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Misora Clan. 200px-Yotsuki_Symbolsvg_zps0c619312
Clan: 美空 (Misora)

Kekkei Genkai: 嵐遁 {Ranton ~ Storm Release}

Elements: Suiton, Raiton, Ranton (Stage 1 & 2)

Specialization: Ninjutsu

Location: Kumogakure

Clan History: Among the village's oldest and most decorated bloodlines, the Misora clan has been a long-standing institution in the Hidden Cloud village for centuries, dating back as far as its founding. Long is the list of noteworthy shinobi who have hailed from the Misora clan, including multiple raikage spanning as far back as the legendary war hero Darui and as recent as Misora Reika. Although not the most populous clan in the village, the Misora remain a cornerstone bloodline in Kumogakure, regularly producing skilled and powerful shinobi to carry on the clan's legacy. A small minority of Kiri-nin have been noted to hail from this clan, but it has been uncommon if not unheard of in more recent years.

Kekkei Genkai Description: It is not unheard of for shinobi born into bloodlines possessing the ability to mold multiple types of elemental chakra simultaneously to manifest their advanced nature releases in different forms. Notable examples of such abilities include the Aisu clan of Kirikagure’s Hyoton, enabling them to form not only ice, but snow, and every form of precipitation in between, and Iwagakure’s Kanetsu clan’s Yoton, which enables them to produce not only lava, but some users have been noted to mold their elements into other substances such as rubber and quicklime. What makes the Misora clan unique even among advanced nature bloodlines is that the alternate manifestations of their abilities do not involve the same basic natures.

There exist two stages to the Misora clan’s “Storm Release”, the most common being Ranton (Lit."Storm Release"), known to the clan as Stage 1. Ranton involves the simultaneous molding of both Suiton and Raiton chakra, used to create energy beams which are often capable of being guided to a target with extreme precision. Not all who are born into the class are capable of achieving Stage 2, but all members with access to Stage 2 possess Stage 1 Ranton by default.

While Stage 1’s classification as “Ranton” is largely symbolic in nature, Stage 2 adds Fūton to the equation. The result of this addition is the much more literal Stage 2 Storm Release, colloquially referred to within the clan as Unton (雲遁 lit. "Cloud Release"). Unlike the symbolic name of Stage 1 Storm Release, Stage 2 received its name in a very literal fashion. Becoming a Kekkei Tōta with the addition of Fūton, Storm Release Stage 2's Unton enables the rare user to create and manipulate normal clouds and storm clouds, some charged with lightning and in some instances even capable of absorbing chakra from ambient sources.

As with all advanced elements, Storm release characters are created with a natural ability to use their powers, including a natural affinity for all of the basic natures that they consist of. Also, similarly to other advanced nature clans, Misora characters’ aptitude for their Storm Release will always be equal to the lowest rank of the basic natures that comprise them. It is worth noting that since the two stages are not identical in the elements they use, the user’s aptitude for Stage 1, especially early in life, tend to be greater than their Stage 2, simply because of the amount of training required to master and incorporate a third element into the equation. For Stage 1, the lowest ranked of their Raiton and Suiton elements respectively represent the current level of their Storm Release mastery. For Stage 2, Raiton and Suiton are both still included, but now the comparison also factors in the rank of the user’s Fūton.

Stage 1 Specifics:
The raw energy of Raiton given the property of perfect form-fluidity by Suiton. Similar to its base element of Raiton, Stage 1 ranton is capable of cleaving clean through Doton techniques. Similarly, it also retains Raiton's vulnerability to Fūton techniques that might cut through or rebuff its assault. In some circles referred to as the "blade" of the Misora clan, this manifestation of Storm Release is lauded even among advanced natures for its cutting and piercing techniques, using highly concentrated energy in virtually any shape to find its mark.

Stage 2 Specifics:
Bringing together the forces of Lightning, Water, and Wind to quite literally create storms in the form of clouds and storm clouds. The Misora clouds are known for being able to have their consistency and density altered at will, being used for a wide range of purposes from being hardened for pure defense, to being made into large pillows to break falls, to being virtually intangible and allowing people and objects to pass right through them. It is for this reason that solid attacks and elements tend to have unusual interactions with the Misora clouds. For example, solid earth or boulders can be bounced off the clouds like a trampoline or allowed to pass through unobstructed depending on the technique and the user. They do not tend to have specific orders of superiority or inferiority with the clouds however.

