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"I would like to introduce our newest employee Miss. Hiroko Shima"

"Thank you and please take care of me"

"Now then Ms. Yui-san please take her around and show her the ropes. Miss. Hiroko once you familiarize yourself you can start workin at register #3."

"Hai Hai~" Yui smiled "So Hiroko-chan why did you decide to come to work here? Don't you know the rumors?"

Yuko cutely tilted her head to the side slightly as her face displayed her confusion "I usually help out at my father's flower shop but the bills have gotten higher so I offered to work but um...what do you mean by rumors? I usually don't come to this side of Kiri so I wouldn't know"

"Oh my I hope things get better" Yui sighed and placed a concern hand on her cheek before taking a quick look around to make sure that no one was looking "It's just that usually we don't speak of it inside the store"

"Eh speak of wha-"

Suddenly a middle aged man appeared behind Yui with an eerie polite eye smile "Ms. Yui-chan you wouldn't be filling Miss. Hiroko's head with useless gossip now would you?"

"N-no Manager"

"Good now run along then. You should too Miss. Hiroko and don't listen to any of the nonsense the staff tells you. Though with a job like this I'd be a gossip too. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask"

'Why is Yui so creeped out by him?' Yuko nodded and bowed before she excused herself"Arigato sir"

"Mmm such a beautiful young woman" It came out in a low whisper that was getting farther.

'Eh were we supposed to hear that? Probably not but let's keep an eye out for him'

And the rest of the day when smoothly. The customers recognized she was new and were quite patient with her. Now it was lunch break time.

A red headed boy she met earlier hopped down at one of the empty seats at her table"Oh wow Hiroko-chan that's quite a spread you got there and it's really cute"

"It's just a simple bento Nanase-san"

"It's looks super tasty. You even got the egg rolls all fluffy and the sausages in octopuses"

'He really isn't listening' She sweatdropped "Ne Hiroko-chan you're pretty sweet. It's a wonder a girl like you is working in a place like this"

'Ah whatever we give up' "Eh what do you mean by that?"

"Hmm I'm not really supposed to tell you but I might consider it if you go on a date with me tonight. What do you say?"

Yuko was disgusted as the red head tried to pull the wool over her eyes, casually wrapping his arm around her shoulder but she kept the calm cool facade and simply peeled him off her carefully then left in a hurry from the lunchroom deciding better to have her lunch elsewhere, particularly at the roof."I'll have to take a rain check on that Nanase-san"

'Hm perhaps Nanase is the problem but it's unlikely' She fliched a bit feel chills down her spine as a hostile. A voice whispered in her ear, his hot breath was making it hard not to punch him in the face "Heh Miss.Hiroko I don't appreciate when people mess with my employees like that. There is to be no relationships within the store after all"

"I wasn't trying anything sir" It took a lot of willpower not to chuck a kunai in his throat. Gah this is why she hates not using her henge. People don't usually invade her personal space when she is.

"Mm are you sure? That's not what I saw" He grabbed her butt and grabbed it harshly getting a good feel of it. He felt her tense and chuckled softly to himself. "I need to punish you so this doesn't happen again"

He moved to cover her mouth and instead howled in pain as she kicked him to the ground and stomped on his genitals brutally no doubt needing medical assistance for him. Her voice turned cold and monotone as the aura of sweetness evaporated around her while she cracked her knuckles. "So you're the reason behind the issue Juro-san. In the name of Kiri and all those who have been harassed by you I shall deliver swift justice" Juroko screamed as he was beaten up but not maimed and solemn was delivered to the authorities.



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