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Konoha's forests were a thick wonderland of flora and fauna. Manami had grown up in those forests, and she had always loved them. The canopy left little sunlight to be seen down where she traversed the forest floor. Loud laughter broke out somewhere in the ranks behind her followed by the equally raucious recounting of an old war story. Manami only half listened, catching a few snippets of the tale here and there. '-ould have seen his face. It was-' '-e never saw it comi-' '-eal sad. Never saw him agai-'.

She carried supplied both in a backpack strapped against her back and in her arms in front of her. She was but one of many in this large group, marching away from Konoha and into the wilderness of Hi no Kuni. She and many others had been commissioned to help set up camp with Konoha's military. Manami had always held a cursory interest in how communication devices worked as well as they did. It was quite a useful thing really, when you didn't know where your teammates might be. Or even if they were alive. She hadn't had much experience with long or short distance radios yet, having never found the need to use them before.

That didn't matter of course, considering that she would get a chance to watch as these inventions were tested.  The whole point of having so many of the camps set up was for the purpose of designing a better radio. one that couldn't be tapped into and worked quietly. It was an admirable goal, even if it was for the benefit of Konoha.

"Hey kid! You doing okay there?" A young soldier came up to Manami, a bright smile plastered on his face as he marched. Manami gave him a warm smile an nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Something like this would never stop a kunoichi." Manami hefted her pack a little higher on her shoulders as if challenging him. He seemed to miss the point of the tiny threat entirely.

"Oh, a genin are you? Well welcome to the ranks, for the day of course." He turned to call someone up, and soon Manami was face to face with a very old man who looked like he could barely carry the meager pack he held across his shoulders. "Officer Daichi! This girl here asked to hear one of your war tales, sir!"

Manami blinked, unsure when exactly she had said any such thing. The young soldier winked at her, obviously barely able to contain his laugh. "I did?" Officer Daichi seemed to take her question as confirmation and launched into his autobiography, a dashing tale of mud, guts and tea without hot water. Before she knew it Manami was on the receiving end of one of the most boring history lessons of her entire life.

It seemed never ending. Even once the group had stopped and began actually raising the tents and putting together the equipment, the lecture continued. Manami put on a brave face and nodded every now and again, laughing awkwardly along whenever Officer Daichi did. She asked someone if she should plug a cord into the battery. They said yes, of course, but failed to warn her of which plug point she shouldn't go near. She was left with twitchy fingers and the smell of singed flesh for the rest of the day. Coupled with the war story that still hadn't ended, Manami was just about ready to give up.

"-and when we got up that morning, why the sky was redder than you could ever imagine!"

Manami set down one last box and rubbed a cool hand against her temple. She had given up smiling two hours ago. A snicker sounded from behind her, and Manami promised never to agree with Officer Daichi again. Whether she actually meant to do so or not.

Mission Completed 600/675
Training Reaction Time E -> E-1

Remaining Words: 0


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