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1 Rekindling lost Dominance(Private/Yui/NK) on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:17 am



Everything from birds, insects to any other wildlife had long since fled from the immediate area, having sense something amiss, something dangerous coming their way, and they didn't want be a part of whatever it might be. So, instead of waiting to see what cause the easiness within their being, urging them to flee from the vicinity, they, the animals, listened to their instincts and fled without looking back. Wildlife wasn't the only thing affected, no, they very air in the environment had been assaulted as well. Once light and refreshing, the air now hung heavy, being weighed down by an unforeseen force, and felt tainted, a vile venom having been released into the air, corrupting it, as, whatever caused the animals to flee, approaches. The weather didn't play any part of this strange occurrence. It wasn't the work of some thunderstorm or massive supercell. The progenitor wasn't some nature phenomenon caused by nature but rather by a single, ticked-off, individual.

Amazing isn't it? How a single human being was capable of alluding an aura that affected the environment around them to such a degree that animals fled, and the very atmosphere shifted accordingly. To some, mainly civilians, it's unfathomable for a person to be able to do this. It goes against everything that stated Kamis were the only one who could affect the environment. It literally contradicts every text stating, men shall never inherit power that could potentially rival a Kami, crumpling and throwing it into the waste bin. Some of the deities, those who looked at men as nothing but insects, weren't amused either. No puny human, no matter the chakra birthed to them by their ancestors, should be able to having this type of effect on the environment! Such an intimidating presence should only be reserved for them alone! Not some weak, insignificant human! And yet, there was one who had this presence about them. So sickening. . .

Emerging from the forest garbed in a simple grey kimono with matching pants; a black obi around the waist and steel reinforced geta was the one responsible for the phenomenon; Guanyin Nanashi. Yellow, serpentine shaped eyes were eerily calm as they swept across the surrounding area, making sure no one else was in the vicinity. The area itself was quite spacious, being almost as long as a soccer field with a few four to six-meter trees sporadic spreaded about, though not enough to impede one's movement from one side to another. The ground itself was grassy with leaves, branches, and other little foliage here and there.
Sun rays reflected off dew hanging from some of the greenery, giving an indication of it being relatively early in the morning. And there was a light constant breeze blowing from the East.

Having not sensed anyone in the vicinity, Nanashi threw a glance back in the direction he came, ignoring the colorful language and name calling of the individual who had earned his ire, looking into the forest with complete and utter apathy, before turning his attention back to something else. If one would come into the clearing the same way he did, they would approach a grisly sight. Tied around a large tree with ninja wire was a rather chubby, pompous looking, man with brown hair, his limbs were severed, blood pooling on the ground below, flowing out of various blacken wounds, as something akin to necrosis slowly ate away at his life. An almost torturous death slowly coming to an end, the voice waning and then silence.  

"A fitting end for a middleman. . .", Nanashi mused to himself, thinking, only for a moment, about the now deceased man who hired a wannabe assassin to take out the silver-haired Sannin during an errand that he was doing for his mother. If it wasn't for the assassin's loose lips, Nanashi would have never known who hired the hit out on his life; the second one so far.  However, that's a story for another time.

Moving to the center of the forest clearing, Nanashi began prepping for the reason why he ventured out to such unknown parts; disposing of the body was only secondary. Eye watched in rapt attention as a blueish hue covered both of his hands and slowly began taking on a grayish tint. Changing positively charged chakra to negative charged, that's the simple principle behind the Atrophy techniques that Nanashi was known for, albeit not by that particular name. Pestilence's Cloak, the first technique of this kind, was what brought him notoriety during his actions in Kirigakure no Sato, and subsequently led to him gaining the moniker 'Pestilence of Iwa'. And it was the performance of the particular jutsu that cause him to divulge deeper, like his mother, into the untapped parts of his clan, and well the rest is history.