Raiton techniques are noted to be particularly ineffective against the Misora's clouds, even by elemental superiority standards. Without a significant advantage in raw power, Raiton jutsu tend to be absorbed into the electrically charged clouds and negated completely without so much as phasing the cloud's defenses. On the other end of the spectrum however, is the fact that Misora clouds tend to be extremely vulnerable to Fūton jutsu without a significant power advantage themselves. Powerful Fūton techniques are known to displace the Misora's clouds, breaking through their formation.

Drawbacks:-Storm Release (both stages) are in an order of inferiority to Wind in terms of elemental match ups.

-All of a Misora's elements start at D-rank.

-All of a Misora's Specializatons start at D-Rank.

-Fūton must be taken as the user's tertiary element and incurs double word count in training element ranks.

-Tertiary specializations incur double word counts in both learning and training the rank higher.

-All Misora must take the Hesitant (Specialization) characteristic with no counterbalancing Positive SC.


  • Takeda, Ryuusei {1st in seniority}
  • Misora, Reika {Deceased}

[b]Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Ranton: Reizā Sākasu {嵐遁・励挫鎖苛素 ~ Storm Release: Laser Circus}
[b]Canon/Custom:[/b] Canon
[b]Rank:[/b] B
[b]Type:[/b] Offensive
[b]Element:[/b] Ranton (Raiton/Suiton)
[b]Range:[/b] 20m
[b]Specialty:[/b] Ninjutsu
[b]Duration:[/b] Maintainable (-5 chakra per post)
[b]Cooldown:[/b] 5 posts (+1 for each post maintained)
[b]Description:[/b] This technique creates up to ten (3 to 6-inch-wide) beams and shoots them at the enemy at approximately 35m/s. First, a halo of bright energy spreads from the user's hands as this technique is activated, then the beams are shot out from the user's Snake seal towards the enemy. The user is able to alter the beam's direction after being shot, making it possible to strike multiple enemies with pinpoint accuracy, even bypassing hostages held in close proximity and incomplete defenses; per post, each beam can individually make one 90-degree turn with notable circular curving power even after doing so, making it a Precision Ninjutsu. It cannot, however, stop in place.

By doing so however, this technique sacrifices raw offensive power, dealing only 1/2 inch piercing, major bruising, and major 1st-degree burns on-contact with any beam. Normally, each beam deals major second-degree burns. Each individual beam is capable of inflicting minor second degree burns, 1-inch piercing, and major bruising on the small area upon direct contact. Several consecutive attacks in a confined area may result in bone breakage in the affected area.

[b]Note:[/b] Maintaining this jutsu involves directing the beams fired in the initial activation, not creating new beams; this means that if all beams hit, are blocked or otherwise obstructed, the jutsu automatically ends.

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"and in some instances even capable of absorbing chakra from ambient sources." - No. That's the Jugo clan ability, and also i don't see how it fits within the cloud release. Please remove this.

Stage 2 specifics: I want you to note that futon blows them away equally as effortlessly as it absorbs raiton. And i want numbers on this. I assume its a +2 rank advantage or something of the like either way.


You only have 1 SC which actually matters in any thread other than their weakness to Futon, though, that is completely annulled by the fact that depending on the stage, it is good against BOTH Doton and Raiton. I'd like to see a few more active drawbacks, feel free to have these overwrite ones you've already put in place. Things like unbalanced Negative SC's, -1's to stats, weaknesses to elements (to you, not just your release.), -chakra pool total and other things which effect you ICly, not just effect how much work you need to put in.


1/ You need to clarify this a lot more. How much can they curve, how many beams can be shot per turn, you say they reduce in damage if made to curve, what is the original damage compared to the reduced damage, cos you don't seem to give any penetrating factors to begin with. Bit of work needs to be done here. :)



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Absorbing chakra from ambient sources with certain jutsu: This is a reference to Storm Release Secret Technique - Demon Dragon Storm, which allowed the user to absorb chakra from other jutsu; though it's notable that other non-kekkei-genkai techniques are able to do this anyhow. (I would imagine it doesn't increase the user's chakra pool at all, though, rather jutsu feeding into the jutsu.) The Juugo Clan Kekkei Genkai absorbs natural energy from the surroundings, not chakra, does it not?

Noted on the Raiton, thank you for providing a possible quantification!~

Working on drawbacks, doing so trying to balance the Raiton thing, but hopefully fixed Laser Circus.


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