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1Bar Fight (C-rank Mission)  Empty Bar Fight (C-rank Mission) on Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:40 am



Bar Fight:

Mission name: Bar fight!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Keep the peace.
Location: The Bazaar
Reward: 200
Mission description: During the night individuals get pretty rowdy with the drinks served around the market. Keep them in line.
Mission details: A few drunks will get into a fight. About three in total. It's your job to end it. However if you cause too much damage to the surrounding market or to the drunks (Put them in the hospital) You fail the mission. The drunks themselves are weak and have no academy training whats over and the booze has made them slow to react.

The Stone Slab, a moderately known bar in the bazaar. Advertised as the best cheap drinks in the bazaar with many beautiful women to serve the guests. Excellent food and a prime location near the entrance of the bazaar. But those were only an advertisement scratched on the piece of parchment that Harichimo had clenched in his hand as he compared the crest on the insignia in the corner of the paper to the rather dull looking swinging sign that displayed above the entrance. You think a classy joint would want to keep its sign in better condition to welcome in new guests. Well it's better than just being around the clinic all day like I have been the past couple of days. Harichimo looked around at the bustling crowd that filled up the bazaar as everyone rushed to get the best deals from the local merchants. He then entered the bar as a cloud of cigerette smoke and the smell of cheap food rolled out from behind the door. Harichimo had to let out a couple coughs as he thought to himself. Hopefully that will be the worst that I have to deal with today." 

As Harichimo rounded the corner of the entrance hall he looked upon the dismal sight that was the bar's interior. A couple dartboards on the way that the patrons obviously ignored or where to drunk to actually hit them with darts lining the wall around them. The billiards tables were in rough shape to from people not being able to shoot when they are drunk so far under the table. He saw a couple of waitresses sitting at the tables having a couple drinks for themselves as groups of customers kept to themselves and made gestures to the group of waitresses. He approached the waitresses extending out the piece of paper. "Would anyone be able to direct me to Kirin? I'm here for the job he posted on the mission boards." The waitresses looked up from the glasses when one with blonde hair would give him the directions. "Yeah sweetie if you would just go through the "Employee Only" door and take the second door on the right, he should still be in his office." Harichimo gave them a nod before heading to the door. When he looked back they had resumed their drink break downing shot after shot. Harichimo just shook his head and made his way to the owner's office.

Harichimo knocked on the office door but no response. He knocked again and only got a disgruntled groan. He just decided to let himself in, and when he opened the door he found the owner seemingly passed out at his desk in his chair with a large empty bottle next to him. "Hello sir. I am here on behalf of Iwagakure and the Tsuchikage to take up your job offer for the night." The owner perked up and rubbed at his bloodshot eyes trying to get a better glance at Harichimo. "You certainly don't look like much, but who am I to turn down cheap help from the village hall. All I need you to do tonight is make sure no one harrasses the girls to much tonight and try to keep them from busting up the joint. I still haven't cleaned up from the last time." "Oh so this was all recently done?" The owner just raised an eyebrow and rested his head on his arm propping on the desk. "Sure let's go with that. Just make sure that if you do have to break up anything that you make sure not to break anyone. I still need them to be willing to come back and pay for their drinks. So you feel up to it kid?" Harichimo just gave the man a glare and made his way to the door. "Yeah I'll give you a hand for the night. Just make sure that piece of paper is signed by the end of the night so I can get paid." With that Harichimo left and when the door closed the owner returned to his previous state of sleeping away the drink.

