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Inserting a key into the door and turning the knob, Nanashi entered his own personal domain. Closing the door with a nudge of his foot, he transversed across the quaint house, heading towards his bedroom. The house, a far cry from the apartment he used to live in during his genin and chuunin years, was bought after returning from the conflict in Kirigakure no Sato. Due to the efforts of his team, he had saved up enough money to afford a moderate size home. With only two bedrooms and two baths, a living room and dining room, some might consider it small. And that Nanashi could have bought something bigger, and while that might be true, the silver-haired male didn’t want something that would attract unwanted attention. He wasn’t a naive civilian who could afford to spend an innumerable amount of money on a place of resident, not having to worry about drawing attention to themselves due to the village’s shinobi presence. He simply could not do that . . . at least not in the normal manner.

Unbeknownst to everyone except a handful of people sworn to secrecy, his small home held many indiscernible trap doors and switches opening up to corridors that led to a number of different underground rooms and a few escaped routes opening up at various location around or out of Iwagakure. The most notable being the log cabin in the middle of the wilderness owned by a traveling doctor. He acquired the features more out of paranoid, something all shinobi should have, especially now considering his notoriety in and out of Tsuchi no Kuni. Although he never once had to use the escape routes, they are there, and it’s only a matter of time before they would be put to use; A shinobi like him never retires without having a few assassination attempts on his head. And Nanashi’s time was sickly overdue.

Ignoring the presence sitting on the couch, drinking, what it appears to be, a cup of tea and flicking through the tv channels with an uninterested expression across their face, Nanashi closed the door to his room, tuning out the gluttonous and lewd sounds of moaning and smacking of flesh. He could never fathom why the individual enjoyed watching gangs with more than three men on a single female, it just didn’t appeal to him. He, himself, was more into the netorare and chikan scene, but that’s a story for another time.

Removing the porcelain mask from his face, he flipped it over and gaze at it momentarily. The decoration associating him with the Dark Side was crafted after the perceived image of Guanshiyin; a deity apart of the Buddhist religion sect that’s commonly referred to as the Goddess of Mercy. He didn’t know much about the deity, never really caring much about them to begin with, although, he did find it humorous such a benevolent deity is tied to a clan who had the capability to cause the most crippling of injuries. Maybe it was the dark humor of it all that cause him to choose such a mask for his Anbu career? He chuckled at the unspoken joke, setting the mask on the dress along with placing the rest of his equipment in their correct places. Only in boxers, he walked into the bathroom, taking a glimpse at the woman getting rimmed on screen, before doing so.

A good twenty or so minutes passed before he exited the bathroom, wearing only a towel, steam flowing after him, as he walked into his room. Thinking on what he was going to wear, he raised an eyebrow at the set of clothes laid out on the bed. There laid out before him was a familiar, extravagant night blue kimono with the gold trim running along the seams and the Guanyin’s clan symbol sewn on the back with the same gold trim. Knowing he didn’t lay out any clothing before taking a shower, it meant it was the person in the living room of who did it. Looking at the Kimono, Nanashi ponder on wearing it considering he made it during the months he was rehabbing from a broken back, and never had any intention to wear the clothing article. It was just something in his closet, nothing more, nothing less. Coming to a decision, Nanashi went about putting on the kimono, and once done exited his room.

Fixing a cup of tea, Nanashi sat beside the presence on the couch, not really paying any attention to the moans coming from the television, and instead focusing on sipping his tea. A silence descended upon the two individuals, only being broken by the gluttonous and fake moans from the actors and actress on screen.

“Like the clothing I picked out?”, a feminine voice said, eyes never once leaving the screen, as they took a drink from their cup before setting it down with a small ‘clink.’

“Why did you choose theses?”, he asked, not bothering to answer her question, instead asking one of his own.

“Thought you might look nice in them. And plus it seems like you never worn them to begin with,”, Nanashi shrugged. The woman beside him was right, at least, the latter part of her statement was. He never did wear the outfit after making it all that time ago.

Grabbing the remote, Nanashi flipped the channel, the adult movie having just ended, and turned it to another one that’s more towards his liking.

“By the way. . .”, turning his attention to the white hair woman beside him, he noted the four inactive explosive tags laying on the table “Someone had hidden these on your door and configured them to your chakra signature. They would have exploded the moment you were within a meter of them. You can probably guess who had a hand in this. . .So what are you going to do about it?”

“Officially, I’m not going to do nothing. I’m simply going to go to Kumo and watch the Chuunin exams. Unofficially, well. . .” Nothing needed to be said, his mother knew exactly what her son would be doing. Even though he wasn’t at his strongest, still being considerably weak for someone who was announced Sannin, and lacked certain traits, his mind was sharper than your run of the mill shinobi.

“Make sure you handle it. By the way, can you take care of theses for me while in Kumo?”, she said, sliding over a couple of files for him to look over, along with a scroll containing his personal belongings. “I would have done it myself, but I need to remain here because of the shit you got yourself in. Can’t leave the girls undefended while that lunatic is out there. Seeing how you already heading to Kumo, you can handle this for me, right?”

“Yeah, I will take care of it.”, he said, after reading the files, this wasn’t a request, no, his mother was ordering him to handle her business within Kumogakure. He would do it, not because he was order to, but it was convenient to him. Standing up, Nanashi placed the scrolls on to his person “Lock up everything before you dispel. . .”, he said before executing a body flicker.

Off to Kumo, he goes. . .

Iwa -> Kumo[1220/600]

Remaining words: 620


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