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1 The land of her Ancestors [Travel/Private] on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:44 am




It had been announced the time for the The Chunnin exams had come and this time they were being hosted in the one Village Rue dreaded the most. Kumogakure, the Village Hidden in the Clouds. While Rue envied the Shinobi who dwell'd within the it's walls, the view of the white fluffy clouds towering above their heads on a day to day basis seeming like a work of art. Still she couldn't shake the urge that the Villagers took such simple beauties for granted and only ever saw them as nothing man than an iconic feature for their village. Pathetic.

''So you're truly going to Travel to Kumogakure? Knowing the Clan you once called Family reign there?''


How long had it been since the blonde haired Kunoichi had seen the thriving life of a Village? Perhaps her time in the Wilderness of Tsuchi no Kuni had done her a world of good mentally, but physically she still lacked as the Chunnin she was meant to be. Two years, two entire years she had spent away from the Village she called home and even from the farthest reaches of the Valley of Mountains, she still heard inklings of what transpired within Iwagakure no Sato. Under the direct orders of the Village Elders Rue had spent the past few years in hiding within the secluded catacombs that made up the rocky terrain. An order she followed with such ferocity to show her loyalty toward the Village, an order she still to this day never understood. Though it had been a waste of her precious time meant for the man she once loved, she knew her sudden absence had lead to her now Ex-Husbands disappearance from the Village and while most assumed Kazu Kanetsu had died, she knew in her heart he lived on even if it was only in her memories.

''Even after all the harm they did to you and your Father?. Have you forgotten the day your Father passed on from this world?''

''No, also I do not need the lecture Uncle, I have not forgotten how the Misora drove my family away in the past and I do not need you reminding me of events best left forgotten, especially when it involves Saiyuro.''

The blonde haired Kunoichi paced around the Mountainous cave she called her home packing a satchel bag with only the necessities she would require on her trip toward Kaminari no Kuni. The cave itself showed signs of residence as an assortment of clothing, books, rubbish and furniture littered the spacious abode. While once it had been a simple hole in a mountain, years of living within had rendered it a home, even the smell of moss, decaying critters and earth had been completely removed replaced by only the smell of Rue and her belongings.

Behind her stood the man she came to call her Uncle, related not by blood. By bond, having raised her as a child after the passing of her Father the man felt it necessary to play the nagging and sometimes narcotic Parent worried for the safety of his child. Even as she bustled through the cave maneuvering herself from his path so she could continue her packing, she could feel his eyes heavy on her, surveying her every move. What did he expect of her? Was he that consumed with fear of her safety that he worried she would die? While flattered Rue rolled her eyes as the male who's old age displayed with every word he spoke continued his unrelentless lecture.

''While it is your decision, I do not agree with it, you are placing yourself at too much risk. I advise that you remain as far as possible away from your Clansmen if you want to live a long life''


''Do not scoff at me child.''

''We live the life of Shinobi Uncle, our lives are determined by our wills to live and it is to be expected that we live shorter lives than the average civilian. I will not be deemed a coward simply because I'm unable to face my fears and go to the Village where my Family call their home. Those people living beneath a blanket of cloud are my blood and while they once may not have accepted, times are changing and it has been eighteen years since I last saw or heard from them.''

Rue looked back at her Uncle as she traversed the steepness of the Valley, the hike would likely be hard on the old mans aged bones but he kept up with surprising ease so much so that it made her feel proud to know that even at his age he would struggle for her, the love he had for her seemed to have no end. It only took thirty minutes at most for the two to reach the Tsuchi no Kuni borderline, it was here they would depart ways, not matter how unwilling her Uncle would be.

''Just know Rue... I'm proud of you for being who you are. While I know you haven't exactly had the most normal of upbringings, you have grown into an outstanding Woman even as stubborn as you are.''

Rue let out a small laugh as she hugged her Uncle tightly before starting her journey toward Kumogakure, as usual he had to make the 'goodbye' dramatic and personal and without even having to turn to look, she knew, oh yes she knew he would be crying tears. Heading east seemed like the most natural solution to her travel and while it was the first time she had ventured farther than the border, she still had no issues with the direction she was to head. A map in hand and rations to last her well over a week the journey would seem natural. Living off the land the last two years had given her many experiences she never would have earned otherwise, like hunting and foraging for food and water or learning to set up small camps meant for a short term stay. The young Chunnin would reach Kaminaro no Kuni within a matter of days, the thought scared her and even more so on what exactly she planned to do when she arrived. One thing she knew for was that if she ran into Nanashi, she would punch him so hard he would break a rib. He had most likely left before her and without even telling her so much as a whisper. Figures.

Word Count: 1082
Travel: Tsuchi no Kuni to Kaminari no Kuni

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