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As a brand new chuunin in the village of Iwagakure it was time for Sekuro to take on missions of a higher difficulty and resolve, further utilising his new skills and techniques, with a greater payout but now he would finally be putting his life on the line a little bit with his missions. Having been researching the local gangs and the mob around the village, the village leaders picked him to take up a simple investigation, starting with the robbery of several weapons and munition shops during the night. Most of them localized in the bazaar, with high grade weapons and paper-bombs being stolen with no clue on what the intent or purpose is. The mission will be to stake out and find out who is doing it and apprehend them without killing them or damaging the surrounding areas, which in theory is simple enough but the challenge always lies in the determination of the other to get away or escape whatever trap might be let out. The crimes usually happened late at night and now there was no reason to suspect otherwise so Sekuro entered a late night bar and grabbed some tea to wait out the night, he wasn't expecting anything to really happen until the later hours so for now, he would clear his head and wait for it to begin.

After many hours passed, a couple cups of tea and a cigar to clear his mind and get focused, he payed the bartender and left the shop, it was time for everything to close up and all but a few places were already cleared out for the night. About 1:00 A.M. and Sekuro created four shadow clones of himself and distributed them about the Bazaar in strategic and hidden points. Hidden at the top of tall buildings, in crevases and shadows to hide from the robber but keep watch on everything going on. As he waited, keeping a close eye on everything going on with his clones as well, watching as bars and restaurants finally began to close down and the village was clearing out. Except for one boy, who appeared a few years younger than Sekuro, he sat on a bench with his head down, playing with a kunai in his hands. Sekuro's shadow clone watched him for a moment, waiting for anything to happen, at this point it was a little after 2 am and fatigue was starting to set in, it had been a while since he had stayed up this late and his nap from earlier was providing little to no comfort to that fact. When the boy finally decided to stand he jumped to a rooftop and headed to a weapons shop that was just a few hundred meters down the block, Sekuro's clone followed him from a distance and once he found his destination and began working on a hole in the roof to break in, the clone dispersed and fed the information back to Sekuro.

Once the clone dispersed and Sekuro received the information he dispersed the others, recovering his chakra and setting off for the rooftop to the weapons shop. It was a shop Sekuro knew, specialized in lots of alternative weapons and side weapons like kunai, shuriken, paper bombs, and the likes thereof. The kinds of supplies any shinobi would need to succeed and essential weapons anyone could use for any operation. As he arrived to the building the guy had nearly finished carving out a hole to the roof, he certainly moves quick, Sekuro thought to himself as he watched for a moment and thought of a strategy to tackle this problem. He thought the simplest plan would be the best plan, so he drew a kunai and positioned himself on the adjacent building behind him, with nothing but the moonlight to guide his view. He waited for the roof to be cut through, fall and make some noise to distract his approach from the rear, besides a hole in the roof was expected and he really needs to just prevent him from destroying the shop and shops around it entirely. Appraoching quickly from behind he lept as the sounds of crashing would cover up the sound of him landing and taking the kunai he held it up to the kid's throat from behind. Whispering to him as he did so, Do not move a muscle or I will be forced to act in a hostile manner towards you, and neither of us want that.

It was then that under the kid's right arm there was a stack of paper bombs sticking out of his pocket, it would be detrimental if he were allowed to use those in this area, the damage could become incalculable with the combined force of the explosives within the shop as well. He also noticed his right hand twitching, trying to inch closer and closer to them instead of his sword, was he planning to blow them both sky high so that he could escape? What a foolish idea, Sekuro quickly used his left arm to grab the kids left arm and with his right hand, kunai and all, stabbed into the tricep of the kid's right arm. Immobilizing it by hitting it in the center and forcing him to cry out in agony, he hadn't wanted to but he was forced to in order to prevent the thief from blowing up the shops. With the kunai in his arm the kid began to run, he was certainly quick but not as quick as Sekuro and just outside the bazaar, Sekuro tackled him with force and held him down, pulling the kunai out from him and wiping it on a towel he had. He grabbed the man to his feet by his injured arm and began to walk him down the street, lecturing him as he did so, That would have been foolish idea to blow us both up, and the damage you would have caused to the village would be ridiculous, you're just lucky I caught you when I did or this may have gotten a lot worse with someone else. with a sigh he continued, but I must say this, you're fairly quick, maybe you should have tried your luck as a shinobi, you might have done well. He patted him down and asked his name for the record, taking his weapons and utensils from him as they headed towards the police precinct to be held and questioned. The man replied with some disdain in his voice, My name's Mikarashi, and I did try. that was all that he would give Sekuro, certainly the ANBU would drag more out of him as they headed out now, Well, then I guess that's all there is to it. Sekuro replied as he tied the kid's hands behind his back and hauled him off for the ANBU to deal with.

Thus ending the mission, with no damage or casualties in the surrounding area, he reported to the shinobi stuck on recording duty late that night and then headed off to catch some sleep before tomorrow where he would wait to hear if his investigation was going to bring anything to fruition.

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