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1 The Power of Training [Open/No Kill] on Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:29 am

Ryota Suzuki


This was it. Since he was around, he may as well work on self-improvement over time. Facing the foot of the mountain as sun shone down, gently cooking his black hoodie and training shorts, Ryota had a plan set out in mind. Stretch, jog as far up this mountain as he could manage, get there then work out for the day. He would overcome his weakness in this land and return home improved, as good as any of his peers!

Vigour pumping in his blood it was time to get his pulse racing. Easing his left foot back to a stretch, leaning into his right, delicate adjustments corrected the twinge to be a more beneficial strain on tendons and muscles. As he leant in the shinobi grasped his elbow, stretching out his left arm behind his head. Ah, stretches were tedious chores after such a break. Alternating the stance, a grunt escaped. It'd been a while since he'd done this. During the travelling to get here there hadn't been exactly a bundle of hours to stop and train as he usually did. This was a grating experience for his bones, feeling like stones grating against one another as he ceased to move on to pulling back his hand with full extension of his arm, dropping down into a long leg stretch with carefully maintained balance. The minor wobbling and some quivering in his leg coaxed a touch of anger from him. What kind of assassin couldn't balance on their own two feet? Gritting his teeth and tightening his body, stability returned permitting him to relax his muscles again. A feeling of sweat beginning to drip inside his clothes came along with the sensation of heat close to his face throughout this whole glorified holiday. Taking steady breath, Ryota became steadily aware of just how little he had gotten used to this climate. Rising up, Ryota decided that was about enough stretching for now. Ideally more would have been done but this was how things were. By estimate, it would be forty five minutes jogging at least to scale this thing to reach a point he was satisfied with.

A devilish grin spread across his face, breaking into a light jog on the spot to get his early tempo going. Eyeing the mountain he was almost daring it to try and defeat him, muttering to himself in renewed resolve.

"I can do it. I will do it. I must become the greatest assassin there is!" With a will like steel behind it, Ryota set on his way up the mountain path. Beat by beat, footfall by footfall rocks crunched under standard issue boots as the gentle incline welcomed him. Sure, he could take on this entire mountain!

Burning. Burning all the way up his legs. Ok, perhaps will of steel had been an over estimation of his own body's capacity to hold out against a new climate and a resumed regime after such a long gap. Barely fifteen minutes later and his vision hazed like the mist itself had polluted his eyes, screaming for him to come home as dehydration set in to claw at his skull with nails of pain the boy bent double under the weight of his bravado. He was sure to die if this continued, wailed a heart beating out a thunderstorm. Heaving in a huge, aching breath into struggling lungs beads of sweat seemed to course across his entire body. Rubbing uncomfortably warm sleeves along the slime accumulated across his body, Ryota pondered if it was time to go back. Every aching muscle, aching joint wanted him to.

No. He hadn't come this far for nothing.

Snatching up a bottle of once ice cold water he swilled the lukewarm mixture into waiting maw, base of the bottle turned skyward. As head fell back down with a gasp, two thirds roughly preserved from his avaricious desire to feel as cold as possible. Diverting himself to a small outcropping upon the shelf the real challenge came now!

Wasting no time, Ryota dropped forth onto his hands, bracing down and blazing straight into push-ups. He'd be damned if this mountain or his body were going to defeat this mind! As his water bottle clattered against the ground he began to count aloud, "Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight!" A burning in his arms was a welcome break from the trauma of mountainside jogging to his legs. The thirty second break between exercises was like heaven for him, sitting on his knees with back straight to fight against weary lungs. Taking a sip of water he dropped into the next dreaded task, planking. Keeping himself suspended soon left globules of sweat dripping to the floor as his chest attempted to heave. "No!" He cried out through the aching training. His body would not cave to this. As he eased up from forearms back to his knees mental castigation sank in, this would certainly not do to become so accursedly complacent. Sifting through a handful of other work out, Ryota circle five full sets over the next twenty minutes, soon surrendering to a longer break and finally sitting his ass down to drink.

It was going to be interesting making spats of training here until it was time to head home, panting in the air clutching a plastic bottle in the sun. It most definitely was going to be hard pushing to catch up to his peers in that time, too. After all, he didn't have the benefit of an exam behind him.



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2 Re: The Power of Training [Open/No Kill] on Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:46 am

Keigo Uchiha


Another beautiful day was upon the the great country of Kumo. The sky was blue, the clouds were drifting elegantly and the sun shining brightly to reflex the beauty of the terrain. Keigo had spent the day exploring the the resort and through his exploration he decided to take a trip to the top of the waterfall to get a better view of everything. It was going to take awhile since this was one of the largest waterfall in the world, so heading for the top was going to take a bit of effort from the young shinobi. Keigo packed his bag with a few things, such as water, a towel and a few snack bars to maintain his energy while he made his way to the top of the water fall. "Ok thats everything i need." Keigo grabbed his bag off from his bed and began his journey to the top. Some time had passed and the trail was a bit rough, but nothing to exhausting for him to handle. This was good cardio for the young man, since it had been a while since he last had any training. The stress of the trail was pumping extra blood through his legs pushing him to endure the grit of the climb. Keigo was enjoying the view of the mountain surroundings that seem to create a type of view you would see in a painting. The fact he could view his surrounds in such a why was proof of his growth as a shinobi. "Such a beautiful country." The grind to the top was worth this view that came with it. The Uchiha decided to take a small break so he could drink some of the water he brought with him and eat one of the snack bars that he brought as well. Back on the trail to the top of the waterfall and as time passed by Keigo had reached the top before he even realized. "So this it the top." The scene was amazing and the waterfall was sounding powerful.

"Finally i made it to the top." Keigo grabbed the towel out of his bag to wipe the sweat from his face, then took another drink of water to hydrate himself. Keigo looked around to enjoy the scenery and decided to sit on the grass to enjoy his success. "Glad i decided to come up here it was well worth it." The young Uchiha boy would have used this time to reflect upon himself, but he felt this was not the time for such a thing and only wanted to enjoy the moment for once. Things like this made him happy he made the choice to journey to a different land and see the world in a light he once thought not possible. This fueled his fire within himself to shine brighter after losing some of it to thing of his past. The uchiha boy had a smile on his face that that was nothing but genuine as he sat on the ground among nature.




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