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1 Meeting the Weapon Mistress(Private/Miho/NK) on Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:12 am



Having arrived in Kumogakure no Sato a mere day ago, Nanashi didn’t have time to explore like he would’ve liked to. The majority of it being spent looking for a place to stay, and booking it for his visit duration. Which would be till the conclusion of the Chuunin Exams. And it’s because the village was hosting the exams that made finding a place to stay difficult. The normal places he would’ve stayed at were full, booked by dignitaries, nobles, other people of importance and standing, along with those competing in the exams, all who arrived earlier than him, or had some connections in place. With none of them having any free space, he searched elsewhere and managed to find a nice hotel. Although, meeting the receptionist made him questioned the compliment. The woman having tried to overcharge the silver-haired male despite being shown his shinobi license allowing for a small discount, albeit a small one,  on rented ones. The lady simply wasn’t having any of it, and before Nanashi could walk out the door, the manager showed up. It was he, the manager, who convince Nanashi to stay, and even handled the Sannin’s booking personally before escorting him to his room. After dropping out his personal, belongs, placing them in their allotted places, and checking the room for any hidden surprises, it was already incredibly late. Taking a recommendation from a local patron, Nanashi visited a nearby, local restaurant to satisfy his hunger before returning back to his place of residence where he stayed for the remainder of that day.

Now, a new day, Nanashi found himself woke up by the sun rays filtering into his room through the closed blinds. Eyes fluttering open, looking at the nearby clock and reading it, 7:45 am, Nanashi body rose up into a sitting position. Linens covering his body falling off, revealing a bare, chiseled chest with a couple of scars scattered about, but the most prominent thing being the tribal tattoo on the left side of his rib cage. Giving his eyes time to adjust to the light, Nanashi got out of bed and went about his morning ritual. All the while thinking about what was on his schedule for the day. He didn’t feel like handling his mother’s business just yet, that can wait, not like they would be going anywhere, especially now with the exams happening soon. Exploring the shops the village had to offer was a possibility, he did need to buy some trinkets for his extended family back home, however, that could wait for a while also. . . Mulling over what else he could do, he finally decided on finding an exclusive training ground, where he can continue improving his overall abilities, and who knows, maybe he will run into someone? With his mind made up, finished getting dressed and left the apartment.

It still being early in the morning, a number of people out about was scared to say the least. The vendors were already opened for business with a few customers about. Walking through the barren streets, Nanashi started asking around for a place where a shinobi could train in privacy. He didn’t get much help from the civilians, they not knowing much about the training ground locations, yet they were still friendly. A far cry from the receptionist of yesterday. It didn't take him long to find a shinobi willing to tell him the information that he sought. The local shinobi mentioned about training ground on the edge of Kumogakure that isn’t used by many due to its distance from the village. The shinobi even gave Nanashi direction to the area, before going their way.  Thanking the man, Nanashi began his trek towards the destination.

Having walked out of the village’s gates, Nanashi began trekking through the wilderness surround the country, before coming up to a small path that lead towards a rather larger natural waterfall. Remembering what was told to him, Nanashi used surface-walking to walk across the body of water and through the raging waterfall. Exiting through the waterfall, Nanashi entered a large cave like construction, in which the ceiling could barely be seen. Vegetation was growing throughout the area, and there was a few aquamarine wildlife in the river flowing from the entrance.. Moving deeper into the cave, Nanashi came to a barren area that showed faint signs of training, a few rusty kunai being spotted around, and some training posts spread about.

Not wanting to waste any time, Nanashi removed his shirt, having only worn the upper part of the training gi for the sake of not walking around in public shirtless, and folded it up on a nearby rock where a scroll containing an additional set of clothing was rested. Moving towards a rather large training post, Nanashi began throwing a combination of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. A slow rhythm at first, it increasingly began to pick up speed, as his focus zoned in on the task at hand.


