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The day began like any other as he went towards the dojo to face who ever accepted his sparring request. He was really tired and had been training really hard, he was not yet equipped for serious battles, but without practice he would never be able to get stronger.
He began his day by eating some Cloudy Crunchies cereal with some warm milk and some sweet sugar. He was still a bit sleepy while eating it as his hair was in a mess. He walked around in his pajamas, before getting to the shower as he turned on the hot water and let it start to spray the entire section. He tossed his pajamas all over the place since someone would come to fetch it later when he went out. He jumped into the large square bath which had enough space for eight or more people. He had gotten this as a gift from some friends he made at the inn as he enjoyed getting himself clean as he mainly washed his hair.

He looked at his hands as they began to get wrinkly as he got out and grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around as he went to his changing room. He pressed the hand seal which released hot air to dry his hair off as it got all fluffy, then after it stopped he just shook his head a bit and the hair dropped back into its usual messy nature. He then got himself a nice orange hoodie and then put on some long pants that looked a bit baggy as he tied it tightly around his waist. He looked in the mirror and he sighed as he dropped the pants and switched to shorts. The long pants made him feel uncomfortable as usual as then looked around put on some clean white socks and some yellowish sneaker like shoes as he felt he was ready as he got his backpack and put in his gear before heading out to meet his opponent.

He finally reached the dojo as he bowed to the master before heading to a secret dojo sparring area at the back which was a fairly large open field in which to fight which usually got repaired or fixed each day by masters who knew how to fix land. He waited as he stood at the centre of the field waiting for his opponent as he then sat down with his legs crossed as he took out a small book on how to make eggs.

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There was a board in the Administration Building where the shinobi of the village could put up requests of their own. These were not often mission related, as those were assigned through the official channels, but rather they were often of a more personal nature, such as looking for help with this thing or someone to teach them that jutsu. One day, after reporting into the office upon completion of one of her assigned missions, Kameko had perused the various pinned up requests and saw one that was searching for a friendly sparring partner. The last time that she had sparred had been by the dictate of an official mission, and she had been paired with another Genin, Venrir Yamamoto, a while back, before she had left to visit Konoha. Deciding that she could use another opportunity to test her skills, she accepted the request, which gave her little more information than a name, time, and location to meet her opponent.

On the day that had been set, she went through her typical morning habits, as their meeting was not until later, around mid-morning. As always, she began with meditation, laying her naked sword across her knees in the traditional fashion of the Ryuzoji clan. A feeling of oneness with your sword was something that she had been taught to seek out since her training had begun as a young child. After a time, she had completed her morning practice and moved forward, fixing herself a simple but filling breakfast, before getting dressed for the day’s activities. As it looked to be a bright summer day, she selected a pair of charcoal grey fitted shorts and a tiffany blue tank. She added a belt around her hips to hold her weapon’s pouch, with her various small projectiles inside, and her sheathed katana. After neatly French braiding her long black hair, Kameko decided she was ready and went out to meet with this Elin Lane, who she had agreed to spar with.

Apparently it would in a special area behind the Akako Dojo. Kameko had been to the facility before and, having grown up in Kumogakure anyways, had no trouble finding it. Entering the dojo, she greeted the owner, Hitoshi Akako, “Hello, Mr. Akako.” “Oh, Miss Kameko, nice to see you again. How are you?”  Smiling, she replied, “I’m well, and yourself? How is Kin progressing?” “I’m still kicking, and Kin is improving but still has much to learn about patience." He seemed delighted that Kameko remembered them well enough to ask. Her very first mission had been at this dojo, and she had been tasked with sparring one of Mr. Akako’s students, Kin, so that Akako could judge the boy’s abilities. “I have a feeling that you’re not here just to catch up. Are you to be young Elin’s partner today?” She nodded, and he gestured towards a doorway. “If you head right back through there you’ll find a field that we maintain for practice bouts and your opponent, as well.” She thanked him and headed through the dojo and out the back door.

She looked around the grassy area and spied a figure in an orange hoodie sitting in the middle of the field. There were essentially no places to hide in the open expanse of land, so she assumed that he must be Elin. Her bright blue eyes cautiously checked the land for wires or other traps, but, seeing none, she made her way directly out to him. When she neared, she noted that, despite his small frame, he appeared to be a teenager. Once the young woman was within an acceptable speaking distance, she began, “Elin Lane?” If he looked up from whatever book he was occupying himself with, she would continue, “My name’s Kameko Ryuzoji. I accepted your sparring request on the board.” Her manner was a friendly one, and she offered the younger shinobi a smile along with her name, willing to follow his lead in how the situation played out, as he was the one who had posted the request.

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He was reading his book as he began to wonder why there were so many different ways to make an egg, it was like the ultimate ingredient since it had so many ways it could be made as he began to wonder. What if he tried making some eggs for Ame the next time he sees her. He was still reading intensely when he heard his name as he fell to the side dropping his book as he looked up to the beautiful lady who said his name.

He was a bit shocked when she said her name was Ryuzoji Kameko as he looked at her long beautiful black hair and familiarly blue eyes contrasting to his bright red eyes as he looked up to her. She got his sparring request and she seemed rather friendly as well as she smiled towards him. He looked up to her before getting his courage back as he closed his book carefully and put it one side. "Hi, I am Elin thanks for coming. You not related to Ame are you?"

They were meant to spar, but he had a bit of curiousity due to the fact that she shared clans with the closest friend to him Ameryuu. So he looked down nervously as he was blushing, he was completely smitten with Ame and while it was probably a crush for the most part he did care about her a great deal. He had become a bit attached to her, however he did show he was getting a bit ready to fight as he fidgeted a bit by loosening his wrists and stretching his legs by bending one knee so his ankle would nearly touch his hip as he reached for it with his hand. He was told not to jump into training or sparring without preparing a proper warm up.

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