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This would be the day that Fukai left Tsuchi no Kuni for the first time. He walked with a pack of about twenty people towards the border of the country. He had been told what to expect, various customs and traditions that will be requiring his respect. But no one could say for sure what dangers awaited them on the path. They had a few experienced shinobi with them today, some elders were serving as officials and administrators and some were just here to watch the Exams that he would be compeeting in. He had noticed a familiar face in the group, that of Raishi Kanetsu, the man he had met on that strange afternoon...

Just recently, he had recieved more attention from the state then the rest of his life combined. When his name had been announced as the sole entrant into this year's exams, he had become an instant small time celebrity. Receiving all the comforts of a noble born, he had been subjected to the endless pampering of his newly acquired entourague. This did nothing but aggrivate the humble young man. He felt like some ceremonial sacrifice that everyone was dressing up for a large monster to come down and sweep up for a delicious snack.

The large male shuddered as he continued east towards the border. His caretaker was always by his side in the middle of the pack, asking every few minutes if he was feeling well. He made comments like: "You want to make sure to be at your best!" "We will show the world the strength of Iwagakure in no time!" The comments made him grate his teeth. There was no doubt that as soon as he did badly in the exam, they would turn on him and disown him. He wondered what their reproach would be like. It had to be better than this. If he did manage to live up to their expectations, how would he be treated then? Would he then be able to retreat back into the shadows? Being one that had kept to himself for many years, he found this attention quite unnerving.

What if he were to do well and exceed their expectations? Would the spotlight be forever trained on his position? Fukai was starting to feel slightly sick at his anxious pondering. From the front of the pack he heard a call. "We are now passing over the border." Fukai's vassal leaned in and whispered to him "This is the last you'll see of stone country for a while. Isn't this exciting?" This wasn't a sports event where you cheered on your home team and partied when they won. His performance had serious real consequences, such as how much work would be sent Iwas way in the future.

He was representing his village as the sole competitor and more importantly to Fukai, he was representing the Fantomusodo clan. It was a clan that had remained away from the world for a long time and this may be the first time that the wider world would see them. The purple eyes of the netherworld and the potential within them. This is one thing he definitely regretting about entering, the fact that his clan would be revealed as he was put under a microscope. It was a very unnatural thing for a ninja to to be out for all to see, for all his power to be put on display. A shinobi's secrets protected him and he was about to walk onto a stage naked.

In any circumstance, it would probably be in everyones best interests for him to put on a good showing.

600/600 travel complete


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Raishi Kanetsu

Raishi Kanetsu




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