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Cleaning the Library:
Mission name: Clean the Library
Mission rank: D-Rank
Objective: Clean up the Kumogakure Library.
Location: Tower of Heaven.
Reward: 70 ryo.
Mission description: You've been assigned the task of cleaning up Kumogakure's library! Oh what fun! Your duties are to clean the shelves, books, chairs, floor etc. Anything that needs a good scrubbing or dusting is your job basically! It should take you a couple of hours and no doubt it will get messy again so don't be upset if you find it a mess again. You may have to clean again.
Mission details: Just go ahead and get to cleaning. Simple.

Name: Aoi
Age: 56
General Appearance: Aoi is in her 50's at least, she has long grey hair that is pleated down the middle. The hair grows to just about her waist line. He face is wrinkled from years of work and stress though she gives off a calm, soothing motherly glow. She wears a long white poncho and a small floral headpiece, obviously not one for fashion.
Personality: Aoi is a sweet, calm old lady. She is always smiling and is always willing to help,, though with her bad bones she finds it difficult to get to do much work like cleaning up.
Motivations: She really has no other motivation, other than wanting to be out from the house. She doesn't like to sit about and do nothing.
Fears: She fears spiders. Period.
Other: /

The day was peaceful as the small boy carefully read through the mission brief. The mission said that he had been assigned the tak of cleaning the library as he began to think about it. He was raised by the monks in the orphanage where cleaning shelves, picking up books and moving chairs back to where they were was basic in and of itself. The mission itself was recommended by the man who had helped in raising him, the monk in glasses whose name had always remained a secret as the kids would mainly just call him four eyes or cleaning commander due to him requesting them to do a lot of cleaning. Though some were stubborn the cleaning was a form of discipline to teach the children to clean up after themselves. It was under these ideals he would take on his first mission.

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The day began like any other day as he arrived at the library, he stood outside the door waiting for it to open. A lady came out from around the side and told him he was early as he just looked at her for a moment before raising his hand slowly as if frozen in a wave before saying. "Hi, I am..." as he froze with fear and anxiety at how nervous he was for his first mission before taking a deep breath. He then hit the palm of his hand against his chest as he spoke out a bit more clearly. "Hi, I am Elin Lane, the shinobi who will be helping out at the library." as he stood proud the woman was serious, but in the back of her mind she wanted to laugh so badly at the child's exaggeration.

She adjusted her glasses in a somewhat stereotypical fashion as she cleared her throat. "Your mission is simple, clean the entire library. I do not expect you to do anything much but i would like you to also clean the garden at the back of the library as well if you do not mind. One last thing that should go without saying, you must keep quiet at all times or to be more blunt just speak as softly as you can without making a noise."

He nodded as he shouted out, "Yes madam"

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As he began his first day in the library one of the more senior members a young girl with a ponytail and another guy with spiky hair greeted him. The guy was pretty upbeat and had a pretty intense personality while the girl was like most girls he met, they just seemed like they wanted to spoil him which was not a problem. He just did not like it when they did it all the time or when he wanted to be left alone.

He was guided to the first two shelves and was told to just dust and pack the books which were laying on the floor. He began his mission as he picked up a few books which had these yellow, blue, green and red tags. He was told red went on top, yellow and green went in the middle and blue went at the bottom shelf. She said he did not need to make it packed perfectly since the main librarian always came to sort that out afterwords. He took a stack of books and first piled them all up one side before sneezing a bit. He left for a bit to ask the girl for something to help with the dust. She looked at him and sighed as she took out a small scarf and told him just to put that on. He did that and covered his mouth as he went back to prepare to dust the two shelves before being told he had to go home since it was now closing time.

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