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Mission name: The lost pet
Mission rank: D
Objective: Search for a lost pet and return to its owner
Location: Noteworthy Locations of Kumogakure
Reward: 100 ryo
Mission description: An owner has lost their pet somewhere in Kumogakure and would like their pet returned as soon as possible.
Mission details: the owner will give you the type of animal and an item or feature that identifies it from others. The pet can be any animal and the animal will have at least C-rank speed but e-rank in everything else. If hit directly with any jutsu the animal will die, the animal is however easy to catch and this mission has no danger to the shinobi whatsoever.

Mission name: Gardening
Mission rank: C
Objective: Grow some plants
Location: Wilderness of Kumogakure
Reward: 200+20 ryo
Mission description: You must help grow some plants which take a day to grow due to special methods. You are to watch it as well as protect it until it has completed its growth
Mission details: a plant seed is given to you to plant in a specific area, when planted it will grow over a period of time, after 500 words has been reached wild animals or crazy farmers will attack. They will have C-rank speed and strength just attacking blindly out of desperation or madness. You are to protect the plant at all cost. Be careful of invaders

Mission name: Defiler (Crime)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Destroy the plant
Location: Wilderness of Kumogakure
Reward:100 ryo + 100 ryo + 50 ryo
Mission description: Destroy the plant needed for gardening by getting through the other shinobi
Mission details: Invade a Gardening Mission thread and fight to destroy the plant. You get paid for successful entry and then paid again once you have reached 1000 words and then an extra 50 ryo if you destroy the plant. No one may interfere with the invasion unless someone is in danger of dying as this is a minor crime.



Ease up on the scaling ryo prices. All missions should have a set ryo payment.


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