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Near the Hidden Leaf Village was a small military base, in the west. He had visited it in a past mission when teaching it's new recruits a few things about a shinobi's way of combat and some of their formations. Setting up from there, Joruri carried a box of communication equipment in his arms.

Back at the military base, multiple metal components to build tents were placed along his back. It was a good thing that he had left his house wearing his sash that morning because he needed something to hold them. Any other sort of constraint for the equipment would've simply been too heavy for the shinobi, and the fact that he was already stopping off at multiple locations already to drop off the communications equipment didn't help either. He didn't want to go back and forth with the building equipment,and then go back for the long-range equipment stuff, that wouldn't have been productive.

I guess this is my fault, huh? Usually he would've shrugged, but since he was on a mission and his arms and back were full of... Stuff that he couldn't really say what as to what they were, he refrained from doing so. Sometimes he didn't shrug, although it was usually in situations like this. Situations where if he dropped something, he could be breaking something important, and he was certain that his situation was delicate enough with all of this gear!

In the distance he saw the first location that he was stopping at and he grinned. Finally, I can lighten this load! And he jumped out of the tree he had just landed in and then ran the rest of the distance. He had been lucky thus far, but he didn't want to continue testing his luck in the trees anymore, it was only moments away anyway.


Entering into the camp and barely able to stop himself, he tilted when he came to a stop in front of the first samurai hat stopped him.

"That the gear from the village?"

"You know it!" He said with an excited grin. In that instant he had only realized he was getting tired then, he didn't realize the extent to how much he had pushed himself, but he didn't waver. His breathing was only starting to get deeper now anyway.

What do I have, one stop, right? He placed the remaining box in his hands down, and wiped his brow. "You can go now." The samurai aid to him. Oh? Someone's got a bit of attitude. But he was too tired to actually register enough reasons to care.

Time to go if I'm not even wanted, then! He chuckled softly to himself as he over-exaggerated his emotions simply for the sake of doing so, and when he reached down to pick up the box he made an obnoxious look to the samurai before he was off again.

Instead of going around the camp, he ran through it. But he didn't think there was an opening on the other side. Oh well, he thought as he took a step and vaulted over the fence that they had erected and kicked off the first branch that he came in contact with to continue running.

His final location was to the South. He stopped for a moment as he looked upwards at the sun. And then looked the way he came. So if the village is that way, and it's in the East... He stopped his thought process as he realized as to where he was, and immediately turned to the right and dropped down to the road below.

Gotta go fast.


When he arrived in the camp he was breathing heavily. He had forgotten to pack water, and to have simply been running the entire day wasn't good if one wanted to survive on a clear and hot day such as this one had been... He dragged himself through the open gate of the army outpost, and could barely stop himself from dropping the box of long-range equipment at the first person's feet he saw.

He wheezed, it was quite extravagant as he laid next to the box that he had carried the entire day.

This was a productive day.

When he woke up again he was at a camp fire and the soldiers that were situated around it spoke of days in the past. The majority of them were older folks he realized when he woke up. Old samurai, huh? He chuckled quietly to himself. "So you guys fought in battles, huh?"

"Many of them against all sorts of enemies." One of them said with a wistful look in his eyes. "Us old folks have killed many shinobi in our days of defending the village." There was an odd sound of incoherent agreement throughout the campfire, and when he looked around there were plenty more people shrouded in the darkness at the edge of the fire's light.

"We're the last remaining samurai from the days of the 108th platoon." For a moment it was silent. A lot of them have sad looks on their faces. Man, this is depressing. A single ember floated through the air and downwards onto his leg and he twitched as his hand brushed the ember off of his knee.

It seemed that they had been watching him because some of them started to chuckle around the fire, and Joruri couldn't help to laugh as well.

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