Looking at the grey miasma around each limb, Nanashi began pondering if it was possible to give his body the same effect as the greyish veil, just without it. Could he actually simulate the effects of necrosis in without making it so blatantly oblivious? While there wasn't any problem with how it currently was, people tend to avoid greyish hands, knowing full well of the effects caused by a single touch. Which leads to using it with taijutsu a little bit challenging. So, what if, there was a way to simulate the same effects without the veil? What if, there was a way to create the veil underneath the very first layer skin, giving his touches the ability to cause necrosis? Was it even possible? Such thoughts would have to wait, Nanashi's hands having returned back to normal as he thought he had heard something coming this way.

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Inuzuka Yui


Yui smiled as she was enjoying her trip into nature, to her the fresh and clean air of the forest was so nice as she lived in a hot sandbox and the air was always dusty and certainly not fresh. She could hear the birds chirping and the sound of insects buzzing through the air it was quite a wonderful spot as she smiled. This also looked like a great place to let loose and train some. She really liked to practice using her werewolf form but usually it was hard to do as she freaked people out and could cause some serious damage in areas where she fought. She would look toward Sekkiea as the two would begin to combine forms the two of them beginning to grow larger as her teeth claws and body got massively huge before letting out a huge howl echoing wide and loudly throughout the area. She would begin to punch and kick as her fists would crush into a nearby tree and begin to pound it with shattering blows before the tree would snap and fly off quickly.

"Ahh... I needed this time to have a blast..."

She would continue to train as she would flip landing on one hand before quickly dashing to the side gripping a tree to swing her legs around to smash into another tree with her feet causing it to shatter and smash through several other trees in the area. As she continued to sprint around the trees smashing them she would come into contact with another person after crushing a tree spotting the man. This was not exactly expected as she stared at the man her huge form and clear strength as the tree she had hit whizzed close to the man flying past him. She had no idea what to say and in this form plus she also felt a desire deep inside her. As the form begin to take on the nasty side effect of it with her howling out loudly before grabbing a tree close by and crushing the trunk with her hand before grabbing it and beginning to pull her arm back launching it toward the man. Using the tree as cover she would rush toward him behind it try to get close for a attack.



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With each passing second, the crashing sound of trees being toppled over and kissing the ground below grew closer to his location. And while some of the animals, having begun to filter back when his ire wasn't as placid, started to scurrying way, going into the deeper parts of the forest, away from whatever that was approaching, Nanashi did not. Steadfast, he held his ground firm, his posture being relax but yet on slight edge, fingers brushing intimately across the pair of senbons hidden underneath each individual sleeve, nasty little things being over a two feet in length, and capable of causing severe bleeding when biting into flesh, as he waited for whatever was causing the commotion to show itself.

He didn't have to wait long.

Bursting through the foliage and vegetation, leaving cascading trees in it's wake, was a towering, hulking, mammoth of a beast that Nanashi estimated eclipsed his own height, six foot six, by at least a foot. There wasn't any time to marvel at the creature at hand, for no sooner had it burst into the clearing, a large chunk of a tree, were hurled towards him at blazing speeds, missing caving in his head by a few inches. The sheer velocity and force behind hit could be felt by Nanashi, his clothes ruffling from the wind generated by the thrown projectile as it crashed into the forest behind him. Through it all, Nanashi did not once look away from creature, knowing doing so might prove to be fatal, nor did he show any fear, however, his once apathy gaze, now holding something akin to interest in them.

Rather this being a byproduct of his curiosity being stroked by the unknown and him wanting to find out it's secret, or simply because something worthwhile had, unknowingly, managed to incite something besides complete indifference within him, was entirely unknown to all but him. Nanashi's serpentine eyes stared unflinchingly into those inhuman bestial orbs with no signs of being intimidated at all by the creature a front of him.

"Are you simply a beast or are you something more?", a question being posed to the creature, Nanashi having thought he had caught a glimpse of something intelligent within those bestial eyes before it disappeared. Maybe, he was just seeing things, but a part of him thought that the creature was more than what it seemed.

But it would seem like his assumption was wrong and his question would only be answered by a howl that could cause a shiver of fear to run down the spine of a lesser man. Nanashi's hands were already in motion, grasping both of his senbons in hand,  by the time the creature had crushed a tree trunk in its hands, showcasing its massive strength, and prepared to throw it.

