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1 Bandits! {C-Rank Mission} on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:47 am



Mission Objective:
Mission name: Bandits!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Protect the merchant on his travels
Location: Kaminari no Kuni
Reward: 200 ryo
Mission description: A merchant needs to travel from Kumo to the Daimyo's palace to bring the Daimyo a gift. He has asked for some protection due to the rise in bandit attacks along the road.
Mission details: The trip takes two days, due to a brief stop for sleep along the way. When you wake up it is to the sound of bandits talking nearby about how they are going to attack the merchant's camp and steal the gift. There are four bandits. The first one tries to sneak into camp as a scout. The second two will attack when they realise their friend is not coming back. The last one will only attack when you are on the road again, and will attack the merchant directly. You must prevent this. You may deal with them as you wish but if the merchant is harmed or the gift damaged the mission is failed. All the bandits have D-rank strength and D-rank Endurance. A different merchant and different set of bandits appears each time the mission is taken.

It was still early in the morning when Ruvaak exited the Sleeping Giant Inn to start his routine when he saw a merchant near the gate talking to a small crowd, with a worried expression on his face frantically looking back to his wagon making Ruvaak wonder what had the man so worried so he headed over towards the crowd to see if he could hear what was being said. Ruvaak didn't hear the entire conversation, he just caught the end of the man's words "...I'll pay 200 ryo to whoever can accompany me on my journey" Ruvaak's ears perked up at the man's word, 200 Ryo that would be extremely helpful to his preparation for his trip Ruvaak decided he would take the man's offer, "I'll help you" he called out to the man as he approached the crowd from the back. "Are you sure about this kid? do you even know how to handle yourself in a fight?" The man asked skeptical at first as if he was hoping that the one who would go with him would be older or something Ruvaak wasn't sure but Ruvaak knew he could handle it and it appeared as if there were no other volunteers, "I can handle myself sir don't you worry about that we will reach your destination without any harm coming to you, I swear on my honor as a Shinobi" Ruvaak replied to the man's questions as he reached the wagon. The man seemed to give up on the argument when Ruvaak had said Shinobi, it seems as though that word has a lot of meaning in this village and he would ensure he didn't sully the village in his assistance with this man, as the journey started out they headed down the west road headed for the Daimyo. The journey according to the man would take about 2 days to reach the Daimyo which was why he was leaving so early in the morning and when Ruvaak asked the man why he was looking for someone to accompany him and why he seemed so scared the man replied with one simple word, "Bandits" and with that they continued on their journey as the day grew late both Ruvaak and the merchant not to mention the horses being tired so the merchant decided it best to stop and rest for the night.

Ruvaak helped the man unhook the horses and setting up camp before they ate, Ruvaak took the first watch but after a few hours his eyes grew heavy and he drifted off to sleep, he awoke to the sound of muffled voices he couldn't make out much of what was said but he did hear "go look in the wagon" when he heard that Ruvaak knew it wasn't anything good, the group must be bandits he thought to himself as he tried his best to think of something to do fast. It was still dark out the sun had set long ago and had not yet risen again, the field was low light at best as the fire had died and the only light around was the moon and stars, he heard the stumbling of footsteps approaching and it was clear whoever it was couldn't see that well, Ruvaak couldn't help but smirk at his own thought, he had the advantage now, channeling his chakra towards his eyes creating the Dragon hand seal and activating his Onikeigan. He moved quickly and quietly as he got up doing his best not to make any noise or draw attention and alert the intruders, grabbing his Kunai from his holster readying it for whatever he may have to do. Ruvaak saw the man as he was approaching the wagon and was able to sneak up behind him without the man noticing as he was causing much less noise then the man was, it was pathetic how clumsy this thief was and Ruvaak had to fight back the laughter as he got closer. Once Ruvaak was at the man's back he was surprised that it didn't even seem as if the man knew he was there, without waiting to see how long it would take the man to notice him, Ruvaak wrapped his arm around the man's throat and took him to the ground in a sleeper hold, the man struggled at first but Ruvaak had managed to get a good strong grip on the man and so it was useless for him to fight back and he was unable to call out as Ruvaak was squeezing his throat. With the man knocked out Ruvaak took out some rope from the man's wagon and tying him up, surly the man wouldn't mind as he had stopped the guy from stealing, Ruvaak remained on guard as he knew there was more than one of them due to the fact that he had heard them speaking but he was unsure just how many there were.

