soon enough. All the preparations are made, and we’re about to begin in a couple of minutes, please, I insist.” Nobou replied on a collected tone, while adding a bit of a more rough accent on the last word.

Shiro accepted his offer quickly, just so that the awkward situation would go away; however, she was going to assist at the dining due to the fact that they’ve known each other for a couple of years. Her brother did not had much of a saying in this, since the young lad agreed with the fact that she was going to do the talking. Therefore, both of them left the room after exchanging a few more words, in order to head out for Shiro’s room so that she may start packing up the things which she came for. “Feel free to rest a bit Tenzō, while I finish up packing my stuff.” Shiro spoke; however, the raven-haired man refused the proposal and assisted with the packing as well. It roughly took them a couple of minutes, around ten, in order to finish up packing everything, and once the backpack was finally finished, it was left there before both of them began making their way towards the dining room.

Dining at the Chantry

The room was large and majestic, and the amount of food which lingered on that table managed to impress both of the Uchiha siblings; indeed, even Shiro who ate with them before. A large wooden table was lingering in the middle of it, and it was large enough to support a number of at least twenty to thirty people. Wooden chairs from a side to another, place with only a distance of a few inches between them; expensive, due to the leather cousin which they came with, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Those ebony eyes scattered around the room, inspecting it with great interest and within just a couple of seconds later, both of the siblings headed for the table in order to take a sit down. Like most of the Chantry, there were no windows within this room and the only source of light was given by the modest amount of torches which flickered vividly.

There were only two entries within this room, the main one which both of the siblings came from and the one which lead towards the room that was appointed as a kitchen for this place. Despite the fact that the table was getting filled, there were a few more people located throughout the room which stood as guards, even though it wasn’t quite needed; this whole place had started giving off an uneasy and eerie vibe. Different types of drinks were located on the table, red wines and sake along with nonalcoholic drinks as well; food was also abundant, and it was more than enough to feed the whole people within the room at least twice. Almost all types of meat were present there on the table, from pork, beef, chicken and fish that went well with the salads which were just now being brought in by a couple of members from the Chantry.

With the passing years, the Chantry was going more powerful and wealthier than before, and even though Shiro was not aware about this, the location in which they were located now was not their only base of operations. This particular unnamed organization had begun expanding themselves within the other countries as well, even if their base was nothing more than a normal house or hut. The fact that they were building up connections within other places was the main reason which stood beneath their goal to expand, after all, the more people you knew, the more influential and powerful you became. With influence and reputation, other doors will which stood closed up until now were starting to open, leaving behind new opportunities for the Chantry, which they could seize and improve.

Even though this was supposed to be a normal dining, most of the people which were sitting at the table had weapons on them, not visible but hard enough to pick up by normal eyes which did not suspect anything related to it, since they were carefully hidden within their clothes and rather small in size. This thing was recently picked up by both of the Uchiha siblings, and after they’ve approached the table and sat at it; however, they did not mentioned a thing yet due to the fact they probably did not had the time to head over and drop their weapons within the room. Shiro was rather familiar with most of them due to the fact that she used to train this personal, but, Tenzō who barely knew a handful was a bit more suspicious and felt a bit uneasy around their presence. Without a doubt, the raven-haired man had already started forming a couple of scenarios within that head of his, and there was no secret that there were a few trust issues when it came towards him.

“So, what do you think about this large feast, Shiro? Haven’t we improved over the passing years?” Nobou asked on a cocky tone while picking up a large glass of wine to clench his own taste. Calling that a glass was indeed modest, since it looked more like a cup made which was probably made out of silver due to its appearance. Once that question was finished, Shiro raised up both of those eyes from the table before redirecting them towards Nobou, letting out a forced smile which she kept while speaking. “It looks impressive, Nobou. You always were determined and got what you wanted in the end.” the young woman added before grabbing a small glass in which she poured water. The road back to Konohagakure was indeed long, and drinking alcohol was probably not the most bright idea, considering that Tenzō could barely refrain himself if he were to start.

