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A male child was born to a male and female shinobi that resided in konohagakure no sato- the village hidden in the leaves. The husband was a samurai while the wife was a medical shinobi from the senju clan though she could not use the mokuton element. The child they bore grew up to discover his senju abilities while learning sword wielding from his father. Bad times came and both the father, mother and youngest daughter of this family were killed off leaving the male child to find his place in the world. He strived to survive with his ninjutsu and bukijutsu skills in the ninja world but little did he know what life had in store for him.

He progressed in the shinobi system, joined the academy, became a genin and was promoted to chunin level  even though he did not partake in the chunin exams. He loved his village and even killed someone while trying to protect the borders. He fought one who was far more skilled than he was and he received the acknowledgement of the nameless man and finally became his student. He began remembering memories of his parent’s death and he discovered a clue of who must have killed  them. His view of the world broadened and he felt it was time to see the world outside of the leaf. He took permission from the Hokage and travelled out of the village. He headed to Kirigakure no sato- the village hidden in the mist. He was welcomed and given a tour of the village after which he  met with the Mizukage and was allowed to stay in the village. The young man in green trained with the aim of finding his family’s killer and exacting revenge on him one day. He felt he had learnt enough from Kirigakure and he prepared for his journey to  Iwagakure no sato- the village hidden in stone perhaps he could perfect his doton abilities.

The young man witnessed a bad omen once he was leaving kirigakue but he ignored it. He left the village early and hit the road. The unfortunate happened and the green haired man was kidnapped on his way to the land of stone. He woke up in a ritual cave and he saw that he was to be used as a ritual item. The ritual which he most  likely should not survive began and all of his memories were wiped and his soul seeming to be refreshed after his whole body had undergone alterations by the ritual. He woke up several hours later in a different body of his not knowing who he was or where he was. He got out of the cave and starting walking in the direction his legs faced. He  met himself at the gates of the land of stone and with the help of a certain person from the Kazako clan, he got into iwagakure and settled in an abandoned building. In this building, he learnt things and discovered what he could do. He spent some months in the land of stone and got some solid information on who he was but he did not pursue just yet. After fighting one who claimed to be a phantom eye warrior and defeating him, he heard from him about a place called konoha and the famed senju clan that possessed the wood release ability.

The green haired man who was Draygglez Senju of the leaf having lost his memories had now  embraced a name he heard in his  dream, Zennyo Ryou meaning the rising dragon. In the abandoned building, he spent a  lot of time and developed  the skill and liking to Kagutsu no jutsu- puppetry technique. Feeling that  there was nothing more for him in iwagakure at the  moment, he hid the abandoned building with all of what he had stored in it underground with his  doton and mokuton abilities knowing he would be back sooner or  later after which he travelled out of the village unhindered. He started on his journey and stumbled upon Kumogakure no sato- the village hidden in the clouds. He entered into the village as a traveler and met a few people. He looked around and thought of the nice system of the village.  He petitioned to meet the raikage and he was granted audience. He set his request before the raikage, to be the sickle that would harvest the wheat in the farm, the eyes that would see in the dark and the silent poison that would be administered unto those that needed it. His request was granted and he was given a place in the ranks of kumogakure shinobis but immediately, he was given an assignment that would change the course of everything. The raikage presented a file to him and this file contained information on the  missing konoha ninja, Draygglez Senju. Zennyo Ryou was to go as a ninja of the cloud and investigate this missing person since he was last seen in kirigakure.

The question now is, how would a person investigate his former self that he does not know about?


Asura Senju (Cousin)

Academy Friend(s)
Tenzo Uchiha

Rippa Chi (Konoha’s sword saint cap.)
Lamya Risu (Konoha’s anbu cap.)
Gin (Kirigakure tour guide)
Ayakashi Solstice (Mizukage)
Fukai Fantomusodo
Toshiko Uzumaki

Noel (Suna’s little angel)

Tengoku  Uzumaki

Genko Binsu(Nameless man)

Harichimo Kazako (Helped Zennyo  get  into Iwagakure)
Karumo Sekuro- Phantom eye warrior (Gave Zennyo a solid piece of info)
Ruvaak Unmei (Helped Zennyo get into Kumogakure)

Sanouske Flynt (Special Role)
Etsou Uchiha
Ameryuu Ryuzoji
Elin Lane

Someone Zennyo would meet & find some information once he goes to kirigakure  to investigate

Someone from konoha that Zennyo would meet and get some information on the missing person
NB: Someone that has met with Draygglez Senju before he went missing would be ‘preferrable’ but still, anyone can apply.

More roles would be added in if required.



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