Picture of Cave:



Miho was travelling home from a long night hunt empty handed. It was the most unsuccessful night that she had experienced so far. Disappointment and exhaust was getting to her as she was going back through the events once more trying to find the moment where she slipped.  The blonde couldn’t believe that she couldn’t beat some group of ordinary guys. They were men after all, though no charm worked on them. This could only mean Miho has to improve herself, jump into hard training sessions, even though there was no spare time for a distraction like that.

As she was going at her slowest pace, she passed a beautiful waterfall stretching right into the river. Her tired eyes caught on the clear water, it seemed like she could feel the soothing touch of it already. Just a minute ago, Miho thought of the unnecessary distractions and the spare time she doesn’t have, yet here she was standing still while staring into the water. It seemed that she had forgotten all of those time rules as soon as saw the possibility to distract herself.  Miho thought it could be a good opportunity to wash her weapons. That blood cannot stay there forever.

She sat down on the river bank and pointed her finger gracefully. Two chakrams dived in the water quickly. As they did, they started spinning underneath making a nice view. Miho herself stood up throwing her weapons out of water and leaving there to dry. Now another thought crossed her mind. She got so tempted by the coolness of the water, that couldn’t resist a nice short swim.

Miho scanned the environment quickly to make sure if she was alone, not that she really minds someone watching her normally, but in this state of irritation it is better to leave her to solitude or watch so subtle that she couldn’t sense it. While scanning her golden eyes locked on the cave right behind the waterfall and her lips curved a playful smile for the first time since the disappointing event. The cave would be a nice place to get her clothes off. Considering the fact how tight the leather is and how many curves Miho’s figure had, it usually took quite a while for her to get out of the outfit.

As she started pulling the front zipper of the outfit down in slow motion, she crossed a weak flow of the waterfall to enter the cave. However, Miho suddenly stopped. With the outfit half open, she gazed to what appeared to be in front of her.

“A man? Training? He’s making quite a noise and…”. She didn’t sense anything before coming in the cave, so that struck her as a weird thing. She shook her head a little in confusion. Of course she always loved a good sight of tough man training, so she just stood there and gazed into him waiting for him to react. Miho couldn’t recognise the man though, as if he looked quite different from those who hang around Kumo. Ah, maybe it is because she doesn’t pay too much attention to the locals around. Hanging out with local people doesn’t seem like bringing any good adventures or thrill. And those are two main of all things that attract her the most.

No! She is too impatient to wait to be noticed and for a dialogue to occur.  Being shy or careful is not something she is fond of, thus Miho gracefully swung closer to the unknown man and started the conversation herself. Miho is not the kind of person to ask for a name or any other personal information, so she started in quite a flirty manner.

“Sooo..I see You have got some nice moves over there. Care to teach me some?”

Her confidence was shining through and the clue of exhaust had totally vanished from her face. That means she found something that cauth her interest here. She forgot to zip her outfit, though.

Maybe on purpose, who knows?

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Thump. Thump. Thump.

In the quietness of the cave hidden, from all but a few who knew of the location or accidently stumble over it, a chorus were singing their hearts out. With each thump, they song about progression and strengthen the body. A symphony singing the songs of a warrior, as their body, their greatest weapon, with each thump, they were sharpened and honed to a perfect edge, in order to cut down everyone standing in their way. Blood splattered and removal of small pieces of skin no longer gave them pause as they continued singing their chorus.

Nanashi didn’t know how long he had been at this. He had lost himself, concentrating only on the log before him, with striking at the wooden post with a ferocity that haven’t been seen in some time from him. Eyes trained on the piece of wood, dents and abnormal warps being  present in the places he struck, he knew it would only be a matter of time before it broke, but for now it held on strong. With each punch, kick, elbow, and knee strike, he pushed himself deeper and deeper. Bones groan in protest of the abusive treatment, having not done it in awhile, were promptly ignored with each harsh strike. The scraps and cuts marring surface of each striking area were also ignored; the sting from them only driving the man further, like gas to a flame, it fuel him.

