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Sero pauses and seems to contemplate that a moment. His opponent seemed a little bit under the weather. had he done something abnormal? was that not how duels where done? perhaps he owed the boy in some way. so he nods his grey head slowly. the Phantom of the mist was truly out of contact when it came to socializing. so he replies as any who knew him could predict which was the best he could figure for a proper response.

" I shall retrieve the items and achieve my objective. As the target is subdued to maintain political relations with your country I shall help you receive medical aid."

and with that he went and collected the belongings. the bottle was useless now except for perhaps a defense. he dresses and collects the others belongings as well. moving back to him he holds a sturdy looking stick about shoulder height.

"Lean the stick under the shoulder above the injury to take your weight off of it. I shall support the weight from the other side and we shall pace ourselves to the healers."



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Ezra Karisuma


Ezra laughed as Sero spoke, it was rather odd but funny. Ezra smiled, took the stick, put it underneath his left shoulder and threw his tan hoodie over his right shoulder. “Thanks again.” Ezra said keeping his leg elevated. ‘This is friendly enough for me.’ Ezra thought as he walked alongside Sero to the infirmary. Sero was way different yet so similar to how he was during the match and Ezra noticed. Ezra felt good walking away with a broken leg and burns on his back because he learned a couple things about himself and the ninja world. He also had his first fight outside of Sunagakure with people who weren’t his village’s genins.

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Sero remained quiet and supported the weight of his previous combat partner and now ally in some form or another. remaining quiet till they got to the medical hospital. and only then would he speak.

[exit thread]

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