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Ondori, Rooster as he liked to refer to himself, stood at the base of the grand mountains of an area known as Mt. Ikkyu. He was in the presence of about twelve other people near a clan compound, but he was the only one that stood motionless and wasn't experiencing feelings of sorrow of sadness. This being a burial ground for notable shinobi of this unnamed clan. Ondori figured he'd give himself random history lesson. Though he was partially in his mind, running over the tombstones with his eyes logging names, his ears kept him alert and aware of his surroundings. The shifting of the folks and their positioning in the area was constantly kept track of with a subtle head and eye motion. Given they were outside, since this place doubled as a battle ground, oddly enough, Ondori figured he'd take the time to also enjoy watching a battle or two between some sparring shinobi. He always liked to access the abilities of others and compare them to his own as a form of personal revision.

The sun sat high in the sky to spread no shadows beyond one foot of distance from a person's body. The wind only came in like breezes. Said breezes were barely powerful enough to make the ends of his hair waver or dry his optics when facing the wind. The temperature was fair, Kaminari no Kuni weather being somewhat tropical and never had a scarcity of sunlight. This was apparent if one looked at the citizens and saw their bronzed skin. Beneath his feet was lush grass and only when near a tombstone was their dirt, this dirt being soft and fertile as if used to grow vegetation out of. Ondori was careful to respect the area and not step on mentioned dirt and only let his covered feet touch the emerald blades of grass. To his right, now his front since he is walking toward this direction now, was the arena. It was carved out into the ground, making an impression of a circle as if a colossal elephant had stamped its foot down on the earth. Its surface was dirt, but the type of dirt where one would have grip and good footing and not the vexing dirt that made ones feet slide about and grind constantly making that pestering crunching noise.

This arena was maybe 5m lesser in elevation and 35m in diameter. It had one set of stairs to ascend and descend to enter and metal railing made a perimeter at the higher elevation of the arena where onlookers would be. Ondori was one of these onlookers, now out of the group of twelve who were mourning and part of the herd of twenty-seven who looked down at the sparring Jounin of the village. Ondori's brown eyes scanned the crowd of onlookers before establishing his position near the railing, watching from a safe distance. Not against the railing, that limited his movement, but a foot away from the railing to ensure he had needed space to maneuver himself if he had needed to. No people were in his vicinity, this including behind him.

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Elric Lotus

Elroc swaggered over the arena to watch some strong people fight. She didn't have anything else to do, so she figured she could copy the strategies that made them so strong in the first place, whether it be choice of element or a specific jutsu. Maybe, if she was lucky, an accidental death would happen. She just loved it when blood was spilled, especially between two shinobis. Was she a bit insane in the membrane? Perhaps, but if she wanted to do what she had to, you needed to have a degree of insanity.

Her clothing was rather simple, a black cloak with a bra and panties underneath. The cloak was big enough for her to do handseals without being detected, but wouldn't hinder any movements at all. It had a hood, although she didn't use it because she wanted to show off her black hair.

Stepping into the entrance of the arena, she was currently on the spectator level of the arena, scouting out anyone she could spar with later. Elric couldn't just watch, after all, and she felt like making some people her slaves. Walking next to some random boy, probably fodder and weaker then her, she stood precisely three feet away from him.

"Wassup? I'm bored as shit..what are you doing here, enjoying the bloodshed?"

To most people, it would come off as a bit rude, or whatever, but she couldn't care less about anyone's feelings. This was the guy she wanted to fight, and even if he denied it, she would force him to fight. Would Elric get in trouble? Well, not if she could leave the village fast enough. Being surrounded by shinobi was just an awful feeling, and she didn't know how much longer she could hold her anger back.

He's probably one of those idiotic shinobi as well..disgusting..

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Ondori was looking down on the arena, until out on the corner of his eye during one of his routine scans he caught someone walking in his direction. His head went back to facing eh arena which was in front of him, but his focus was on this walking person who came up to approach him as he assumed they would. Giving the cloaked being a large portion of his attention, he locked eyes and assessed this person's worth as they spoke and before speaking.