Nanashi waited this the tree were airborne, speeding towards him in hopes to crush him, before making his move, moving four at a forty-five-degree angle to the right, dodging the tree completely and giving him an unconstructive view of the beast who tried to use the thrown projectile as cover.

"If it's a fight you want then come,", Nanashi stated, holding the senbons just above his waist, eyes locked onto the beast, and muscles ready to spring into action at any moment.


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Inuzuka Yui


She saw the man as he managed to avoid one tree before smashing the second in half. He motioned for her to bring it issuing a challenge to her as her eyes would glare at the man her fangs showing as she lowered her body lower to the ground before planting her feet and blasting off at rapid and intense speed straight toward the man. Her body would begin to spin as wind would seem to gather rapidly around her body with the leaves and mark from the trees nearby being pulled into it. Her arms stretched forward as she began to spin at insane speeds toward the man. At lower ranks this jutsu did not seem as scary but at her size and rank it was incredibly powerful and nothing to be trifled with.

Seikkiea tried to reach Yui's mind to tell her to calm down but Yui was far to enraged she hated this form the anger and pain she felt and shared with Yui was almost to heartbreaking to bare. She continued her spin destroying anything in the path, it would be clear simply trying to throw needles past that would be quite difficult. She continued her strong approach even if she missed she would crush through the trees and make another pass at him, her speed was quite a bit faster using this technique and he certainly would notice the destruction in the area.



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Challenged accepted. Seemed like his earlier assumption might have been partially correct; behind the beastly appearance was an intelligent mind or at least one that could understand what he had issued just moments ago. Although, knowing that didn't change much for the Guanyin member, with the beast now glaring into his eyes that were showing a chipper edge to them, Nanashi had no choice but to deal with this thing. Time to put up or shut-up; after all, he did offer the challenged.

Serpentine eyes remain fixated on the creature before them, watching in attention as it body was lowered closer to the ground, feet planting themselves firmly into the terrain before propelling the hulking body towards him at blazing speeds; the beast's body spinning, wind seemingly gathering around it, in a tornado-esque fashion, as leaves, rocks, and nearby trees were being pulled into the spinning vortex. Not excepting sheer increase in speed and power, Nanashi having shown a momentary lapse of being surprise that was quickly covered up by a look of indifference, he planted his foot into the ground and dart towards the right once more, making sure be clear out of the beast long reach.

Unlike last time, he didn't stop his movements, for no sooner had he dodged the first strike, the beast was spinning towards him once more in hopes to turn him into blood chunks. Having no urge to die any soon, Nanashi dodged the second attack by mere inches, applied chakra to his feet to keep him from being sucked into the vortex, as his two senbons were poised one moment and the next attempting to the beast flesh on it's right side, unless the fur was armor, they should surely pierce through anything that gets in their way, before jumping backwards, getting distance between the two

It was here, Nanashi been so close to the animal, did he realize the beast was a female; she had hairy breast. Still eying the beast, Nanashi also came to the realization that the attack it, she, used was one commonly seen in used by the Inuzukas. Could this hulking female be an Inuzuka? Or was she an experiment gone wrong? So many questions.


Nanashi's Senbons:

Name: Bloodletting
Type Of Weapon: Senbon
Rank: A
Elemental Alignment: -
Quantity: Two
No matter the means of contact, Bloodletting is capable of piercing through C-rank and below defenses with ease - logging themselves three inches into the victim. Smaller bones provide little resistance, they being cut clean through. Larger bones make this endeavor almost futile with only cracks and chipping being done. Small, backward facing, barbs lay flat against the length of each senbon that when pulled out, flays the surrounding flesh increasing the damage by ˝ inch. Additionally, bleeding from wounds will not clog, continuing to bleed till treated with a medical ninjutsu, due to the anti-clogging agency them.

Appearance: A pair of dual silver tipped senbons made through a black chakra metal with an overall length of 2 ft. When not used in conjunction with his Taijutsu, they can be found somewhere on his person.

History: A pair of senbons formed from the melted material of his previous ones. They have some resembles to his mother’s, but are nothing more than a cheap imitation in comparison.