As a worldwide recognized medic, many would be surprised that he didn’t bother in healing, or at the very least stopped the bleeding, of the wounds. Even though it’s something others might have done, Nanashi did not use his medical techniques during training, only afterwards. A majority of them have an unforeseen effect of rejuvenating the body, a good thing in most cases, but not when training because it recharges the body, not allowing the person to get a proper feel of their own limitation. Though this hold true to most physical training when chakra is involved. One doesn’t get a feel for their own physical limitations and ultimately become weaker, in his opinion, due to them relying on chakra to strengthen their strikes or lessen the impact of them. This is why Nanashi used chakra when performing into physical related during training. He likes to see where he stood without the enchantment chakra gives.

“Seems like I’m not alone. . .”, Nanashi mused, annoying the presence of the woman at the cave entrance for now and focus on striking the post. Even before entering the cave, she had appeared on the perimeter of senses. Seeing how she didn’t seem like a threat, he didn’t bother in messing with her. However, having taken a discreet peek in her direction, something more beastly stirred within him. The outfit she wore were extremely tight, showed ample amount of flesh, and were zipped half way down, showing a good portion of her assets. There was no doubt in his mind that, if he wasn’t, he could the outfit showcased every one of her curves.

Pushing those urges down for now, Nanashi focused back on striking the post, ultimately breaking it with a well-placed elbow strike. His body now covered in a thin veil of sweat, shimmered in the light. Though he isn’t vain, much, Nanashi stood pride in his body that’s characterized by its muscular, not bodybuilder like, frame and six-pack. He found it humorous when others believe him to be some taijutsu master, and not a master of medicine. Like the thought of a medical nin having an athletic body was unheard of. Shaking those thoughts away, his attention diverted to the woman walking in his direction.

Confidence. It being the first thing, asides from his earlier assumption about her clothing being correct, he noticed about her. Her walk held the grace expected from a woman, a kunoichi(maybe), along with confidence. Maybe it’s the fact she didn’t seem to care that her assets were on full display for his feasting eyes, or that her attired showed off all of her curves that were being soaked in by him, but this woman wasn’t anything like others he had the chance of meeting.

Moving towards a small body of water and stepping into till it came to his waist, Nanashi began washing away the sweat, grime and blood on his body before stepping out, allowing the water to roll off of him “Enjoyed the show?”, he asked, alluding to the fact he knew she had been watching him earlier and probably watched him then. Although he didn’t expect to train someone while in Kumogakure, the idea of what could happen between him and the woman before him after training, piqued his interest. Maybe a certain itch could be scratched if he played his cards rights.

“Besides getting to watch your amazing body in actions,”, he said, eyes roaming over her body without care, lingering on her assets that were exposed due to her zipper still being halfway down “What else do I get out of training you? And what is the name of the person I might be training?”, he said, coming off a little flirty. Unknowing to her, Nanashi already decided on training her, she caught his interest, and he just wanting to see what she might offer him. . .

Maybe just maybe. . .

((OOC:: Nanashi is generally known by most icly. So Miho could know him based on his appearance.))




Miho‘s face was getting brighter and brighter with each step she took towards the unknown man. As she came close enough to be able to see the whole figure clearly, she leaned herself against the hard rock nearby. It was cool and soothing and even though she was distracted from tiredness in her mind, her body felt heavy and a little bit weak after adventurous night. The man in front of her stopped his training session and that meant he noticed her presence officially. Miho got her eyes locked on the fastinating body of his, which triggered her imaginative mind. The drops of blood and sweat mixed together were running down his chest tracing the pattern of  just the perfect amount and shape of musles. Miho‘s golden eyes were following each of the drop and as they were hit by the light the whole body of the man reflected it in kind of fascinating glow. Each thime his body would glow, her lower lip would tremble in an invisible manner. She was totally spacing out at that moment. Miho could not remember the last time she was this close to any person at all. Pursuing a huge goal can be extemely consuming, even so that one could forget being a mere human after all, with humane thoughts, feelings and needs.

