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Basically say you were a ninja...what are your strengths and weaknesses?Write a short sentence about how you would ruin the mission as a regular teammate...then another if you were the leader.Change the topic of mission for the next person.

I'll start.In real life i'm fast,just barely over the average smart,and decently strong.But I have low reactions,get confused easily,and am not always aware of my surroundings.

In a situation i'm not the leader I would easily forget what the leader said and get killed.In the situation I am leader I wouldn't realize an ambush coming up.

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Masayoshi Mari

Masayoshi Mari

Screw Up Side

In real life I'd probably just be as panicky as a civilian while village is being attacked. And I'd probably relatively useless and sitting on the side lines while watching all the really strong badass ninja take down the bad guys. I think I would provide lots of positive reinforcement and be a great cheer leader! (Aka I'm Iruka in that respect :P)

Non-Screw Up Side

Actually during all group/collaboration projects I'm the person that everyone turns to for the leader position. Either that or I'm second in command and basically makes sure that everyone gets their shit together. Soo...I think that if I ran the team I'd be the one delegating what people did and semi strategizing ways to take down the villian. In the end though I'd still get outshined by the strong badass ninja. T^T

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Hunt Down An S-Rank Missing Nin! >.>


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What I do Well
I'm more than a bit empathic when I don't shut that down (it's sometimes necessary; hey, forum mod!), so I'm able to deduce what other people are feeling if I know them. I admit that I'd probably be the support in the back helping everyone else do their job's what I do, making other people look good. In the case of a Nuke-nin, I would be able to take into account before-hand some of the known enemy strategies, the person's general demeanor, and the team's assets in terms of strategic placement, in order to effectively capture the target with as little exertion as is necessary.

What I do Not So Well
I'm a guy that gets frustrated easily when things contradict what I believe (or, ahem, know) to be true. When a plan goes awry due to an unknown circumstance, I'm wont to panic, if only a little. I don't go out of control, but I do often scramble to find some other solution to fit the situation. I'm fast, but only for short bursts, and I'm hardly strong. I'm often no good in a front-lines fight, which is why I would be supporting from the back.

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I have experience trying to fit roles and seeing things from another's point of view so assimilating into another village wouldn't be too hard. I know how to get my way around people and make them feel comfortable around me, not to mention its not hard to twist people around to fit the situation.


That being said I tend to be emotional and lack tack sometimes so I have a high chance of breaking character if pushed so if I don't agree with something or annoyed I may say or do something I shouldn't. Not to mention its hard to conceal my emotions on my face and I can get a bit impatient if things aren't moving quickly enough so a rash decision may be made.

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Choosing between continuing a difficult mission and let your teammate die or abandoning it and saving them


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Above-average intelligence- Smarter than most and tend to think multiple steps ahead in any given situation. Strong macro-level strategist.

Level-headed- Strong willed and difficult to throw off or tilt. Tend to never get too high or too low, allowing for sound decision making even under stress.

Adaptable- Capable of getting along well enough with most. Low-maintenance. Quick to pick up on norms in my surroundings.

Above-average size and strength- Bigger and stronger than the average person, allowing for greater physicality.

Charismatic- Capable of convincing others to place their trust in me and buy into my ideals.


Stubborn- Once I have an idea about someone or something in my head, it is difficult to convince me otherwise. I don't believe in second chances and I don't think people change.

Cynical- I'm jaded and cynical and generally expect the worst from people, leading me to be largely distrusting of people.

Impatient- Not in terms of time, but in terms of how much nonsense I'm willing to put up with before I feel compelled to act. My patience with people runs thin rather quickly.

Guardian- Likely to throw myself in the crossfire for those I deem worth protecting.

Yamada Kegare

Yamada Kegare


I'm one of those people who'd use others to do what was supposed to be my job in situations like that, not to mention that I aint a fighter at all xD


When it comes to strategy, I would not be boasting by calling myself an expert, given that it has saved me in more than one game (ranging from cardgames, total war to games like CoD and even laser tag and paintball)


All those lovely hopes and dreams,
all those wishes and ideals...
I'll destroy them all

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Positive side i am a strong shinobi i can defeat

all my enemies!

Downside i may go overboard if i sense a treachery i might kill my

own team mates!

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