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1 Here's an Idea [Plot/ WIP] on Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:40 am



"Give the people a leader and there will be order and peace. Give the people a sword and there will be chaos and freedom. But give the people a leader and a sword, and a universal peace will be maintained without the cost of freedom..." - Genko Binsu.

- Origins -

'The Society' was a scattered organisation of diverged mercenaries, medics and other specialised men and women who all believed in the common struggle to preserve the balance between peace and freedom in today and tomorrow's societies. The organisation was grounded on the belief of a government system that is first and foremost dependant on the actions of its people and of a world that is ruled by the wills of the majority.

- The Motion -

It's roots string back to the times of the first shinobi wars, where members then fought alongside the propagators of universal peace and companionship, however the movement was only just recently formalised into a nationally recognised group of individuals who practice their involvement in today's politics as the moderators of universal peace and freedom amongst humanity. Membership was always, is and will forever be voluntary and thus people can enter and leave at their own discretion. Although no official hierarchy exists amongst those who pride themselves to be members of the organisation, a faint air of respect and honour is reserved for the original founders of the movement, those who continually donate their resources in favour of the group's movements and any of the big figures in society who act in favour of the group's ideologies.

- Today -

The organisation today is mainly run and sponsored by the Genko Clan of Swords, and has a main office compound situated just outside the borders of Kumogakure no Sato's village gates. The society works on a number of projects to achieve it's underlining goal of universal peace, universal freedom and most importantly, giving Power to the People. One of these projects is the Power to the People project: which involves the organisation's current leaders using the society's resources and connections to offer exclusive world-class training in Combat, Surveillance and Rehabilitation, operating separately as a step-up academy for shinobi below the ranks of Jounin, to those that perform the deeds of the organisation.

The Society aims to spread it's practices to multiple locations all over the shinobi world map.



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I vote myself against "The Society"

That was extremely vague I love the idea but I meant IC wise haha sorry Bin Bin

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