After a moment of clarity Miho was dragged back from the corners of her imagination by the man‘s low, though pleasant voice. He was asking if she had enjoyed the show and took a short, but analysing glare at her looks. A second before, the thought about Miho‘s weapons, which were left outside to dry, ran through her mind. However, after witnessing the man‘s gaze, she realised that other weapons of hers had already done the job, so there is no need to get her guard up and become totally alarmed and overthinking.

Miho did not answer to the question though. She simply pressed her finger to the lower lip, probably for the purpose of ending that little trembling of it, which could give away the fact of her being too much excited. This excitement could be understood as an answer to the question itself. Then she just curved a devilish smile instead while watching the man preparing to wash his body with water. Well, that view was the hell of distraction here and the excitement it gave now was hard to control. Miho was enjoying the sight too much to go back to doing her bussiness. Or maybe THIS is the new bussiness that she had just discovered and became an important urge to pursue.

She pushed herself forward form the rock in a graceful manner and positioned her body behind that of the man‘s one. Miho raised her hand witht the intention to help him wash his body  in order to show how grateful she was for a good show before. However, the man seemed to be just as teasing and flirty as she was. He suddenly spoke of an offer about training her and some rewards he would like to receive after that. She suddenly stopped her arm halfway. Oh, she knew all of the rewards even back then when she entered the cave. Though the idea of actually learning some skills from this person popped in her mind for the first time. As she was keeping silent still, she thought that this might be a perfect idea, mixing the pleasure with some hard work could get her into the necessary form again.

She stepped back just a little as the situation got a bit more serious than what she was planning. As the idea about training together was expressed, the man asked Miho to introduce helself. Introduction for Miho was never something she would see as necessary. Nor she was fond of telling the real information about helself all times. However, this time some unexplainable aura around this guy made her change her mind for once. Maybe Miho should be open and honest this time. At least with her own name.

“My name is Miho, but if you would come searching for me with that name, you would end up finding nothing. You can also reveal your name If you‘d like.“

That sounded like nor the question, neither the plea. It just seemed that words and personal stories didn‘t have that much of an effect on  the girl. The only thing that could affect the opinion and behavior of hers could be the quality of presence of other person.

Going back thinking about rewards again, she had already realised that the man is not from that kind of who are obvious money lovers. Thus, she just knew the right type of reward he would be pleased about. In fact, why not give a tiny pre-reward for him just right now? Miho positioned helself just in front of his face and spoke in a low and silent voice.

“Ah...about the reward...“

She raised her hand and traced her finger starting from the man‘s chest going down. You could clearly see the grief in her eyes as some kind of monster would be awaken. As her finger reached the point of the naked skin area where it had nowhere else to go, she made a step back again and crossed her hands under the chest, making her assest to pop out from her cleavage even more than before.

“....what about we try for the beggining.... and if everything goes smoothly I‘ll show you such show you could never forget.“

She gazed to the side where the exit of the cave was, aiming for the river water outside. It was seducing her just to go for it and do it right now. Though Miho controlled herself as she needed to keep that for the better game puspose later.

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Though the movement was subtle, barely noticeable to the naked eye unless one was looking out for it or was looking in its general vicinity, he still took noticed of the tremble of the temptress’ lips. Eyes, with a slight edge to him, having torn themselves away from the exposed cleavage, though without some minor difficult, gazed into those belonging to her. Time seemed to slow down for Nanashi as he searched deeper into her, looking for anything to indicate a reason for her lip trembling. He found himself getting momentarily lost within the temptress gaze, although this wasn’t shown by his facial expression, being bounded by an unforeseen spell woven by her, before managing to free himself from the hold.

