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1 A Dance of Blades [Private/Rue/NK] on Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:32 pm



The fabled Mt. Ikkyu was just out of sight of his room in the Inn in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Kirigakure, had apparently sectioned off an entire inn to their own participants and their mentors for this singular event that was the Chunin Exams, and although the rest of his squad was present in the Inn with him, his sensei, Nozomi was nowhere to be found. The last time he had seen her had been in some park for a scheduled meeting between the two of them. The purpose of the meeting had been to try and get a better understanding of each other, although that was a given, but he had 'officially' asked her to meet him there in order to find out what the Chunin Exams would contain for him. Although her answer had only been speculation and of possibilities, he saw no reason to discount what she said about them, there was always going to be the possibility that she was right. He remembered her speaking about some labyrinthine forest and the first few who finished got to go on ahead to the third and final stage of the exam, those who didn't finish among the first handful he was assuming were then put into a second stage and they then engaged each other in battle.

I remember now that she didn't specify whether it had been a free for all battle, in a pit... He wondered to himself, trying to picture his sensei, Nozomi, battling against numerous foes while they combated against an array of enemies as well. Soon, his day dreaming came to an end and he stopped staring at the mountain that apparently known as Mt. Ikkyu, and he rolled his shoulders back. He knew relatively little about the Hidden Cloud Village and it's various mountains, but what he did know was that he was going to that Mt. Ikkyu. As far as he knew, Nozomi had no experience with a blade like his own, her only experience being with tantos that measured up to eighteen inches, and the blade itself only being a foot.

Pushing away from the window, his hand reached for the Odachi that was at his side, and he slipped it into the white rope obi that was situated around his waist. He had a various amount of the coloured rope obis, having been taken with them once while he had been walking through the streets of the Hidden Mist. He had lost count of how many he actually had, but it didn't stop him from buying more, different colours, or even the same colours. He was an odd fellow when it came down to it, but they simply fascinated him.

Soon enough, once the Odachi was secured he rolled his shoulders back again, and grasped his ebony cloak off of the hangar beside the door. It looked like it could possibly rain, but he knew that was going to be later in the day, perhaps the night. He should be done at the mountain by that time anyway, and if he wasn't, then he was quite eligible to be paying for a hotel room anyway.

It was around the middle of the day, and with his normally slow pace, he gathered that he would be arriving at the top of the mountain with an hour or two. Pulling his cloak around him, he let the hood rest on his back as the end of his white rope obi dragged on the floor beside him. Ignoring that, he found himself making his way through the Village relatively quickly and had soon stopped as he found himself within the Market District.

I believe this is the wrong direction. He harrumphed and then continued on his way through the market place. While he passed the vendors, it was quite hard to ignore that they sort of reminded him of the outdoor vendors back at home in the Hidden Mist Village. So he did what he normally did when he had plenty of free time, leap across the roofs and go to the nearest tea shop and relax before continuing on his journey!

Of course in Kumogakure, there was no roof hopping. He didn't need someone to tell him that, he hadn't even tried, it had occurred to him on the way to the Hidden Cloud that there wouldn't be any leaping of roofs allowed unless they were high ranking Cloud shinobi. These streets are so crowded. He grunted in response as he saw the familiar letters of 'T-E-A' partially spelling out one of his favourite past times after blade work.

After taking a seat and asking for his preferred tea, he had remained there for quite some time before he actually rose to his feet and continued his trek to the mountain. Of course, by the time he got to the foot of the mountain he was prepared to rush his way to the top, but like most of the people ahead and below him who were making their way to the resort, he took it slower than usual. While he did, he thought back to what he had been told when he had met with Nozomi. The losers of the first round were sectioned off in groups of two's, and the winners there fought in the 3rd and final stage. It gave him hope that he'd still have a chance to redeem himself if he were to make a mistake in the first part of the Exams, and he smiled inwardly as he rose up the path of the mountain.

Technically speaking, if what she said came to pass again... Failure was most definitely an option.

With a small chuckle at the twisting of the old motto, he had eventually gotten to the top of the mountain and once he had gained entrance was already continuing his trek up past the resort's buildings.

He was interested in seeing something first, and being at the top of the waterfall was where he had to be to see it.

Entering a clearing after arriving at the resort within the hour, he saw a blonde figure up ahead, and he continued moving forwards. He had lost sense of what time it was, but he knew he still had time to soak in the hotsprings if he decided... But as he grew closer, the blonde figure began to take up more of his interest...