It took about 30 minutes before he heard the footsteps of at least 2 more coming down the hill headed for the camp, Ruvaak assumed it was to investigate what was keeping their comrade, Ruvaak made sure the man wouldn't be able to call out to them by ripping some cloth from the man's pants and stuffing his mouth gagging him for if he awoke. Ruvaak saw the two newcomers before they even got close he knew he needed to take them down, but he didn't want to kill them so he knew he would have to take them out fast before they were able to fight back, because if it reached a fight he may not be able to stop himself or they wouldn't give up. Hidden behind the wagon Ruvaak grasped his talisman focusing his chakra and forming his bow, he would have to move fast as soon as he moved out from behind the wagon they would be able to see the faint glow of his chakra bow. He readied his bow creating an arrow as he drew the string of the bow ready to fire, when he stepped out he fired it almost without aim but intruth he had it aimed from the second he looked at the two men, as soon as the first arrow was loosed from the bow he pulled the string back creating another bow and firing it as quickly as the first. The two men noticed the glow of the arrows headed for them, but by that time it was too late both arrows found their mark right in the shoulder and the force of the shots was enough to knock the men off their feet with a short shout of pain, Ruvaak moved quickly towards them wanting to finish it before they were able to recover reaching the first and punching him straight in the face before heading to the second. Before he could reach the second man he had already stood up, but Ruvaak was able to quickly dispatch the man by striking him hard across the face with is bow as hard as he could the man went to the ground allowing Ruvaak to subdue him and tie the two of them up like the one before.

The rest of the night passed without any more disturbances and Ruvaak believed he dealt with all of the bandits that meant to enterfer with their journey, he awoke the man when the sun was rising and told the man what had happened and that they needed to leave imediately, when they set out the merchant drove the wagon while Ruvaak rested in the back of the wagon with the three bandits who they were going to bring them to the Daimyo for judgment. It was the sounds of muffled voices that awoke Ruvaak, the three men were saying something but with their mouths gagged he couldn't tell what they were trying to say, but he noticed they were all looking in the same direction sitting up quickly Ruvaak looked to see what they were staring at to see a man racing towards them, another bandit great Ruvaak groaned to himself as he stood and readied himself to fight the man. The Bandit drove off his horse lunging himself at the merchant Ruvaak had to think fast to stop him before he reached the merchant, Ruvaak could only think of one thing drawing his chakra into his hands he raised them to his face in a diamond shape taking a quick breath and shouting out "Ha!"  causing a burst of Chakra to shoot out from his hands and straight into the mans chest while he was in mid air, the burst sent him flying back and straight into a mountainside. The merchant quickly stopped the wagon as Ruvaak jumped out of the back taking out a kunai and heading straight for the bandit stabbing him in the arm before hitting him in the face to knock him out, after tying him up like the rest Ruvaak threw the bandit in with the rest of his friend and finished their journey reaching the Daimyo before the man paid Ruvaak for his protection and the two parting ways once the guards took away the bandits. Ruvaak soon made his way back towards Kumo he wasn't sure he was finished there just yet and besides he was planning to head in the direction of one of the other countries and Kumo was in between him and that so he might as well stay there a while longer.

