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Watch the Paint Dry:
Mission name: Watching Paint Dry
Mission rank:  D
Objective: Paint the outside walls of an old building.
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 100 ryo
Mission description:  You have been commissioned to paint over a wall covered in graffiti somewhere in Kumo. You have to make sure the paint dries properly before leaving.
Mission details: It turns out that the people who vandalized the wall in the first place aren't so happy with you covering up their work and try to scare you off. You must get them to run away and leave the place for good. No killing or you fail the mission. (It's repeatable as it is a different wall and group of kids each time).

He had been looking for a mission, any mission that would let him train at the dojo. He got so excited he ran on ahead, before finally reaching there and being told to paint the wall of one of the dojo's old weapon storage rooms. He was excited as he then shouted out at the man.

"Will this help me to train so that I can use a sword better by painting with my arms to get stronger.", the man was not surprised since some kids always made this mistake as he sighed. He shook his head and just pointed at the mission scroll, as the boy opened it his excitement went to deep disappointment as the man began to sweat a bit. He looked to the boy with a dejected resignation as he said. "You can always come train here in one of your off days, but you should get yourself a master before coming here. Bandits or other kids do not take kindly to outsiders sometimes. It is hard to tell, but it is mainly due to the Ryuzoji. They used to be nice before my time, but no more talk about that they might kill me."

He could not believe Ame belong to such a violent clan as he took the tools to paint with as he began to sigh. He finally reached the wall that challenged him as he read the writing on the wall saying.


~ Words 242 ~



The boy took a deep breathe before putting on a mask for painting. He then took the tin and tried to open it, he was getting nowhere as it was sealed shut as he put it down wiping off his sore hands. He then pulled out his kunai and stabbed the tin before opening it then lifting off the lid he put his paintbrush in. He then took it and began smacking the wall as he covered the letters easily in one two and then finally a third swipe. in order to complete this mission he would have to also use the roller and this strange tray. He lifted the tin of paint carefully then poured it into the tray, he then rolled the roller over it as he began to paint over the wall making uniform up and down movements until the wall was looking good.

He then sat peacefully as the paint was busy drying, but little did he know that three kids arrived who did not like what this child had done to their work of art.

~Words 242 + 180 = 422~



He had just managed to finish his work of art, as he was getting sleepier the children appeared from within the bushes and then pinned him down. He was a shame to shinobi everywhere being captured by a bunch of normal kids. As the one stood before the wall about to desecrate it as the boy could only think of one thing.

"I will do anything, please just leave the wall alone." The boys thought to themselves then spoke back. "There is nothing you can do, but I hate your guts. So I will just need to have fun with you then since I am sooooo nice." as the other two laughed.

They thought everything was fine as the one boy kicked him, he screamed as they began to fall. "Ahhh!!! my ears, what the..." as they all were getting annoyed. "Beat him up until he stops" as they kicked and kneed and beat him all day the paint on the wall had dried and the wall was fine. The children left as the sheer beating and the fact that the boy kept standing up scared them off.

The children never returned as they were identified after the small boy described them. Their parents took responsibility and the children were punished enough to make them never ever return again.

~Words 422 + 219 = 641/600~


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