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2 Re: A Dance of Blades [Private/Rue/NK] on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:26 am



Clouds truly lived the life of freedom, their birth a beautiful endless cycle of when warm air rises, expanding and cooling thus creating Vapor. These vapors condense into tiny pieces of dust that remain floating in the air and form into tiny droplets around each dust particle. When billions of these droplets come together they become a visible cloud. The rebirth of a cloud is both limitless and magnificent allowing clouds to drift and to wander where the winds carry them, exploring lands inhabited and uninhabited by man, seeing the world from a birds eye view. Even on a day when the sky is clear as can be, invisible clouds roam free undetectable by the eyes of man, living a care free and simplistic life. When clouds feel loneliness they drift toward their brethren and join together creating larger clouds. The clouds appear to dance with each other as they form to shape illusions only a persons imagination can assume to create. In time the drifting comes to an end and the clouds fall back toward the earth in the form of rain or snow and the cycle of rebirth begins again.

Kumogakure no Sato certainly lived up to it's appealing name and status, even the monstrous mountain of Mt Ikkyu's highest peaks struggled to reach high above, as if the clouds mocked them. The day seemed warmer than usual as the suns rays beamed down upon the Village as an assortment of clouds shrouded the skies deep blue. The beauty that made up Kumogkure was incomprehensible and the day was perfect for relaxation .Rue would never adjust to the vastness and beauty of the Village, even well after she left for Iwagakure, the memories she held of the beautiful country would remain with her.


The blonde haired female found herself shoulder deep within the warmth of the famous hot springs situated within the Resort atop the mountainside, as if to be expected it seemed to overflow with the masses of tourist from other Village's, visitor and chuunin participants alike spending their Ryo to experience some of Kumogakure's more pleasant attractions. It had taken her some time but Rue had contemplated visiting the springs. While the people themselves weren't exactly an issue, she had decided that being among-st other tourists would seem a tad too risky, tensions were always high during events such as the Chuunin exams and while most people feigned peaceful, she knew the possibilities and risks were too high and punches would eventually be thrown. She refused to bring dishonor to Iwagakure even if it meant pretending to be weak. Was she worried of facing the wrath of the Tsuchikage? Maybe, but more than anything she was here simply to enjoy the festivities and there was no way her Holiday would be ruined due to some pointless disagreements amongst adults. After sleeping in the hot-springs for what felt like an hour Rue removed her presence from the now crowding pools as she changed into more appropriate attire, her muscles felt relaxed and her body and mind both rejuvenated after the well deserved day of relaxation she owed to herself. The rest of the day she would spend atop the Waterfall training.

Hours before making her ascent up the rocky tourist attraction of Mt Ikkyu's steep mountainside Rue had spent the majority of her week honing her abilities throughout the area, not stopping in a single location for too long. Variety. It was something relied on to keep her training lively as well as diverse. There were a few disciplines Rue followed when it came to her training but she followed them ferociously, the first; Be Diverse, no one enjoyed continuously training in the same manner every time. Changing exercises were not only important for the body, but also for the mind. The same could be said for locations, if the mind and body grew too accustomed to one area's surroundings, it meant that person would find themselves at a disadvantage when it came to surroundings they hadn't trained with before. The second; Drudgery, no one grew stronger without work. Even those considered 'Geniuses' of their time had to bare the struggle in order to improve. Once a person was able to surpass their current limits, again hard world would require them to surpass their next goals and limits. The last and Rue's most important discipline; Maintenance. Maintaining ones diet was one the most important things a person could do, not only was food delicious, oh yes delicious, but also important for ones muscle growth, Sustenance. Even simple things like remembering to relax once in awhile and taking care of ones needs were an importance. With these three disciplines Rue has honed herself into the woman she has become.

After what seemed like hours peering over the massive waterfalls edge Rue approached the waters center unsheathing her blade in one quick swift motion, the movement so natural to her. While her skills still needed alot of work, her blade felt like an extension of her hand, grown accustomed to its length, weight and feel had taken so time but even so while she lacked the skill, she was deadly with the rusty Katana. In time her skills would improve but she was happy knowing she could only improve as time went on, perhaps it was for that reason Nanashi had visited her so often back in Iwagakure in the Valley of Mountains. The Sannin had always been one of her best friends and was always at her beck and call when she desired his help. She would grow stronger, for him. He would be proud to call her his Student and in time she hoped that perhaps one day she'd steal his title of Sannin right out from under him.

Rue continued her training atop the small lake before the waterfall massive drop, chakra being constantly infused into her feet to keep her standing atop the waters surface. With the rusted Katana she moved with a cat like grace, swiping at the air multiple times in a dance of blades. Her movements both fastened and slowed when it required and only stopping when she felt her concentration about to falter, it she fell into the water it meant her days training was failed or even instant death if she were to fall down that deadly drops where the water fell toward the earth.