~Exit Thread~

WC: 1613/1000 Mission Complete

-15 for Onikeigan
-15 for Bow
-5 for Arrows
-15 for Breath Weapon
100/150 Remaining
Name: Onikeigan - (鬼圭系 - The Demon Eye)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Genin - 25m, Chuunin - 75m, Jounin - 150m, S-Rank - 300m
Specialty: Doujutsu
Duration: Maintainable - 5 chakra per turn (G-2post, C-4post, J-7post, S-10post)
Cool-down: (can only be used once per battle)
Description: the Blood Inheritance Limit of the Unmei Clan, giving them extrasensory sight. This Doujutsu is not granted at birth and must be trained in order to achieve this ability. When activated the iris of the Unmei turn from their normal eye color to an emerald green color, the pupil turns into a slant kinda of like a cats eye, and 4 black slits are formed diagonally around the pupil. It gives one telescopic vision allowing them to see far distances as if they were standing right next to it, In addition they are able to see unhindered no matter how much or how little light is around or the direct the light is coming from, making them expert marksmen. however their vision enhancement is not just distance, they are able to see things most people would miss as they are exceptional aware of their surroundings making it harder for them to fall for visual genjutsu that is lower than the eye's rank, (as they can see the flaws that most would overlook, or the changes in the area around them that would be caused by a genjutsu. Note: only works on genjutsu that is lower than the eye's rank, then if they realize they are in a genjutsu or about to fall under one then they still have to use kai or other method to escape). even while their vision is scoped they remain aware of their surroundings their other senses are heightened and will instantly draw the Unmei's vision back to their surroundings,as a defensive mechanism of the Onikeigan to prevent the Unmei from being caught off guard while they were scoped.

Note: The Unmei must train, under the study of a master in order to awaken the Onikeigan. Under the supervision of the master the Unmei will learn to be able to utilize the eyes to be able to see farther then they would normally be able to, the young genin are pushed to their limits with test of their sight.

Onikeigan's Scale: (Must Train with Master in Valeriya)

  • Genin up to 25 Meters, (Awakening) (Approved)
  • Chuunin up to 75 Meters, Training WC 2000
  • Jounin up to 150 Meters, Training WC 3000
  • S-Rank Up to 300 Meters, Training WC 5000

Name: Hakai (破壊 - Destruction)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-A
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: dependent on weapon created
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: maintainable - 5 chakra per turn
Cool-down:  Duration +5 turns
Description: By concentrating their Chakra into the hand holding Unmei's talisman using it as a focus point the user can form a weapon purely from their chakra, this weapon is of the Unmei's choosing depending on their individual talent, although most commonly a Bow used in conjunction with the Onikeigan, however some users have been known to make a sword, axe, knife, etc. If used to create a Bow the user may also manifest arrows when they pull the string of the bow. user must pay an additional 5 chakra per turn to shoot up to 5 arrows for that turn.

Weapon rank list:

  • E-Rank: Bladed weapon, the chakra of these weapons are not as focused and do not posses a fine point only able to make 1/2-inch cuts into flesh.
  • D-Rank: Bladed weapon, the chakra is more refined allowing the blade of the weapon to cut deeper into the flesh 1-inch cuts. Bow cost an additional 5 chakra per turn, to shoot 5 arrows, compared to the bladed weapons, the Arrows travel at 10m/s and are sharp enough to penetrate the flesh up to an inch before dissipating
  • C-Rank: Bladed Weapons, the user focuses more chakra refining the edge even more allowing a 1/2 inch deeper cut compared to the D-Rank. The Arrows from a C-Rank bow travel at 20m/s and can penetrate the skin up to a 1.5-inch before dissipating.
  • B-Rank: Bladed Weapons, chakra is focused and refined to a sharp edge allowing the user to make 2.25-inch cuts. Arrows shot from Bow travel at 30m/s and can penetrate the skin up to 2.25 inches before dissipating.
  • A-Rank: Bladed Weapons, Chakra is focused and refined to the point where it can cut partially through bones in a single cut. Arrows can penetrate the skin up to 3-inches and can even penetrate the bone before dissipating.

Name: Buresu kōgeki (ブレス攻撃 - Breath Weapon)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 25m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: Ruvaak focuses chakra into his hands, raising them out if front of his face in a almost diamond shape .  Ruvaak will then take a deep breath then when he exhales he Shouts, causing a burst of chakra to charge out of his hands. The blast of chakra travels at 25m/s however is confined to the path that Ruvaak is facing when he releases it, and is no wider then the diamond shape between his hand. The Blast of Chakra is powerful enough to knock the opponent off his feet, if hit directly causing external bruising.


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Bukijutsu {Kyojutsu, Kenjutsu, Onojutsu} (S-Rank)

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