"If you've come to me for small talk you can try any of the other empty minded idiots out here." His voice was low and slightly raspy as if speaking through a box of steel wool. With that he turned his head and focus back to the arena. The Jounin were moving fast, but Ondori could keep up if he didn't have this idiotic woman talking to him. It seemed the victor was about to make himself evident, having wore the other combatant down with a heavy assault of taijutsu blows. Ondori had missed the initial blow that lead to this tide changing moment and was slightly peeved due to it, but he stayed calm, or at least tried, and kept looking at the arena. Staying ever aware of the one standing in his vicinity.

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Elric Lotus

It would be an understatement if someone were to say that Elric was fucking livid about the choice of words this brazilian back bitch chose to use. Now that she thought about it, what did that phrase even mean? She would have to think about that later, as now, Elric needed to deal with this idiot.

"Your voice is raspy as fuck..lay off the cigarettes, dickhead."

Was he trying to, in some feeble attempt, scare Elric? She was a woman of no fear, and parlor tricks like that would have no effect on her mind. Just as soon as those words came out of her mouth, she returned her focus to the battlefield at nearly the same time as her "partner."

" fucking lame, I would love to get in the ring with one of these idiots when I'm a little bit more stronger."

With a resounding CRACK! A Jounin fell to the ground, knocked out cold as three medical ninja dressed in white attended to his wounds and left the field, while the victor sauntered off, clearly satisfied with his victory. She wondered, what were the circumstances that led up to this? But before she could wonder for too long, she realized that none of it mattered.

"You know, since we both hate each other we should get down to the arena it duke it out. Ain't no problem fighting couldn't solve, am I right?"

If he were to accept this challenge, then Elric could finally assess his worthiness. Perhaps this would be another companion on her journey of becoming the strongest, perhaps a slave that would be cleaning her toes with saliva. Who would know the outcome of this battle?

But, before she bothered with getting down to the arena she decided to be a little patient and wait for a response. Just as soon as she spoke of the challenge, her mouth opened once more, uttering words.

"I mean..if you aren't scared."

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Ondori watched the battle continue on, waiting for the inevitable defeat of the lesser of the two Jounin. Why doesn't he just give up if he knows he'll lose Ondori thought it was rather idiotic to try to prevent eh inevitable or even hold it off. The only thing worth holding off was death itself for obvious reasons, but beyond that, he saw no need to waste his time holding off other things that were bound to happen. Among those things was this woman beside him being a pest. Her persistence would award her, probably promoting the childish behavior of the woman and her childish tactics. "Unless you're scared?" . . . Really? Was such a thing supposed to mentally ruffle Ondori's jimmies so to speak and get him fired up and ready to swing? If anything the lack of intelligence and simplistic thinking patterns the woman obvious displayed did such a thing and had him curious to see if he could knock a few extra IQ points off the woman's score, if she had any to spare. He thought on his choice of words first, his arms moving from across his chest to down at his sides.

"Was that your attempt at getting me fired up to accept your challenge?" Ondori began his walk over to the stairs of the arena. "The only reason I'm accepting is because I want to see if it's possible to beat you to the point of possessing no cognitive thought." He didn't even give acknowledgement to the petty banter at his voice, it only went to show how much more intellectually feeble the woman was compared to him. Who made jokes about such things that were uncontrollable, why not make jokes about things people could control or chose to do? Ondori sighed, as he stepped into the arena, the whole time during his travel he was ever alert and mentally engaged. The lush grass gave birth to a whisper that tickled Ondori's ears allowing him to not only hear his self move, but others if he really focused. The same went for the tap his shoes made on the stairs, easily perceivable audibly, and the same went for the light brush of the dirt in the arena. All terrains traversed gave birthed to noises Ondori could use to track his opponents footsteps or lack thereof.

This amount of focus needed to execute this task of audible tracking would be attained and sustained when it came to this simple minded female and Ondori wouldn't be one to have his guard down and be sucker punched on his way to the arena or once in the arena. Sneak attacks weren't frowned upon in the eyes of Ondori of course however. He was a shinobi, a true shinobi. Not one who abided by rules of honor and fair fighting, there are only winners and losers and stepping into the place where said titles were given, Ondori didn't plan on walking away the loser. That said about sneak attacks, shamelessly the Genin would keep the woman in peripheral view to assure no foul play was being employed that'd put him at a disadvantage.