The corner of his lips twitch, tugged on end, as an all-knowing smirk found it way onto his visage. It screamed of the silver hair male knowing something about temptress before him, or at the very least, found what he was looking for when gazing into her eyes. As he moved towards the body of water, the smirk morphed into a smile, strikingly singular to the present on the temptress' face, yet so much different. While her’s might have contained excitement and a hint of lust; Nanashi contained that and something more. There was, to an observant viewer, a hint of danger hidden within the smile. An uneasiness within the smile that cause one to question their next actions pertaining to him. How would he act? What would he do if I did this or that? Would he slit my throat? Or, if I’m a female would he ravage my body?

There wouldn’t be any answer to those question, not until one got curious enough and acted on their desires to see what would come from messing with him. Reaching the water, Nanashi cupped some into his hand, pouring it over him, before guiding his hands across his upper body, washing anyway any dirt, blood and grime. The feeling of the cold water hitting his flesh caused him to involuntarily shiver, harden muscles contracting from the unexpected coldness. While he was taking his bath, Nanashi knew he was being watched by the temptress. Her eyes, undoubtedly full of excitement, were probably greedily eating up his body, taking note of every single detail of it and committing it to memory: maybe for use later on.

Nanashi didn’t show any indication of being surprised when the temptress moved from her resting position and made her way towards him. Those same eyes of his locking on her, watching and soaking in every one of her moments, and the curves shown with such an action. It was only fair to do as she did to him moments ago. He didn’t even look back as he felt her enter the small river and moved towards him. It goes without saying a shinobi should never have their back turned to anyone, but Nanashi was confident in his abilities to handle her if things went house. However, from what he could tell, she didn’t look like she wanted to kill him. Flirt with him? Yes. frick him? Who knows; that could be later.

Nanashi tilted his head to the left, eyeing the pair of arms moving closer to his body, particularly his back in an apparent attempt to help him washed them. Unfortunately, though, him turning around and making a comment regarding training her for a reward afterwards caused those delicate arms to stop in their tracks. Not caring that he was caught, he eyed her body, appreciating it a whole lot more due to it being this close to him, as he waited for an answer. Seconds seemed to tick by for the pair, Nanashi mentally chuckling at her current lack of response to his question. Seemed like she was in shock by his blatantly staring at her body even though she’s right there, and the not so subtle hint of what he wanted from training her.  

Did he really want to have her in the way he hinted at? Was he really going to stoop this low, offering training for sex, to scratch an itch that could have easily been filled by some prostitute or a geisha at some of the more seedier parts of Kumogakure no Sato? Despite being someone, he wouldn’t hesitate in committing dirty acts with, he wouldn’t do that to her. They would train, and afterwards if she offers to give herself to him then Nanashi would thinking about it going through with it. But for now, he wouldn’t do that, Kami forbid what his other student, Shizuka, would say if she caught wind of him extorting sex from those who asked for training. And despite everything, his cold indifferences to the majority of the world, Nanashi did care for the blind girl like an older brother cares for their younger sister.

”Never heard of her. . .” he mused to himself, having been broken out of his thoughts when the temptress, now namely dubbed Miho, gave her name to him. Nanashi chuckled, a soft but hearty one, at her assumption of him, going to search up information about her. He didn’t have any reason to dig up info. of anyone not already on his hit list, and not a part of the Daimyo’s court back in Tsuchi no Kuni. Though the fact, she didn’t give him any indication of her rank did intrigue him for a moment. . .

“I’m Guanyin Nanashi, Head Doctor and Sannin of Iwagakure no Sato,”, he didn’t bother trying to hide his new title anymore; it became public knowledge when he was announced Sannin of Iwagakure, and him being their head doctor was already common knowledge throughout the Elemental Nations.

Nanashi didn’t care his personal space was invaded, most likely because he found himself interested, if slightly, in the woman before him. The feeling of a hand not belonging to Tei nor someone else he was familiar with, tracing along his chest and descending to his waist before moving back upwards, caused his chest to twitch. When she stepped back, crossing her arms across her chest, accentuating her cleavage even more, Nanashi found himself greedily taking them in.

