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In his relatively short time within the Land of Lightning, the shinobi had met relatively few people from the other villages. It wasn't that he was scared of them, he just didn't have the time to socialize and to interact with those that he was gonig to be calling competition within the next few days. Although it left him seeming as a more emotionless shinobi, Yasutake was determined to meet ninja from other Villages. They were links to the scattered Hattori Clan, his Clan. There was no reason that he should've have been going and meeting with them, other than training, but he had done enough of that within the last few weeks. Still, he was doing it at that moment as well.

The Odachi was stripped from it's sheath, and he lunged with rapid movements. The techniques that he knew with his blade were quite few, but he had come to master them and employed them in almost every fight. If he were to be watched by someone who was to fight him within the Exams, it would no doubt be quite simple for them to figure out a way to counter his attacks, or to develop their own techniques to specifically counter him. Even though he doubted it, while he stood up at the top of the waterfall, he frowned, the thought remaining in the back of his mind as he skipped over the water, blade swinging to bat aside invisible attacks from the enemy swordsmen that he had conjured from the depths of his mind to either side of him. There was not much thought to his movements, he moved with the simple intent to become as lethal as possible.

He did not have an affinity for the Suiton Element. At least, he had yet to discover it, and because of his current natures of Fuuton and Katon, he wouldn't be surprised if his Suiton techniques were placed at a lower skill level, or having absolutely no talent for the element. If he were capable of utilizing the Hidden Mist technique, where the Mist would appear and manifest out of thin air around the user, perhaps he would've been one to employ the Art of the Silent Kill, but as a Genin he had relatively no knowledge in the techniques except the name and the basis of what it was.

It literally means, silent killing. His blade slashed upwards. He rotated on hsi feet, water splashing up around his feet as he did so, the bright sun above catching it and glinting off of the single individual droplets, reflecting off of his blade as they reached high enough to catch the blade before being lunged through another conjured opponent from his mind. He moved quickly, never hesitating or slowing down. He needed to maintain his fastest speed for as long as possible.

Blade swinging, he rotated and stopped after he had completed a half circle and found himself on land. With a surprise look in his eyes, he hadn't realized where he had been maneuvering to. Thinking back to what he had been told, he recalled as to how he should work upon his weaknesses. It was certainly going to be hard to determine one's weaknesses and troubles, but he was beginning to understand that he wasn't that careful as to where he went when he was blade swinging. No doubt if he had been in an actual war setting, if he hd survived long enough, he would've danced through the lines of the enemy and continued onwards until he was simply overwhelmed and was killed without the proper support. Although it wasn't his speciality, the use of kenjutsu was something that he had begun to use almost at all times, in every training session, in every duel or spar. It was required he thought, to have a blade and not knowing how to use it, it may as simply be plastic. A weapon that he was incapable of using shouldn't be used as nothing less than aesthetics, and actually be afforded it's credit as a weapon.

A shinobi uses all of the tools at their disposal. He aimed to be that type of ninja, and he picked up the wooden sheath that held his Odachi, and he inserted it in as he picked it up, moving down to his knees in front of the rest of his things as he searched for a cloth.

The cloth was dry and ready for it's task of running down the already damp blade. Replacing a blade that was coated in liquid within a sheath, especially one that was wooden would ruin the sheath faster than it normally would if you actually took care of what entered it. Yasutake knew the same could be said for other situations, but he happened to skip over those thoughts as he rose from his knees, and then moved back downwards so that he actually rested upon his firm buttocks.

Previosly when he had been at the top of the waterfall he had engaged with a woman known as Ruesaito, combating her personally for quite the while, and this time he wondered if he'd be able to do the same with her, but he doubted she would return again to the resort, let alone the top of the mountain. Some people weren't able to tolerate the hot springs and the close quarters amongst other people, not to mentino the humidity that gathered in the air due to that steam. He wasn't one to complain, but he wasn't one to enjoy such a scenario with such a big event that he was partaking in coming upon them within the next few days. It was why he ventured past the buildings that had been constructed so that the resort could function better, and he trained at the top, where the air was slightly thinner, and the sun shone brighter. Not to mention, it gave those who had actually taken the time out of their days to see quite the view he realized when he looked over his shoulder. It was similar to the Hidden Mist in the way that plenty of what he'd normally see was concealed by low standing clouds, but it fit on the horizon, and for that he could accept and appreciate. The sight was... Magnificent.

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