Once he was in the arena and ready to fight, Ondori would stand in the arena with 15m of space at his back and 20m of space at his front. The fangs of mankind were dawned on his behalf, one in each hand, in the form of an edgeless metallic quills. These quills are rightfully called Senbon. This arming was done as soon as he began traveling to the arena. "I assume you are prepared?" He would speak. Regardless, he would commence his assault. A charge of sorts, but a charge where one held back their speed a slight bit to avoid having their abilities read early on. A mass produced pinion would move as did his optics to find the body of the woman, the heart or mother of movement, as he made his approach. He was always trained to watch the body for a number of reasons, but the fact that it was where movement at least travel wise originated from was one of the greatest. But . . . he wouldn't focus on the body for long -1 second- before shifting his focus to the woman's general person given he didn't know her abilities and that she was cloaked making seeing the frame of her chest difficult. Upon entering a 5m vicinity of the woman, whenever that might have occurred, Ondori would hop to a 1 inch high glide strafe to his own right tossing a metallic spoke at the woman. His glide would move him a total of 2m before he touched down, the continued to run in the remaining distance.

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Elric Lotus

So, this guy was a hypocrite? He chastised Elric about her "juvenile" insults and yet made a silly, acrimonious remark with just a slightly bigger vocabulary range. Soon, this chap would see how imprudent his words were. Only the most vacuous of shinobi dared to underestimate her, but she couldn't really blame him, he didn't look very high on the shinobi totem pole. After all, he was just a child, and she had not seen the rumors high ranking children in the ninja world. Regardless, Elric acknowledged that she could have been wrong and this kid could have very well been the Raikage, which was why she was a bit on guard, ready for any possible attacks. Ninjas were a sneaky breed, perhaps even sneakier then Elric herself.

She followed close behind this kid, watching his movements, making sure he didn't do anything weird like place explosive tags and blow her up. Elric wasn't planning on any sneak attacks, having the combat acumen to know that in this situation, it was a bit obvious. But, that wasn't the only reason, as she heard the sound of her brown straw sandals clack against the stone arena, she knew that she had nearly a zero percent chance to take him out this instant. Plus, he didn't seem like an idiot like most people she'd come across, which was why she was exactly five feet away from him, studying even the most suspicious of body movements.

Each combatant then arrived to the bottom of the arena, where she saw the ninja ready himself for this fracas. Moving ten meters away from him, all while managing to keep an eye on him and not tripping or getting interrupted on any debris or other negative things that may have impeded Elric, she stopped at the ten meters mark and made sure all of her weapons were intact, both fighters finished getting ready at the same time. She would not give any oration or declamation, as those never seemed to work out to in a real scenario, always ending up with a death. It was puerile, and yet, she had never ceased to encounter someone who partook in one of those. But, back to the battle. She had not been lost in her thoughts, still keeping a grip on reality, her baby blues remaining ever so vigilant, watching Ondori and his surroundings with maximal scrutiny all in a single gaze. This man was the cynosure.

Her eyes watched as his feet began to move, however, it wasn't like they were focused only on his feet, more like his body as a whole. Although usually, her actions were desultory, her wits as sharp as a kunai, she began to excogitate. Despite the fact that Elric was in a battle that could very well end in her death if a training "accident" were to occur, she had an equanimity about her. Elric's palms, already kissing while Ondori had been checking his equipment, were in that manner as she had prepared a jutsu. Ondori, just six and a half meters away, would be met with a powerful stream of air as Elric thrusted her palms, the gale moving at twelve meters per second. Countless, painful cuts would raze his flesh, shredding any clothes that he had on. The raging gale would throw him back five meters, and, if he didn't take care to guard his eyes, it could potentially be permanently damaged from the countless cuts that would turn the eyeballs asunder. This was all assuming the move actually hit, of course, and if it did, he would be flung back an additional five meters.

However, she wouldn't stop just at that single attack, and was willing to press the advantage. Assuming he was hit, as soon as he would be flung off the ground, Elric would follow, knowing that her jutsu would carry him five meters, the wind violently throwing him to the ground at full force. Once in range, she would rapidly curbstomp the man, her left leg firmly planting itself in his face, intending to break his nose with the heel of her foot.

"Little fuck boy! I'm getting so horny beating the shit out of you, ****!"

Of course, this was all assuming the attack hit.