”Two can play at that game. . .”, Nanashi mused to himself, invading Miho’s personal space, reaching out to grab her arms, in a non-threatening manner. and pull them to her waist side. Looking away from her cleavage, Nanashi eyes locked with hers as a hand dipped down below her chest, reaching and grasping her frontal zipper, and slowly began zipping her outfit back up, though leaving it still comfortable for her. “Hope you can back up that claim. I would hate to view you as nothing but a wannabe tease who’s only real experience is with little boys and not grown men. . .”

Stepping back, Nanashi thought for a moment on what he could possibly teach Miho when he didn’t know anything about her “I’m going to assume you are a native, right?”, not waiting for an answer, he continued onward “There is a good chance you have a Raiton affinity and most likely specialize in Bukijutsu like most Kumo-nins, however, I don’t see any weapons on you. So, I have to ask where are they?”

Moving back towards the splintered post, and motioning for Miho to follow him, Nanashi spoke once more as he grabbed a pair of 1 ˝ silver-tipped senbons and began twirling them aimlessly “Up for a friendly spar? I won’t use anything above C-rank, asides from theses(the senbons), but you can use anything and everything you know. This spar will not only let me see your skills, in order to train you better, but also give you some combat experience. Are you up for it? Or are you all bark and no bite?”


End: B-2 -> A-1 [2900 wc & 725 ryo]

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Soon enough after Miho’s own introduction, the man introduced himself as well by telling his name, the village he came from and, more to the blonde’s surprise, he mentioned his title too. She tilted her head to the side a little and spoke in a careless manner. Observing her speaking, one could start considering her as an arrogant person, however, there was no such intention as Miho just liked showing her confidence.

”Well, that is a hell of a title you have there, mister Doctor Sannin of Iwagakure no Sato.”  A cheerful wink followed her compliment for Nanashi. After a very short pause Miho continued with more serious expression this time. ” Though, I do believe in rectification of names theory…. I hope you do live up to this title you are given to carry.” And this response was followed by a small wink and a smile again.

”Uh…Giving away THAT kind of information so carelessly…this only could mean that he already knows I am of no competition to him.” Miho frowned just a little while making some observations to herself. Of course, even before approaching this man, the girl had a feeling, that Nanashi could be a high class ninja with some interesting abilities to reveal. His moves, to the perfection trained body, perfect concentration on the target, yet being totally aware of the environment, all of this even then added up into the conclusion that he could not be just a mere genin or chuunin. Miho did not expect him to be the Sannin of Iwakure no Sato though. A tiny shadow of concern appeared on her face and suddenly her all flirty and playful expression changed into a serious one. One could notice a tiny wrinkle between her eyebrows due to that concern she was feeling. This man surely will be tough for her to handle, however, Miho is a very determined woman and had never backed away even for once in her short, but adventurous life. This blondie here is also not that kind of person to show much of her personal feelings or what was truly going on in her mind in front of others, no matter if that would be the closest friend or a total stranger. Thus, her lips soon curved into a devilish smile again. Even though Miho could not bear the thought of someone being better than she was, she loved to improvise and play games, especially those which could bring her thrilling challenges. Looking at the situation from this point, the blonde jumped into her cheerful mood again.  

Soon after introducing a little game with her finger tracing around Nanashi’s chest, Miho received a quick and playful response from him. Back then she felt that she was taking full control, but now the whole situation totally changed in the glimpse of the eye and all of the control was taken into Nanashi’s hands, strong, manly hands. He suddenly got as close to Miho as he could and disabled her arms from moving. Miho did not get frightened though, she was intrigued. That moment when she started thinking what is he planning to do next, will those be some perverted things, or maybe cruel ones, the blonde caught his gaze. It seemed like it was aimed right into her golden eyes on purpose. Miho was standing still and gazing in surprise, she was mesmerized by his gorgeous eyes so much, that she was not able to take her own off of them in order to look down at what he was doing. However, Miho totally felt the move.  Nanashi took the zipper and slid it up to the proper place where it should have been from the beginning. All that Miho could feel at that moment was lightning and thunder going through both her skin and mind. She would have touched him in response if only would have been able to move her hands. However, this thrilling feeling did not last for too long as it was interrupted by the teasing words Nanashi spoke. Those made the ice princess mad just a little as some of her sensitive memories were brought back from the darkest depths of her consciousness. ”Urghh…Little boys?!...He was not a little and unworthy boy….A true man actually….who was ready to kill people for me…and there he killed….eager to die for me….so there he did…”

