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1The Treasure Hunt[Training, Solo] Empty The Treasure Hunt[Training, Solo] on Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:34 pm

Elric was a bit bored, on what she would call one of her little adventures. She was currently at a bar, sizing out the competition. To anyone else that knew her thoughts, they would be laughing. How could a fourteen year old girl be able to take out a bunch of the cruelest goons around? It was simple. She had something that they didn't have at all: Smarts. You see, just the day before Elric had mapped out the bar for possible escape routes. Forming what should be an easily concrete plan, phase one of the plan was about to begin.

"Can I order a beer, bartender?"

As long as she was willing to pay the money, the bartender didn't seem to care about her age. This was the type of people that she was dealing with, highly immoral, and doing all sorts of nasty things like rape and murder. Elric reasoned that she would be doing the world a favor by eliminating them all from the face of the earth. Not that she cared about something as silly as alignments, that was just what she would say to one of the good guys. As she received the cold glass of alcohol in her hand, which could easily be used as a weapon, she shattered the bottle against the table, creating a deadly and sharp bottle used to stab. Quickly, she jabbed the shards into his neck, leaving him to die on the floor.

"I guess he wasn't on one really is against a fourteen year old girl. But, you should never underestimate anyone."

At the moment, no one was aware of his death, as everyone was talking loud, and hammered, which would attribute to the ease that she would have with the amount of cunning Elric employed.

"Maybe I shouldn't have killed him, but, he could have caused problems later on that I really don't, now, bartender, where is your treasure?"

Before she could investigate any further, she was interrupted by one of the very thugs that she said she would deal with later, which was a variable that, unfortunately, she had little control over.

"H-Hey! Where's the bartender? How the hell am I supposed to get my drinks now you little bitch! Now here's your either do me a favor, or die!"

Elric think she knew what kind of favor he meant...a big, dumb brute, his stupidity amplified by the alcohol. Normally, this fight would be dangerous, but she was confident she could take him on, even tricking him with the Doppleganger technique to confuse him.

"W-Wha? How did you..make yourself into two? How hammered am I?"

The brute, ugly as his muscles were big, charged forth, intended to smash into Elric. Unfortunately for him, mot only did muscles slow him down, the alcohol did too. Swiftly, she leaped out of the way and even managed to jam the broken bottle into his spine, making sure it could go as deep as possible.

"I don't have time for this idiot, I better finish him off!"

Luckily for her, with the lack of control that he had, he stumbled right into the wall, crashing on to the floor and allowing Elric to pummel him some more, jamming her fingers into his eyes and digging them out. As for the other bandits? This was normal for them, and they continued on with life.


Between each word, she threw punch after punch into his ugly face, annoyed, angry, disturbed.

"You think you're strong enough to have sex with me? You dumbass, don't you know what type of bar this is? Why would you drink so much that you could be defeated by a little girl?"

Elric could get a little out of hand when she was angry, and she realized this. Honestly, she couldn't care less about the treasure at this point. The main reason to come here was kicking everyone's ass. The brute, who was now blind, unconscious, and crippled, posed no threat.

"You know..I realize I shouldn't be doing this since in movies, people always survive unless you kill them off surely. But, this is neither a movie, and you don't look like protagonist material."

Taking out some matches from her pockets along with a lighter. Her initial plan to kill them all was about to come to frutition! You see, she fully knew that if she were to go against these men head on, she would be slaughtered. But, by creating a distraction and burning it to the ground, they would all be caught by the unforgiving flames, consumed and sent to hell where they belonged. Personally, she didn't believe in the afterlife, but it sounded badass what she was about to do now that Elric thought about it a little more. Anyways, now that her little hinge in the road was taken care of, she could move on to the second part. The illusionary bunshin from earlier transformed into some generic, brutish thug and walked over to one of the others, doing all sorts of taunts like "your mom" jokes. A few minutes later, this culminated into a bar fight, and during that time, she lit a flame and dropped it on some flammable products. Not wanting to be caught in a ticking time bomb, she hurried out of the bar, weaving past the bar fights with her slim and agile frame, retreating to a safe distance, watching her masterpiece atop a hill. The bodies of those..people, if you could even call them that were slowly being consumed by the flames, blinded by rage and alcohol.

"Somehow..I feel that this was a pretty successful day. Not all fights are solved by brute force, and I came up with a pretty intelligent plan. A shame about that treasure though, I heard it had a few million ryo."

Getting up, finished watching the show, she headed back to her small hideout.

"Hope my sources got news on some more treasures..hah, they'll be annoyed that I failed, but whatever. I'll beat the shit out of them. "

WC: 1041

Strength: E->D


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