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1 Skulking in the Dark(B Rank) on Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:55 pm



Mission name: Skulking in the Dark.
Mission rank: B
Objective: Investigate the bandit vanguard in Konohas forests.
Location: Forests of Konoha
Reward: 300 Ryo
Mission description: It seems that certain criminal elements are sending feelers into the forest of Konoha. Were this simply an isolated case it would not be much of a threat however if left unattended it is likely that other more organised efforts will be made by criminal cartels to inhabit Konohagakurae.
Mission details: There are currently five bandits lurking within the forest of Konoha. They have taken up residence in an abandoned temple. The Bandits are considered to have C rank stats with the exception of their leader whose stats are B rank. The leader is able to use B rank Jutsu from the fire library. Bandits are armed with c ranked swords and daggers which deal damage accordingly to their rank.


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