Nanashi stepped back and started stating some assumptions about Miho. It was the best thing that could be done at that moment, a great distraction for Miho from her burdening thoughts. Actually, all that Nanashi assumed about the blonde was true. ”Damn this man! He knows everything and I have not even told him a thing about me yet!”  Normally, Miho would get irritated, but this time, knowing that this man is a Sannin, one cannot be mad at him for knowing basic information and general tendencies of Kumogakure no Sato natives well. Another reason was, even if that was hard for Miho to admit, that maybe she could actually learn of something from this man and by doing so improve herself. This is what she needs the most right now in order to seek all the weapons that were taken from her people after the clan was wiped out and, of course, to find those who survived the tragedy as well.

Thinking about the weapons, Miho caught a pleasant question from the silver haired man at the same time. He correctly assumed that she is a bukijutsu user, though could not see any weapons around and got curious. However, Miho kept being silent just a little bit longer. ”Those are for later. At least one thing I get to keep a mystery even if just for a while.”

Suddenly Miho saw a gesture to follow the man to the splintered post, where he quickly moved himself. She followed him in reflex moving her body gracefully. Whether it was a battle or a moment of death, being graceful could be never forgotten. The next second Miho gazed at Nanashi, she noticed a pair of silver senbons playfully moving through his fingers. The reflection of shining silver could be seen in Miho’s eyes, which gave away her excitement. Despite their small size, senbons are as much as exciting or deadly weapons as huge swords or axes are. With those senbons being demonstrated, Miho understood that Nanashi was inviting her to spar. It seemed that he knew those would be just the perfect hook for her.

The blonde stood in front of her handsome teacher and made a confident pose. She put her right arm on her hip and the left one was just resting loose beside her leg, it did not seem as if she would be preparing for sparing at all. The same time, two golden metal round things, which appeared to be chakrams, entered the cave. They were floating in the air effortlessly and slowly spinning around themselves at the same time. Miho did not turn her head back to look at them; she just stood there and waited. Though due to her being impatient (maybe even longing?), both chakrams started taking their speed and after the second they stopped in front of the girl. That was the centre of the distance between her and Nanashi.

”No strings attached…” Miho gazed at her chakrams, then at Nanashi and chuckled like a kid who was given a sparkling toy. Just these ones were way more dangerous toys than one could imagine. Suddenly one of them started to pace, it flew quickly leaving some inches of space above the man’s head, then smashed quite hard into the rock behind him. The rock cracked. Miho giggled again and gazed at Nanashi. ”Well, I will be using these ones, though are you still sure about using those senbons of yours?”

Even though she knew, that this man would be able to take her down using only one senbon or even one finger, Miho was still keeping herself confident and cheerful. She was just too proud of her daddy’s inheritance not to perform a little show off, even if that all was just a sparkling show. Besides, the thought about how strong she could get after mastering those chakrams to the perfection was encouraging her to never think low about herself. However, in the end she stopped to giggle and made a surprising move. Miho bowed for the person standing in front of her, with one hand on her chest, supporting it so that nothing could get out of that cleavage of hers.

”Cutting out the jokes, I would really appreciate your time spent on me.” These words and a bow could be understood as the most sincere way of her thanking, because  up until now, one hand fingers are way too much to count how many times Miho had done so.

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“Who are you then?"
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