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"Don't get distracted...don't get distracted...stop thinking of getting distracted...get distracted,"Sakumi thought.The noises around her seemed to get louder as she heard birds chirping."I hear 5 different pitches,"She thought.thought. Sakumi whistled a high pitch and waited for the birds.Above her around 20 birds flew."Interesting looks like some birds have the same pitches...but how to tell the difference?"Sakumi thought.

Sakumi grabbed her headband and placed it over her eyes."This can heighten sense right?Well hearing anyway..."Sakumi thought.Everything went black as Sakumi tightened the headband."Water...but a bit louder...birds but still hard to define..."Sakumi thought.A sound made Sakumi jump.It was close even with her regular hearing it would be loud.She raised the headband over her head and spotted a bird."You may see it as a regular bird but I see lunch!"The voice in her head said."I prefer fish and coffee though...don't you have a sweet tooth voice?"Sakumi asked."Yes coffee could do Sakumi yet I prefer more chocolaty sweets,"The voice replied.

"Mmm wait fishing can be a training method right?"Sakumi asked her self grabbing her bag and jumping down to the pond she had seen already.It had quite a few fish in it already so fishing wasn't going to be that hard right?She placed her headband on her head again and reached into the water."Nothing...nothing...nothing...there are many over here..."She thought.

Her hand reached into the water and caught hold of a tail the creature smacked at her and soon got released.Again she reached into the water and got the same results.She bit her lip as she grabbed a rock on the bottom of the pond and located another fish.But none seemed to appear near her.Splash!Sakumi's head attempted to pinpoint the sound.She need it louder and a bit more often.Splash.Splash.She had it!

She approached the sound and found her foot dipped into the water.Due to not having her sight the touch scared her and she tumbled backwards."Sound and touch Sakumi..sound and touch...maybe even smell?"The water covered her sense of smell as she got back up.Her legs wobbled as she located the sound.When she heard a splash in front of her Sakumi stopped and reached around for a fish.A tail slipped into her hand and Sakumi pounded the rock onto the fish,trying to kill it quickly.She lifted up the rock and smelled blood.She gagged as it filled her nostrils.She took the fish out the water and laid it next to her.After washing her hands in the water Sakumi took of the headband.The brightness took a minute to adjust too but to Sakumi's disappointment it was a small fish,big enough to eat but still quite small."Least I can use my senses somewhat better,"


She talking to angels, she's counting the stars, making a wish on a passing car.

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