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The day appeared to be like any other day the Genin had experienced in his life. There were animals in surrounding areas, and they made their annoying little animal noises. The birds chirped, what leaves there were rustled, and the large abundance of water that was located around the entirety of the Village. The Mizukage had placed him, Satoshi on a new squad.

Currently, he stood on the roof of his household, looking at the entirety of the village. His home wasn't high enough for him to see the entire village, but it sure felt like that while he watched birds fly overhead. They weren't even far. When you weren't on the actual ground and you looked up to the sky, it felt as if the clouds were closer than they actual were. It was a clearer day than normal. A good omen he deemed it then. Running a hand through his thick and messy hair, he knew it was time to get going.

Although his placement on the team had been sudden, he wasn't sure as to whether it was permanent or not. In truth, he didn't even know what the Mizukage actually looked like. But he knew of her general appearance just from hearing people speak of her and from seeing her at far distances. He wondered what her facial appearance consisted of, probably pale. A lot of people in Kirigakure were pale.

Satoshi's form leapt through the city until he hit the main road and then he stopped. For once, he was planning on being on time, so the small pale skinned child walked towards the park where the rest of Team Nozomi he thought it was, should've been. They were meeting for the first time, the entire team. In the recesses of his mind he was certain that they all knew each other already and that he was just the newcomer.

Interesting. They probably all like each other. He scratched the back of his head as he entered the park and headed in the direction of what appeared to be a fairly small stream with a nice little overhanging bridge. That's as good a place as any to wait for them, I guess. So he walked over, Uzumaki crest on his back and hands shoved deep into his pockets. Now, all he had to was wait... Or look for them.

Damn this is weird.

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