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Ondori's spine of metal had sailed cleanly undisturbed by anything until it had reached its mark. Said mark being the chest of the woman, to dig itself one singular inch deep. Such a shame, she had failed the Genin's test, she was no better than any of these other scrubs out here in the Land of Lightning, yet she had spoken so high and mighty prior to the bouts initiation. Such arrogance and haughtiness was something Ondori didn't appreciate though said character traits flowed through his veins like crystal clear water in an underground undiscovered river. Undisturbed and clean, no impurities, at least in his on eyes. Retribution would be allocated to this woman for her dastardly acts of acting greater than Ondori when she was no better than the dirt that he walked on. The Genin would chuckle at such a thing, picturing punishing the woman in front of on the onlookers who still watched despite the battle in the arena falling many ranks in caliber of skill when the Jounin's left.

"You aren't as sharp as you let on . . . shame."

He still had on quill left to place in the woman's body and with this quill he planned on hopefully ending the fight with no notable exertion being expended on his behalf. As the woman then clapped her palms together despite his attack falling through, he was but a six and a half meters away. This caused him to stop in his tracks, nice firm and solid footing prepared to react to what was to come. After a single second what came was a burst of wind. This wind was packed with enough chakra and savage in nature this been deduced from the fact the wind was visibly carrying crescent shapes within it meant to shred skin, but it was coming fast as well. Ondori responded with an evasive maneuver that'd be executed quick enough to ensure the Genin experienced no damage from this jutsu. This maneuver was the Double Suicide Decapitation Jutsu. Quite the extensive and misleading name for the jutsu, given Ondori had never registered a kill by using it nor killed himself with it.

Nonetheless, in a safe fully submersed positioning, Ondori would proceed to his opponent at his maximum speed, but since he didn't fair too well in Taijutsu and wasn't aware of his opponents abilities, he wouldn't emerge to engage her in close combat. Such a thing would be foolish and unlike this brown skinned dunce, Ondori was no fool. He'd spawn out the earth in a small leap to a positioning three meters to his opponents left given she stayed where she was when he went under ground. His eyes would greedily devour his surroundings to locate the wench, but also during this act of surfacing he'd employ a Genjutsu. Lightning Illusion Flash Pillar. Whether he saw the woman or not, the chakra that would flow off his body from his surfaced positioning six inches high, would lock the woman in a Genjutsu that would blind her for a short while. Given the fact he was unable to move during the Genjutsu's use, right before it was employed from his aerial position, he had placed his legs in a position that would allow him to not fall in the hole he had just created with his Doton jutsu.

If the woman wanted to avoid the Genjutsu all she had to do was not look at Ondori, but why would she logically do such a thing? He'd sustain the jutsu till he felt his chakra ping, alerting him that one was captured in the technique and given the positing of the audience in their elevated positioning, none of them would be effected by the technique unless they had wondered into the arena, which wouldn't happen. And the same went for critters and other venturous species for those who liked to rely on exploitation of anomalous variables. In the end, this dunce was the only being that could be effected by the jutsu and upon being effected, Ondori's chakra fluctuation would notify him of this. Next he'd immediately utilize the window of blindness the woman was experiencing to toss his remaining unhand senbon at her thigh. The damage of the muscle if the needle would inflict would be something that'd slow the woman down with it being able to dig a whole inch deep. Nothing amazing, but still useful. The quill would face no trials or resistance when sailing until it reached Ondori's target. Simultaneously with this snebon toss would be the drawing of Ondori's one and only kunai and the tactic of rushing up to the blinded woman and tossing the kunai once he was only two and a half meters from her. She'd hear his steps approaching if she had an average sense of hearing, so Ondori's ploy was to fool her into thinking he was charging her head on since she was blinded. So with the emission of the single blade being made when two and a half meters away, Ondori assumed it'd be unexpected and thus have a greater chance of hitting the mark. This mark being the other thigh of the wench to assist in the task of rendering her lame with the senbon he'd throw upon Genjutsu locking.

His actions once the Genjutsu lock occurred, if it did, would flow over the course of four seconds, beginning to end. Ondori's final positioning being two mere meters away form the woman, him having stopped after his kunai was tossed to avoid giving away the facade of charging her head on until the kunai would have landed. Courses of aim would be readjusted properly if the woman decided to get foolish and leap around during her term enshrouded in a world on white-gold.

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Lets not worry about chakra since this is a spar, but track cool downs and stuff.

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