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Inuzuka Yui


She was smiling as she watched the man he was pretty quick and strong it only further fueled her desire to fight him as she would feel the needles stab into her hard flesh but he would be surprised to find out she had pretty tough skin not likely going as deep as he wanted. However she noticed something the wounds they were likely poisoned judging by the lack of clotting as she made her pass close to him exiting her spin as close as she could to him. She twitched her left leg for a split second before her right leg actually moved forward in a furious flurry of blows aiming to kick him into the air. If he would go airborne she would continue the wave of blows knocking him up before drinking her finally smash back toward the earth.

If he managed to avoid the knock up she would attempt to sink her fangs into the mans body be it a arm or leg anything that would extend out toward her and dig in deep. Sekkiea continued to try to reach Yui's mind as the man would hear a voice from the werewolf speak out it was her canine however not her own voice.

"Please just get away from her I think I can calm her down I just need a little time. In this form... she doesn't have much control but I promise she is a human a Inuzuka and I am her canine."

She hoped the man would not hurt Yui to much she could tell this man was very powerful and someone the two of them should not be trying to fight. Yui was so rusty she was not ready for a battle of this nature, as much as it saddened her to admit is Yui was weak right now from sacking off for five years.



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His aim were true, and like the fangs of a viper, both senbons found their mark, biting into the flesh of the beastly Inuzuka. Her fur provided little to no resistance for the pair of silver tipped weapons, easily being penetrated. They sliced their way through the first layer of skin with an incredible ease, before coming to an abrupted stop at the secondary layer; her incredible muscle mass preventing them from going any further. Even though he didn't show it, Nanashi was honestly surprised that his senbons were capable of being stopped by muscle mass alone. The idea of a Guanyin's primary weapon being stopped by human anatomy was simply laughable! No amount of training could prepare the human body for the penetration power of Guanyin's senbons. Hell, not even armor, although relatively weak armor, couldn't stand up to their weapons power. And the fact that this beast, no this Inuzuka, could not only stand up to it but stop his weapons from penetrating deeper, well, Nanashi couldn't help but to smirk as he ripped both of them out, from when they enter, the barbs coming into play, serrating the flesh as they tried to anchor themselves within the wound.

He didn't have any time to contemplate his next move for no sooner had he ripped the needles from her body, a massive right leg was coming from below, immediately gripped them in an ice-pick fashion. Legs muscles coiled and sprung him upward, and at the same time, both of his arms hammered downward, driving the senbons into the Inuzuka's leg, and once Nanashi had reached his highest peak, his body twisted in a corkscrew fashion, ripping out the senbons as he sailed over the beast's head, landing a few meters behind her in a crouch position.

Standing up, Nanashi were about to attack the Inuzuka again but stopped an almost angelic voice, with a hint of animalistic aggression, spoke to him. The voice confirmed his earlier suspicion of the beast being an Inuzuka; a female if at that if her breasts were any indication. It mentioned how this form was simply a transformation, and if Nanashi assumed right, between the human and her canine, the latter one which was speaking.

"I will stand down, but if she shows aggression to me. I will act accordingly, but I won't hurt her severely." He spoke truthfully, deciding he wouldn't kill the weapon because she piqued his interest. So, with his senbons by his side, Nanashi waited.


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Inuzuka Yui


Yui watched as her attack went to go off however the man shocked her as he managed to use her leg to lift himself higher slamming his needles into her leg before twisting them out however she would get one last hit in as she would smash her hands down across his back before she could finally hear Sekkiea's voice in her head. She would stop for a moment as she would begin to hear the words clearly she was warning her to stop as she could tell the man was stronger. As she began to calm down and think about it she was right. She did not stand a chance so far this man had avoided just about everything as she also realized those needles hurt. She began to revert her form as the two would change back to normal the wound on her side and leg still showing as she looked down at the bleeding that had not stopped. Before the man stood a completely naked woman that did not seem one bit bothered he had seen her naked.

"Those needles seem to stop blood from clotting that's a interesting poison on it. Thankfully I can get rid of this as I can heal my wounds but sorry about attacking you, in that form I am a bit... unreasonable. That was why I was practicing using it here away from anyone else, I did not want to cause injuries."