It wasn't until Rue felt a pair of eyes upon her back that she faltered her step, she almost had a near miss into the water, in that instant the blonde haired girl whirled to meet the face of the man who's eye had caused her to falter. Immediately she surveyed the boy, taking in every detail before she noticed the headband that gleamed upon his forehead. With a smirk Rue crossed the waters surface and headed towards the boy, holding out a hand for him to shake in greeting.

''Greetings young-in, what brings you to these parts of Mt Ikkyu?. I'm the one they call Ruesaito back in Iwagakure, Rue for short and you are?''

Rue peered the boy over once more before she continued her interrogation of the boys intentions. Remaining as pleasant and and friendly as she could. Hostility wasn't needed especially judging by how the boy carried himself, obviously a Genin here for the Exams.

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The distance in between the two figures had gradually become smaller and smaller. As the distance lessened, he came to understand that the blonde figure that was coming towards him was in fact a woman, an adult by the looks of it and then they were right in front of each other. A hand was pushed through his hair as he came to a realization that she looked quite familiar to him! In fact, she looked quite like Nozomi-sensei! He made no mention of it however, it'd be a little awkward to mention that sort of thing, especially if they did know each other. She's probably a Special Jounin just like her too, or she's a Chunnin. He raised an eyebrow as she began her introduction to herself. Probably a Chunnin, if she knew Nozomi-sensei that means she no doubt lost to her! A hand was raised upwards as it rubbed his chin thoughtfully, as if he were a detective trying to get to the bottom of an important mystery.

When the girl, apparently named Ruesaito had finished her introduction she had begun to approach him.

Why would she want to shake my hand? He stared at the offered hand, but it appeared his body had a different train of thought. It wasn't willed, it was simply muscle memory and his brain had processed that it was time to complete the age old hand shake. Once it had come to a conclusion he couldn't help but chuckle at himself after releasing Ruesaito's hand. It wasn't often that he shook hands with someone from another Village, in fact, this day had been one of the first times that he had actually exited the walls of the Hidden Cloud, let alone coming to this supposed Mt. Ikkyu.

For a moment he didn't make any comment, instead he continued to lay his eyes upon her, thinking about whether or not should actually give his name to her. "No." The smile that was on his face was still present, his eyes were closed with a thoughtful expression imprinted on his face, and then he opened them up, dark gaze looking into her own eyes, testing her, wanting her to take the bait. He was never going to improve himself with a blade if he didn't fight those who were better than him.

"You'll learn my name when you watch me in the Chunin Exams!" The smile that was on his face moved ever so slightly and transformed into an obnoxious smirk, before he spun away and drew out his Odachi from it's wooden sheath in the small of his back, held there thanks to the white obi that revealed itself the moment he had ripped the black cloak from his body, allowing himself free reign and movement to perform his previously mentioned tactics.

"Or you can beat me and find it out now!" He exclaimed with a bright look in his eyes. He may have seemed hostile, but he was in fact quite friendly, he had seen her training, although it had only been for a few moments he knew she used that blade often enough to be proficient with it.

He moved slowly, bringing both hands in front of him in a ready stance, both of those hands upon the hilt of the blade, ready to move it in any direction that's needed.

It doesn't matter if I win or lose, I'll have her respect by the end of this fight!

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The young female Chuunin allowed a devilish smirk to cross her unnaturally beautiful face as she shook the boys hand, she was unsure if he'd be willing to even touch her at first and judging by the brief look that had appeared in his eye's he had concisely faltered deciding whether or not to meet her grip. Even as their hands swayed, she could see the questions he was asking himself and the evaluations he was making of her in his eyes. He undoubtedly wanted to know what exactly her intentions were. Good, it meant he was alert and also cautious, a quality most Shinobi should possess if they wanted to live long enough to see the gray hair and wrinkles creep upon on them.

Another smirk crossed her face as she heard him speak, their eyes locking and coming to a mutual understanding. They were both Warriors, both slaves to the blade. It only seemed a befitting introduction if the two allowed their swords to show exactly who they were beneath the labels of Villages, Ranks, Age and Sex. Rue surveyed the cocky smirk he displayed as she allowed her own smirk to falter, he was baiting her, challenging her to a duel of blades to see if she truly deserved to learn his name. Interesting.. they both thought alike, enough so that she decided it would be worth a loss if it came to that. She would definitely enjoy playing his game and while they weren't exactly comrades, she felt a connection between them. This would be a friendly competition, a competition Rue planned on winning. A memory of Nanashi tugged at her mind as she glared at the boy, the memory of the days when she was a simple Genin like the boy before her and Nanashi a Jounin and her Sensei. Many years had passed since that time and though Rue's level of skill still remained the same, her experiences had not. Living in the Mountains of Iwagakure had granted her more knowledge than simple training ever would have and now it was time to place her new found knowledge to the test. Even if it meant she had to taunt her opponent to do so.