When Harichimo left the "Employee Only" area he took a seat up at the bar on one of the many rickety stools with barely any padding left on them. Another waitress approached him and leaned on the bar next to him. "So you are the young gun the floozies are saying took up the security job. Hope you are up for a bit of a busy night." Harichimo looked up to the waitress who had some longer black hair and seemed around his age from her looks. "Yeah I'm here to take up the job. Can you tell me what's been going on around here?" The waitress gave him a smile. "Nothing besides the usual. Some patrons take advantage of the cheap drinks and try to schmooze some out of the other girls when they are sauced up. Not to mention they think we are here to bend over backwards and take their horseplay smacking our butts and tugging at our clothes." Harichimo gave the girl a surprised look. "If conditions are that bad then why haven't you left yet?" "Let you in on a secret. A drunk man is more loose with his wallet for tips and over paying for drink so we can manage to scrape by." Harichimo let out a small chuckle and smiled at the girl. "Well hopefully tonight I can keep the peace and you can still make your tips and wages tonight." The waitress gave him a nod and slid a tall glass in front of him. "So can I get you something to help you through your shift?" "Just a tall glass of water should be fine for me. I'm not the one paying for drinks tonight." With a last chuckle the waitress poured him some water out of the tap and let him sit in his spot to observe the rest of the room.

Hours passed by with little excursions and the clock was soon to strike eleven at night. Harichimo had made rounds around the room once in a while to see how things went. The same group of waitresses from earlier were all still together but at the bar so the other patrons could sit at the table. When he was making his last round of the hour he heard a glass break on the floor and a small scream. Harichimo snapped into the direction and there was the girl from before with her arm being held up by a drunken patron. "Now now... No need to get all rustled just come and sit on our laps to keep us company." The girl just stared at him with an angry glare and spat in his face. The man only got a little ticked and raised his other hand up and as soon as he raised it Harichimo would step in. "Hey! Let her go and get out before I have to make you." The man just chuckled at Harichimo and let the girl go as he squared up to Harichimo. The man had a sleight height and weight advantage laughing in his face but Harichimo looked him square in the eye. "So you think you can just waltz in here and disrupt the natural order of things around here don't ya? Well listen here scrawny. I work for the big shots and I deserve this time to get drunk and get served by these beautiful girls. But this one here was getting a bit spry to I have to put her in her place." Harichimo's glare intensified. "You listen here. Either you leave or I will make you learn your place in front of everyone here." 

The man grew angrier and took a few steps away only to throw a sucker punch at Harichimo. But he slowed down from his drinking and Harichimo was able to grab the man's armand tuck it behind the man's back in a hammer lock and applied pressure to bring the big man to his knees. "They don't want me to hurt you. But I can make the exception to miss one mission of pay just for you. Now you are going to apologize to these young ladies and start shapping up otherwise I can keep coming down here and we can keep doing this song and dance until I do break your arm. How does that sound." The man winced as Harichimo kept ample pressure on his elbow. "Alright alright just let my arm go! I'l leave now but so help me god I will find out who you work for and have you thrown out on your ass and kissing my boot you hear me?" "Not the answer I wanted to hear big man." Harichimo knew how much pressure he could apply before the man's arm would snap and he had a little ways to go. So he wrenched on it forcing it even harder. "Aw sht fine fine I'm sorry... I'm sorry let go christ." "That's better" Harichimo smiled as he let the man go who just curled into a ball on the floor holding his elbow.

Harichimo walked away towards the girl at the bar who he had gotten away from the man and took a seat at the bar. "You just sit here and talk with me and I will make sure you make your pay so you don't have to deal with him sound good?" The girl gave him a smile and the two stayed at the bar laughing and talking the night away as the last of the patrons left including the man Hairchimo had to put in his place. When the clock struck two Harichimo was about to leave before the girl would stop him. "Wait. You aren't going to walk out without taking your mission stub with you are ya?" The girl handed him the piece of paper and gave him a wave goodbye as he left the bar. While he was walking back to the main hall he noticed something scribbled in the corner of the paper. Hmm seems like an address. Maybe it's hers or just some meet up spot. Either way she seems nice enough. Might be worth checking into. Harichimo took another piece of paper and copied the address  and continued on his way to the main building to turn in the mission and get payed for a night of mostly easy work.


1000/1000 Mission wc

776/776 left over


Speed C2 to C3 700/700

Remaining WC 76


Futon: S-Rank | Doton: C-Rank | Katon: C-Rank
Medical Ninjutsu: S-Rank | Taijutsu: S-Rank | Ninjutsu C-Rank
Mission Counter: D:4 C:4 B:5 A:0 S:0 SS:0
Active Passives: +2 tier to Speed (Specialization)

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