She began to make her hand glow green as she would begin to close the wounds her eyes staying focused as her hand slid off her side with the wounds now closed. She moved to sit on one of the broken tree trunks as she would move her hand to the leg and began to heal it as well. The entire time her body being very exposed and when she sat lifting her leg it showed a lot to the mans eyes, she was not trying to get his attention that way she was just to busy taking care of her wounds.



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Injuries are a common occurrence in the shinobi way of living. One doesn't simply become a shinobi without expecting to sustain some form of wounds throughout their career. Even before graduating, many of the academy students would've already suffered one; either through accidentally stabbing themselves with a kunai or getting clipped by a badly thrown one, or through the harmless spars, that are conducted on a daily basis. The possibility of getting injured only skyrockets after becoming a full-fledged shinobi, and as one descends up the ranks. That's why, it's not really surprising to find some Special Jounin, or even Chuunin, having multiple injuries with some having been life threatening. Injuries were just a part of the job description for those who pick this career path, and they meant little so long as you could come home walking, and not in a body bag,

So, what exactly does that had to do with this current situation? Well, as Nanashi was sailing over the Inuzuka's head, he had misjudged the length of her arms, and because of this misjudgement, his back got to have a personal chit-chat with her hands with they slamming into him. The sheer force of the blow caused his back to bend and send him mercilessly into the ground, a large dust cloud having picked up and a small, two metre, crater forming at the impact zone. Slowly standing up and spitting out a glob of blood, from when he accidently bit the inside of his cheek, Nanashi's attention was back on the Inuzuka. While listening to the canine's explanation, he began seeing the amount of damage that one attack done to him.  There most definitely will be some major bruising form if he doesn't take care of it shortly. At least, nothing was broken, and he was grateful for that.

As the Inuzuka transformation ended, reverting her back into her human form, Nanashi marveled at the naked woman before him. Those once predator's eyes is his were now calm as they roamed across her naked form, drinking it in like a fine wine, savoring every delicious curve, and voluptuous assets without a care in the world. This wasn't the first time he had seen a naked woman but, asides from the Geishas, this would be the first one who didn't seem to mind that she was completely exposed.

"Not really a poison, just a simple anti-clotting agency most medics used,", he said, clipping the pair of senbons back into their hostlers within each of his kimono sleeves.

"Don't mentioned it. I enjoyed the opportunity to spar with someone who could match my strength. It's something I haven't done in awhile. And I wouldn't mind doing it again, at a later date.", he didn't even try to hide the fact that he was looking at her shaved womanhood, his eyes showing slightly lust within them, and his kimono pants suddenly tightening from the show the woman was unknowingly giving him as she healed on wounds while sitting on the broken tree trunk.

"Need some help?", he asked, moving towards the woman, trying to figure out why she looked familiar to him, in a non-threatening manner. Maneuvering behind her, Nanashi's hands glowed green, as the soothing sensation wash over the nude Inuzuka's back, closing up a few scratches and other minor injuries that, he assumed, was sustained during her rumble in the forest prior to their meeting. Having healed the wounds, Nanashi moved back a front of her and sat on a broken stump not that far from where she was.

Deciding this was the best time as any, Nanashi removed the top portion of his kimono, revealing his well-defined body with faint scars here and there, and a tribal looking tattoo covering his right pectoral muscle and going down to his abs. "I'm Guanyin Nanashi. And you are?", he said, introducing himself as a shadow clone, shirtless like him, popped into existence beside him. The clone went behind its creator, forming a red needle in its hand and jabbed it into his body, in the area where the bruise was forming.

Nanashi didn't even flinch as the needle dug into his flesh, dissolving and healing all wounds in the vicinity as he continued to look at the stranger before him "So, reverting back always leave you naked? Not that I mind, of course, I'm enjoying what I'm seeing." he said, not doing anything to hide his body reaction towards the woman, or denying the fact he was looking at her.