Salty Food

After a few moments spent within the room, Shiro managed to pick up the fact that more people began entering the dining place, besides the ones which sat the table, and all of them were heavily armed to the teeth. “What is going on, Nobou? Why are they armed that heavily?” Shiro asked on a furious tone, with her blood boiling up with each passing second. While asking that question, a few other members of the Chantry were coming down the hallway, more than enough to obstruct the Uchiha from leaving the room. “Well, I don’t believe that we can afford letting you go that easily, Shiro. You know our plans, and we cannot afford having someone spill out what we’re doing here.” the man spoke on a roughish tone, letting a devious smile take over his own lips.

“You will pay for this, Nobou!” Shiro shouted while those jet-black eyes of hers turned within their crimson color, with three tomoes around the pupil. Tenzō followed up immediately after her, leaving a few words behind afterwards “I think they’re too many for us, Shiro. We need to retreat for now.” on a rather displeased tone as well. Even though Nobou was not match for Shiro, their numbers were high enough to close that gap, outmatching the two siblings with their roughly number of twenty shinobi. “Don’t worry Tenzō, that is my plan as well. I won’t let them hurt you at all.” Shiro added on a whispering tone, before shifting back her piercing gaze at Nobou.

Time has changed this place, and not only time, their leader was actually the person who started the whole gathering, a man who gave purpose to a bunch of people which did not had one before. Taking advantage of their poor state, the man recruited different kind of shinobi and villagers who were trained mostly by Shiro until the man was capable of appointing a couple of subordinates which then passed on their accumulated knowledge. At first, the group started pillaging a few small villages that were located in the vicinity; however, things began to change quite rapidly, since they were now plotting the assassination of a wealthy politician, of course, wealth was just one of their goals. When Shiro found out about their plans, the young woman wished to no longer take part within the Chantry; therefore, this was the day in which she desired to abandon their operation, since she believe that her teachings were meant to allow the shinobi here to defend themselves, against thieves and missing-nins.

In the blink of a second, the fight had begun and four of Nobou’s lackeys had charged against the two siblings once the man shook his head as signal. The closest one to Shiro came with his tantō pointed against her, going for a thrusting attack with a high amount of confidence since he saw that there were no weapons on the young woman. It was a mistake, considering that she was quite good when it came to taijutsu, even though it was a field that she did not chose to exploit that much. As such, the woman immediately disarmed the man before using his own velocity to push him against the wall with by grabbing his right arm in order to force it against his back. “Tenzō, you take the ones from the hallway. But, be careful since two of them are lieutenants of Nobou, and they’re quite strong.” Shiro shouted quickly towards her brother, while she dwelt further inside the dining room in order to buy enough time for her brother to clear the way, not only that, but she also needed to cover up his back so that they may not get completely surrounded.

At her sisters words, Tenzō waltzed towards the hallway while unsheathing his own dagger, aiming with a quick jab at the nearest person which he could lay those crimsons eyes upon. Using Katon in such a narrowed and old place was not really an option, because the building might crumble upon them and sealed them shut as mice towards Nobou’s lackeys. The two Uchiha siblings fought intensely and the blades kept releasing screeching sounds once they clashed against each other; the whole dining room looked like nothing more than a battlefield. Nobou did not stay put either, and quickly unsheathed the two swords that were located around his waist, charging furiously towards Shiro while shouting “You’re not going to leave this place!” on a furious tone, as he saw his men getting taken down, one by one. Shiro intercepted the man and fought one against one, holding her ground with great effort; however, the lackeys were coming in to help and one of them managed to carve his sword within Shiro’s left leg.

“Argh! Damn you.” Shiro shouted out in a pain while sliding backwards and quickly impaling the one who stabbed her with a quick and diagonal slash, ending the man’s life with a swift cut around the neck. Tenzō quickly backed up a few paces in order to catch a glimpse of his sister, and as soon as he noticed the cut around her leg the raven-haired man was filled up with a strong and hateful desire to charge at Nobou, although the lieutenants on the hallway did not gave him a chance to do so; the love which he had for his own blood was indescribable, especially when it came towards his sister. “Are you alright, Shiro?” Tenzō shouted out with a considerable amount of anger in his tone, while taking down the second person which was obstructing their passing.