''Choose your words more wisely boy, for If I do not known your name, I will simply call you as I see fit and what I see before me is a boy, a child too intent on showing the world what he has to offer. The Chuunin exams will teach you that words and action are two entirely different affairs.''

Rue's words echoed throughout the area, she truly didn't want to insult the boy out of spite. No, if he wanted to bait her she would simply do the same and taunt him into fighting with all he had. She wanted to see his Warrior Heart displayed to the world so she too could display her own for him to read. The movement he made unsheathing his own blade was clearly noticeable, judging by his stance it was apparent he knew how to use his Odachi and it wasn't just for decoration. With her own blade already displayed the blonde haired warrior moved into her own position as she readied her stance, blade firmly gripped between two hands. Rue's blood began to pump as the adrenaline kicked in, the sound of her heartbeat increasing with each passing second, it would seem she would be the one to make the first strike.

''Come then boy, let us begin our melody of sword song for all of Kaminari no Kuni to hear. I wish you luck during our spar and hope you live up to my...... expectations''

Rue closed the gap between her last two words as she closed the gap between herself and the boy in the swiftest of movements causing her to be within 2 meters of him as she aimed her blade toward his abdomen, one hand on the blades hilt and other prepared to counter any oncoming attacks. The vibrations in the water beneath her feet spread across the surface as her movements rattled it's stillness.

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The smirk that was upon his face was maintained. He wanted her to feel uncertain of her own abilities, to feel as if she were inferior to the younger man. It didn't look like that was going to happen however. At least, not her exterior features anyway, and he had decided to continue playing his game in order to put her more on edge.

Her words hardly bothered him. She would call him whatever she wanted? This... Ruesaito, didn't know him, whatever she said would simply be taken on stride, it'd be close to impossible for her to say something that would actually affect him, so his only response to her words were a chuckle, even going as far as to let his shoulders bounce up and down in his laughter as he walked forwards, and closed the distance in between them to a short range of ten meters.  It was true that there was a mutual understanding between the two shinobi. They were both certainly warriors, trained since the day they had set foot within their respective Shinobi Academy's to protect and kill at the order of a single person. A Kage. A Mizukage and a Tsuschikage. It was almost embarrassing as to how one person could order so many people, how did the deciding process work, but he let it go. That was a conversation he could have with her later, maybe he'd even find it what she thought of the system, but again, he'd sort that out later.

"Call me what you will, but just know that after I win you'll be calling me Mentor." The same smirk as before surfaced upon his face. To become a mentor wasn't something that was extremely high on his list of things to do, in fact, it wasn't something that he wanted to do. If he did survive long enough to become a Jounin, he didn't want to become a Jounin sensei and teach former Academy students as to how to become shinobi, and to dictate what path for them to take. In his mind, he was a bad example and only fit for becoming a Kirigakure Hunting Ninja. If he was lucky, he'd be able to bring in bounties for the whole of the Land of Water, and to bring down any terrorist ninja in the world, thus by doing so expanding his reach of protection.

And then, I will bring together the whole of the Hattori Clan and create an independent village for our use only. His eyes glazed over for a moment as he watched Rue, whilst thinking over his future plans. He didn't really know how far he'd go to bring all of his Clan together in a single village, but he was certain he'd go far.

Is boy supposed to act as an insult? He thought back to her previous words. His finger rose and he pointed it towards Rue after she brought up the Chunin Exams to him. "After you're finished watching me in the Chunin Exams, you'll be taught that words and action are one in the same when you're strong enough." He couldn't afford to lose in the Exams. Based upon all of the praise and the promise he had just made to Rue, he certainly had to go far in the Exams. To surpass his own sensei would be hard certainly. Second place, huh? He groaned, he had quite a bit of training to do in the next few days, the kind that could break bones no doubt, but they'd have to come after today. His dark gaze scanned the blonde woman in front of him, I think today, we're both going to put each other through hell. The faintest glimmer of a grin appeared on his face at those thoughts, and he was ready.

More words came to him, and his eyes dropped close as he focused. The distance between the both of them was relatively small. Her final word was when he opened his eyes, and his grip tightened upon the hilt of his Odachi.


Then she moved.

He didn't.

The ripples that she caused soon became steps on the dirt and grass beside the water, and when she came within three meters of him, he took a half step backwards, and he swung his blade in a way to knock her stab to the side, and the moment it did, he reversed the grip, and lunged past her, pushing her with the hilt of the blade away from him. Once she eventually recovered, the water to his back now, he launched himself towards her, slicing at her knees with a violent ferocity.

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