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Inuzuka Yui


She watched as the mans eyes stayed glued to her body, she could see a certain part of his body standing ready like a soldier causing her to laugh a little. He had went behind her and began to heal some wounds on her back, he wold also likely notice some scars as well she had been through a lot with the rebellion she quelled and those scars she had left as a reminder to never let her nation fall like that again. She could feel when he had finished as he removed his top and began to heal himself using his shadow clone, she sort of wished she had something that nifty but alas that was simply not her style of fighting. He was a tactical fighter unlike her, she could be described as a pure fighter one that would fight hard and fast.

She heard him mention her being naked as she looked down and laugh with a coy smile on her face moving close to him and running her hands along his chest as she would go behind him and hug him from behind her chest pressed against his back.

"I see you did not mind seeing it at all, the name is Inuzuka Yui and you just might know of me I am rather well known in the world."

She would wait for him to respond as Sekkiea looked at the two and shook her head the Pheromones in the air between those two was already sky high but she knew how Yui was so it was no shock to her. Yui really enjoyed certain activities and she could not hate on her for it ass that was simply how Yui was.

"My name is Sekkiea I am the voice you heard before and this is as she said Yui my partner. I am sorry for her overly aggressive nature that is just how she is."

She would wait to see what would unfold between the two as she looked at the man. He was Yuis type strong and more powerful than herself Yui was not one that liked people weaker than herself. no she craved those as strong or stronger than herself only.



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Physical attraction. He wouldn't deny being physically attracted to the woman before him. Those who know him understands that his primal urges, lust, is typically awakened when in the presence of a woman he finds likens to his particular taste at the giving time. Because of this, and the activities he tends to do with these females, he was known for being somewhat whore-ish. A man of his caliber who enjoyed the pleasures of flesh more than the common man, even more than some nymphos, that he had the luxury of meeting and entering. It's also common knowledge, his morals are somewhat shrewed when it comes to satisfying his lust.

He wasn't above sleeping with a taken or married woman, as long as they were willing to commit the sin in the first place. The same can be said about him sleeping with fellow comrades and certain older students. If, Nanashi sees something he likes, and an urged need to be calmed, then he would take what he wanted - metaphorically speaking. He simply wasn't a man who tipped toed around what he wanted, granted he can play that game as well.

However, the majority of those he feels physically attracted to, only ended up with a quick romp between the sheets, in the office, or some other location outside of the bedroom, with them both parting ways, being satisfied with the transpired events, some of the time. These were nothing but simple fucks, often to scratch an itch, with a majority of them leaving him, Nanashi, still craving for more. While they were decent lays, they lacked the passion and aggression he so much craved in the bedroom. There was nothing remotely sexy about a woman who isn't active during sex. It makes doing it so stale and boring. Only two women, a civilian, and a missing-nin managed to give him what he desired in between the sheets, and both of them were either dead or presumed to be. It honestly would be nice if he could find someone like that to give him what he really desired.

"Maybe, she can be the one?", he mused to himself, eyes never straying from soaking in the Inuzuka's appearance. In their brief spar and the events afterward, he had found himself excited, finally he was fighting a woman who could come close, and maybe surpass, his own strength with an animalistic ferocity that wasn't common within most ladies. And the fact, after she transformed back, she was a beautiful woman, with enough muscles to showcasing her training as a shinobi while still letting her retain a certain feminine, and didn't have a problem with her body, it being on full display for him to drink it, only made his attraction for her grow; a segment shared by his clone that had yet to disperse.

Eyes never strayed from her body, watching her swaying breast and hips, as she closed the distance between the two.  They did not falter when she ran her hands across his chest, going over various scars, some faint due to time, with a rough softness that only she seem to process. And to think moments before, those same hands were bestial and wanted to rip him to asunder. An aspect of him raged on, feeling the pair of fleshy globes pressed up against his back, a knowing smirk appearing on his face"Why should I mind? I was getting a free show of a sexy lady who seemed to be comfortable walking around in her birthday suit. And it's not like you ain't getting your own eye-full either.", he retorted "Ah, so you are the Blood Fang of Suna, Inuzuka Yui. The one who quelled the rebellion in Suna. And to think I have you hanging onto my shoulders.", there wasn't a hint of being surprised at her name admission, in fact, it looked like he almost expecting it.