While fighting the remaining two people, Tenzō managed to take out both of them, the first one with his dagger, and the other with the use of a raiton nijutsu. However, this did not came without a cost, since the man was impaled in his shoulder by what apparently seemed to be a blade which was quite similar to a rapier. He shouted out as well in anger before yelling a couple of words “Hurry, Shiro. Let’s get out of here!” on a somber tone. Slowly, but surely, both of the Uchiha siblings were getting taken down, one hit at a time. They were both concerned by each other and, Shiro threw a gaze at him to assess the damage and in that moment the woman was caught off guard by Nobou, receiving a clean thrust against her chest. The katana pierced deeply within her lungs before the man chuckled on an eerily tone, adding “I told you that you’re going to DIE!” with a high amount of cockiness beneath them.

Nobou did not had a chance of enjoying the victory too much, since Shiro aimed a quick thrust with her tantō against the man’s kneecap, piercing it deeply as a last effort to maim the man and ease up her brother’s job. Not even a second later, Shiro coughed out loudly and a large amount of blood spewed out between her luscious lips; that was no doubt that those lungs of hers were getting filled with blood. With widen and crimson eyes, Tenzō remained frozen while seeing that his own beloved sister was gravely injured by Noboru, and in that moment, that heart of his skipped a few beats before it started drumming ceaselessly. Noboru did not stop there, and thus the man shoved the second katana as well inside the woman’s ribs, further injuring her even though it seemed that she was about to die.

That was basically the last drop, since the three tomoes that were located upon that crimson background which belonged to Tenzō had started revolving slowly, building up velocity as they have started forming the shape of a new kind of Sharingan, the Mangekyō Sharingan. And with that new form, tears began showing themselves as they began cascading down the raven-haired man’s cheeks; with contracted muscles and with that hard grip around Incision, Tenzō dashed with as fast as he could against Nobou, basically throwing himself against him with his own weight, successfully tackling him against the ground while he was occupied with the act of pulling out the tantō from his own knee. Stab after stab followed after, it did not matter where he was aiming anymore, and with that lustful gaze for blood within those crimson eyes, the Uchiha managed to end Nobou’s life with the first couple of strikes, and the rest which followed after were unnecessary.

“Tenzō, leave now! Don’t worry about me, I will always ---” were the last words which came out from Shiro, since her life passed away with another cough of blood, which forced the young woman with the inability of finishing up her own words. “Shiro... Shiro... SHIRO!” Tenzō shouted with a wimpy voice as tears kept falling down his cheeks, standing up and charging immediately at the nearest person in sight. With their leader dead, the rest of the lackeys began running off within all possible directions, each and every one of those spineless cowards were trying to save up their own lives. He did not chase after them as he ran as quickly as possible towards his beloved sister, grabbing on her lifeless corpse to hold it tightly between his own arms and against his own desperate and beating heart. It was extremely painful for him, and as an ANBU the raven-haired man was forced to use the body elimination technique in order to make sure that no one would try to seek out his sister.

Everything seemed like an everlasting nightmare from that moment on, the image of her face simply did not wish to fade away from Tenzō’s eyes; however, there was no time to weep out in situation such as this. Therefore, the man had started making his way back towards Konohagakure with tears all way in those eyes which reverted back towards their ebony color. How will he take this, is yet unknown, since this was a scar left behind that only those who are around him and time was capable of healing. Although there was no mistake, this unfortunate occurrence is going to most likely provoke a shift in the man’s life, a significant one due to the amount of pain which he was going to endure from now on. Never had the man experienced the pain of losing someone so close, and this was the first time when such a metaphorical blade was capable of piercing that heart of his, injuring it almost to the brick of death.

Tenzō was now standing on the boundary which kept hatred and rationality separated, and the direction which he may fall in was not yet know; however, one thing was for certain. The Chantry shall not go unpunished, since the raven-haired man will embark within a journey in which he will seek out every remaining member of this organization, and not only for the answer which stood behind their inability to let his own sister go. An inevitable act of retribution will follow after this, one in which the young Uchiha will take out as many lives possible that were connected to this organization. Perhaps, with each life taken away, that hatred might tone down a bit so that it may not have the opportunity of consuming his whole being. Becoming a vessel for hatred would have not been the most appropriate road to take, since that path usually did not ended up well for anybody, no matter how strong they might be.

And so, this wretched day marked the beginning of the next chapter...

The Wild Hunt.

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