"Don't think, you will be allowed to touch me without getting the same treatment,", a voice behind Yui said, whispered into her ear, as their hands moved down her shapely curves, and boldly groping her butt with their strong hands, masterfully kneading it. This voice belonged to Nanashi's seemingly forgotten shadow clone, who took it upon himself to have some fun; just like the Inuzuka was. Though, the clone didn't know how his advances would perceived, he still went about his actions.

Before anything to go any further, the voice of a certain canine spoke, introducing herself to the silver-haired male "Nice to meet you, Sekkiea." he said, chuckling at the statement of Yui being overly aggressive "There is no need to apologize. Her aggression was a good change of pace for me. It has been awhile since I encountered such a bold and aggressive woman."

Tilting his head back slightly to look Yui in her eyes, Nanashi spoke once again "Seemed like you found something you like. You partner just said you were aggressive, thus that also apply to things you want?"

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Inuzuka Yui


She listened to the man as he mention her quelling of the rebellion causing her face to turn stern that nickname was one she was not proud of. She did save her village but at the cost of a entire clan and she was not proud of what she had done. As her face seemed serious before he moved on to begin running his hands along her body as her eyes closed it felt nice. To have a strong mans hands cover her body once more as she looked into his eyes and smiled.

"I would not mind more fun even right here, however I ask you not to bring up that nickname again. I am just not fond of that time of my life and things that had to be done, it wasn't what one would call heroic."

She moved hr lips close to his pulling him in to give a deep kiss. Her hand moved down his bare chest as she smiled this was going to be a fun day and why not she had a lot of built up tension it had been one year since the last time for her. She continued to kiss him as her body rubbed against him it was time for some aggressive fun.


-fade to black-


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Nanashi couldn't recall the last time he had this much fun while within a forest clearing. All the occurrences before this led to him training or having a meaningless conversation with someone who just happened to stumble over the particular spot. While someone did do just that, this time around there weren't much talking and simply a whirlwind of flying fist and destruction as the two fought. What occur couldn't be called a fight within any sense of the word, more like a simple spar between two unknown people both having any unspoken agreement to use only taijutsu or weaponry.

Fast paced and fierce. The Guanyin found fighting a strong opponent with only his taijutsu and senbons exhilarating and refreshing. The bout between him and Yui was never truly one-sided. The Inuzuka was able to evenly keep up with him, using her massive brute force to counteract his above-average reaction time and perceptions. While he did connect the majority of his hits there were a few instances where he could've been struck hard and possibly seriously injured. Thankfully, though, he only got struck during the ending of the bout, and not any other time before then.

Once things had calmed down, he had thought the two would go their separate ways. However, a combination of seeing in her birthday suit due to her werewolf transformation ending, and a strong need to release more tension from their bodies led them to other, more pleasurable activities. The two of them, knowing nothing more than each other names, found comfort within each other doing something they both, at least Nanashi assumed so, enjoyed more than fighting.

That was almost an hour and some odd minutes ago. . .

Slightly winded and sweaty, Nanashi's arms, not being phrased by the substances covering her, snaked around Yui's lithe but muscular body that laid on top of him. Holding the Inuzuka in an affections embrace, rather because he felt something, asides from what he was currently feeling, for the woman is unknown. But it would come to a shock to many to see him doing such a tender act with a complete stranger.

Having remained laying there to catch his breath, and give his partner sometime to recover "You are one of the best I have had.", the complimentary words were spoken with a hint of emotions, lacking the typical apathy and were whispered. Strong arms wrapped around Yui, Nanashi sat straight and then stood up with the Inuzuka, ignoring the puddle forming in the vacant space, and sat her down on a broken log.

Looking around the clearing for the top portion of his Kimono, finding it, he wrapped it around the woman's nude frame. Once secured, Nanashi picked up Yui, bridal style, making sure nothing could be seen, "My place isn't that far from here. You can wash up there. As for clothing, we will figure something out once clean.", waiting for a response, Nanashi extended the house invitation to Yui's canine as well.

If Yui was okay with this arrangement, Nanashi would then take off at a relatively quick pace, heading towards his hotel.

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